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Arx Fatalis Xbox Cheats and Tips

We have 4 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Arx Fatalis please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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All Arx Fatalis Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

How to get alot of money

To get alot of money go to the wepons and armor store in the town.Then grab the small hammer in the store.Equip it as your weapon and keep hitting it off the walls or other things till it breakes. Even after it breakes keep hitting it off the walls and ground it will say as it's durability minus a number.Now keep selling and buying it he gives you money for selling it and buying keep selling it to get as much money as you want.I was able to get really good armor and wepons for my guy.

3 Levels in start of game

You need to be good at magic and have FIREBALL. Pre-cast the spell once and redy it when you walk into the throne room. Use it on the king and run around untill you have enough mana to use it again(you may have enough mana to do it twice in a row). If he's not dead hit him a couple times with your weapon a few times with your weapon. If your on level 2 you might only gain 2 levels(depends on current experience points). The guards will be easier to kill now especially if you are a magic person, just use fireball to kill them in one hit each(two at a time if they are close together). For additional level kill the troll king, a bow or ranged magic is suggested since trolls are slow but strong, run and shoot.


Cast Cheat Spells:

Press X to cast a spell, then enter one of the following series of runes.

Note: Sometimes entering codes will disrupt your gameplay of the codes

Big head mode:

Cast Mega, Rhaa, Mega, Rhaa, Mega, Rhaa.

Unlimited hit points:

Cast Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Kaom.

Character at level 10, 30 stat points, 200 skill points:

Cast Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Vitae.

Level zero character with no runes and default stat and skill points:

Cast Nhi, Nhi, Nhi, Nhi, Nhi, Vitae.

Show map:

Cast Nhi, Rhaa, Aam, Nhi, Rhaa, Aam.

Fire Bow:

Cast Spacium, Aam, Mega, Spacium, Aam, Mega.

Power sword:

Cast Mega, Aam, Rhaa, Rhaa, Rhaa, Rhaa.

Disable wall collisions:

Cast Mega, Tera, Mega, Tera.

Summon perfect warrior for a challenge:

Cast Mega, Mega, Mega, Aam, Vitae, Tera.


Bonus items:

After breaking out of your cell, kill the Goblin and walk to the table. Look at the pile of garbage in the corner. Take the bone on the left (in the pile of vegetables) and use it on the chair ten times to get new items in your inventory.

Wear heavy armor without sufficient strength:

If you have the Bless spell and an Ylside armor, you can put it on them even if you are in the 10th level of Strength. Use the Bless spell (your level of magic is important at this point) and put on the armor and weapons. When the spell ends, you can still wear the armor.

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