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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing


We have 5 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : PlayStation 2 : Gameboy Advance

You can also ask your question on our James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

motorcycle fly

First when doing the mission with the invisible car don't drive it go to the right and ride the motorcycle. Dont go down the motorcycle trail though turn around and go to the invisible car trail. Once on the trail keep riding until you see a jump go off it with motorcylce then it will take you too a new area. Then drive unitl you see the helicopter and fire 3 missisiles do it quickly though thats for the first double 007. Next once at the egyptian room keep driving past the first pillar but the second one starts falling press x when near it to powerslide thus receiving the second double 007point to get the third you must keep driving until you reach the trcks go off the jump on the right side of the screen then you will go off it and hopefully land it getting the last double 007 point. Good luck fellow cheaters.

The run around

On the final level when the opening sequence is playing push the left analog stick up and the left analog stick the othere way keep doing this until the sequence stops playing.
When it goes in gameplay you should be going in a circle and your controller is disabled (won't work) and the gaurds will kill you.

Saving Dr. Nadanova

In the level where you have to get under the train, the motorcycle is much easier to do this than with the car.

Cheat Mode

Cheat mode:
There is a cheat mode, but to activate each code you must collect the corresponding number of "Platinum" awards before inputting the code.
Codes are revealed after completing Platinum awards and can be used in any single player level in the game.
You can't enable codes while trying to attain a "Platinum" award to unlock other codes.
Golden Gun:
Unlocked by getting 1 "Platinum" award. Pause game play, then press B, Y, A, B, Y.
Improved traction:
Unlocked by getting 3 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press B, A(2), X, Y.
Improved battery:
Unlocked by getting 5 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press B, X(2), A, B.
Double ammunition:
Unlocked by getting 7 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press B(2), A, B, Y.
Double damage:
Unlocked by getting 9 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press B, Y(2), X, B.
Full ammunition cheat:
Unlocked by getting 11 "Platinum" awards.
Cloak cheat:
Unlocked by getting 13 "Platinum" awards.
Full battery cheat:
Unlocked by getting 15 "Platinum" awards.
All weapons cheat:
Unlocked by getting 17 "Platinum" awards.
Unlimited battery cheat:
Unlocked by getting 19 "Platinum" awards.
Slow motion driving cheat:
Unlocked by getting 25 "Platinum" awards.
Unlimited ammunition cheat:
Unlocked by getting 23 "Platinum" awards.
Platinum gun cheat:
Unlocked by getting 27 "Platinum" awards.

Bonuses and Extras

Get the following number of "Gold" awards in single player mode to unlock the corresponding bonus.
Production Stills 1: 1 "Gold" award
Production Stills 2: 2 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 3: 3 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 4: 4 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 5: 5 "Gold" awards
Helicopter Weapon Upgrade: 6 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 6: 7 "Gold" awards
Serena: 8 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 7: 9 "Gold" awards
Tank Weapon Upgrade: 10 "Gold" awards
Underworld: 11 "Gold" awards
Cayenne Weapon Upgrade: 12 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 8: 13 "Gold" awards
Mya: 14 "Gold" awards
Vanquish Weapon Upgrade: 15 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 9: 16 "Gold" awards
Miss Nagai: 17 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 10: 18 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 11: 19 "Gold" awards
Katya: 20 "Gold" awards
Triumph Weapon Upgrade: 21 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 12: 22 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 13: 23 "Gold" awards
Nanotank Weapon Upgrade: 24 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 14: 25 "Gold" awards
Gallery: 27 "Gold" awards

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete all single player levels to unlock the MI6 Combat Simulator and MI6 Survival Test bonuses.
Bond gadgets:
Successfully complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding Bond gadget.
EMP Grenade: The Pontchartrain Bridge
Frag Grenade: Ground Zero
Network Tap: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Cloak: Sand Storm
Q-Spider: Sand Storm
Q-Spider Dart: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Spider Explosive: A Show of Force
Q-Spider Nano: Diavolo's Plan
Rappel: Ground Zero
RC Car: Sand Storm
Sleeper Dart: Sand Storm
Strobe Grenade: Sand Storm
Thermovision: Ground Zero

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