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Area 51 Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Area 51

We have 6 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Area 51 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation : PlayStation 2 : PC : Arcade

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Area 51 Secret Info.

Hard Mode
To unlock the Hard difficulty, finish the game on normal.
Alien Avatar
To unlock a Gray in multiplayer, finish the game on Hard.
Area 51 Arcade Game
When you’re on the Hot Zone mission, at the beginning of the level, hidden in a corner is the original AREA 51 Arcade game, complete with the red and blue laser-light guns.
Sharks with Machine Guns for Heads
In The Grays, in the fourth room of the level – where you can see the monorail you entered the level from, push the computer console and it will say ‘Lifter Activated’. Go back to the outside of the monorail that you entered the level in, and stand on it. Run all the way to the back, and you’ll be warped into a room with sharks that have machine guns attached to their head.
Reduce Damage
When you’re about to fall from a high place, crouch and you’ll reduce the damage you take on impact.
Grenade Upgrade
Look for a dead soldier in the elevator during the Life or Death stage. He has a key which can be used to open a small locker in the first power conduit pit. It contains a databank item that upgrades the alien grenade to track it's target.
Secret Tape
To unlock the secret of each level, find and scan all databank items (5) in that level. The game’s final secret is unlocked when all the other secrets have been found.
I found all of this info as i was playing the game. i had to play each level a couple of times to find all the data bank items. and secret tapes. It may not be much but if follow each step to the letter then its much more worth it.

Defeating gray with turret

This is very simple all you have to do is first kill of the turret. Just throw 1-3 JB genades the turret dosen't shut down throw another one (be careful of imlumiati soldiers just turn mutant for them). Thats the turret down! Next refill health and mutagen and shoot one shot of the messon cannon to weaken it then shoot it with parasites (the shield is weak to parasite for some reason.) Be careful of iluminati soldiers remember. To finish it off (the sheild should be red before trying this). Get your BBG and finsh of the sield and gray!

Secret Shark Room

On the mission"The Greys" Get to the fourth room There is a computer activate it and it will move the train that you start in go back to the start am go across the track to the end of the track and walk in to the blue warper that warps you to the shark room

Troble with super theta

Well it's not a cheat per say but here some advise to kill super theta, get your favorite gun a blast him, when he charges jump or beast mode it and move change back and shoot, when he jumps up to let the phanto ball things wait till there all on the ground then gernade them and they all die instantly, when you think you shot him enough turn into beast mode and shoot him with those little thing that come out of his hands..
(sorry can't think of it)

Head bashers

Although melee attacking isn't as fun as loading an infected body with bullets it does save ammo if you really need it in the future.

Area 51 Cheats

Unlocking Secret Tapes:
Get a secret by scanning all five databank items in each stage. Complete the game to obtain another secret.
Unlock Final Secret:
To unlock the final secret you have to collect all the other secrets (5).

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