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Jade Empire Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Jade Empire

We have 17 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Jade Empire please send them in here.

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Jade Empire cheat

Unlock Dragonfly mini-game in 'Main' menu:
During the story select 'Attack' instead of 'Evade' enemy between each of the chapters and complete the Dragonfly missions and the Dragonfly mini-game will be unlocked at the 'Main' menu.

Jade Empire cheats

See all 3 alternate endings:
Save your game near the end of the quest so you can play the ending and view all
three different endings of Jade Empire.

Jade Empire cheats

Unlock Technique:
Receive a new technique from Sweet Poison Lyn by defeating Imperial Arena with flawless victory.

Unlimited Chi and/or Focus

If your Chi or Focus is at Zero. Press start and go to the gem section. Take of all your gems and replace them with Mind or Spirit gems. Exit the start menu and you will see that your Chi or Focus bar will not be empty any more.
You won't get more Chi or Focus if you do it more than one time when you ha some thing left.
I used this a lot when I had little life to heal.

Secret gems

At points in the game you will be able to do 2 really good/bad things
Do good for way of the open palm and open palm gems
Do bad for way of the closed fist gem and closed fist gems

Get your name submitted in the Champions of the Arena

In Chapter three, when you go to the Imperial Arena You will enter and there will be a bar as you enter. Walk past it and you will find a scrollstand, if you read it, it will say the three Arena champions; Ravenger, Raging Ox (I think) then Kai Lan the Serpent. After you beat Ravenger in the Arena, go back to the scrollstand and your name will be at the top.

Sick trees

When you are asked to find and help the forest shadow take wild flower. Her guardian form can damge spirits the most and will be an invaluable asset in this quest

The outlander

When fighting the outlander don't underestimate him for a second his gun can really take out a lot of health. If you'r health is this long from these two L's 4 shots will kill you

Tang's Vengeance weapon style

If you beat the Ravenger for the gold division chapionship in the Imperial Arena, you will get the weapon style Tang's Vengeance. It is probably the best weapon style you can get.

Twin sabers

In the arena when lucky cho offers to poison crimson khana refuse the when you beat her she'll teach you eyes of the dragon, alternativley tell her the guild wants her dead and she'll teach you the artifact version crimson tears.

Black leopard school

There are 2 techniques you can learn at the black leopard school The paralyzing palm(open palm) and the hidden fist(closed fist) to get the paralyzing palm refuse smiling hawks offer and kill him, to get hidden fist kill Master Radiant. Note if you kill radiant you will be expelled.

Whirlwind crush

To find a funny easter egg take the black whirlwind with you to the black leopard school and talk to the women in the kitchen. He will instantly be smitten.

Helping a scholer

After you go to the captain by the gate by the impreal city he will ask you if you want some bounty money .if you do this for him there is scholer in the golden garden he is in a orange outfit and knows nothing about enything but if you help him get out of the impreial city then you have the choice to kill him or let him free you can also when he is trying to escape then you can say he is that man or somthing like that

Romancing characters

There are 3 characters you can choose to romance throughout the game, these three characters are Silk Fox, Dawn Star and Sky. If you are male then all three of these characters is an option for you to romance, you can even romance Dawn Star and Silk Fox at the same time. If you are female you can only romance Sky or Silk Fox.
Romancing these characters talking to them pretty much when they have an arrow above their head, and it helps if you ask about personal stuff as you progress through the game, the only one who will be open with you from the start is Dawn Star and Sky isn't reluctant to show his hate for Gao the Greater, It's better to talk flirty to them and say stuff to make them feel good.
Talking with Dawn Star roughly during certain parts of the game can change h..

Sagacious Zu Dawn Star plot

In Jade Empire there is a plot by talking to Sagacious Zu you can uncover Dawn Stars standing in the whole game besides being your closest friend.
Chapter 1: You only really realise that Dawn Stars name makes Zu react significantly.
Chater 2: When you first arrive at the tea house in Tien's landing Hu and Zu talk about a 'child' that Hu had to make sure was safe(you can try to talk to him then if you wish), when you first return to the camp Zu asks Dawn Star if she remembers anything about her childhood, she only talks about her name what she views as being a bad omen repeatedly because she was named after the burning glow of dirge.(talk to Zu then too)
After you have completed the 3 tasks to get out of tiens landing Inquisitor Lim will confront you telling you..

Kai lan technique

After you beat ravager kai lan will be enrgaged and challenge you either accept or have whirlwind fight him either way after he's dead go to his room and look behind the curtain careful as most of the chests are boobytrapped in one of the chests you will find the serpents scales.

killing some partners

At the last chapter you will have the opertunity to kill some of youre partners
If you are the closed fist you can go a head and kill them but if you do later on master li will kinda go in youre head kinda attack you with like 3 of him if
you killed some of youre partners you will have to kill more of them

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