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Wytchwood Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Wytchwood

Last Updated: by Dennis

Wytchwood is a 2D crafting adventure game set in a land of gothic fables and fairytales. You play the role of the mysterious old witch of the woods who explores the strange countryside, collecting magic ingredients, brewing sorcerous spells, and passing judgement upon a capricous cast of characters. The objective of the game is to mix up potions to help solve the problems of those in need while collecting stray souls. Wytchwood is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include how to craft Hearthseeds for fast travel and why you should always take healing potions with you.

Unlock Fast Travel

Make sure that whenever you enter a new area of Wytchwood you prioritize unlocking the fast-travel portal that is there. Unlocking these waypoints will enable you to easily move between locations to get more ingredients from all over the world. Doing this will take on added importance once you start unlocking bigger parts of the storybook-style map. There are nine portals in Wytchwood that you can unlock:

- The Back Home Portal
- The Forest Portal
- The Swamp Portal
- The Fields Portal
- The Market Portal
- The Village Portal
- The Graveyard Portal
- The Docks Portal
- The Mountain Portal

Pick Up Everything

Make sure you are continually picking up everything you find in the world in order to make bigger and better spells later on in the game. You can stop collecting the common items such as Impeye Nuts, Twigs, Meaty Morsels, or the items to make jars in Wytchwood once you have a sufficient supply. Everything else you need to continue collecting as you will most likely need it.

Talk to Everyone

NPCs in Wytchwood hold a lot of information and similar to other RPGs games such as Final Fantasy I or King's Quest it is essential that you talk to everyone you come across in order to extract it as each NPC can add a little something to the story or quest that you are on.

Always Take Healing Potions

It is important to remember that the witch only has three hearts of health which means she can only take three hits before she dies. It is therefore crucial that you always take healing potions or items with you to boost your health back up as it is inevitable that you will take damage at some point during a playthrough from the wild critters, creepy crawlies, and monsters that seek to cause you harm.

Create Hearthseeds for Fast Travel

One item you should always have on hand during a playthrough is Hearthseeds as these can be used for fast travel. Hearthseeds can be crafted anywhere and do not need a crafting table. You will unlock the recipe for Hearthseeds early in the game and the ingredients are Impeye Nuts and Flower Petals which are two things that can be easily found all over the Forest.

Stock Up on Embers and Clay

Always have plenty of embers and clay on hand as these are two important ingredients that the witch continually requires. They are used to make jars which she needs plenty of during the course of a playthrough and also in a multitude of spells and reagents.

Use your Witch Eye Sense

One of the witch powers you learn about early in the game is your witch eye sense. This is a otherworldly sense that enables you to freeze time, highlight an item in the order, and learn about it. In the case of spells and reagents the information is added to your grimoire. Make sure whenever you enter a new area you use your witch eye sense to find out what plants, materials, or critters surround you and how you can gain spells or reagents from them to craft.

Difference Between Spells and Reagents

Spells only require one or two ingredients to craft, whereas reagents will typically require multiple steps and properties to craft. You will be able to acquire spells and reagents for your grimoire by learning about them in the game world. Each time this happens, they will automatically be added to your grimoire, and you will be able to craft them, providing you have the ingredients.

Don't Forget your Map

Wytchwood features a map that you can bring up at any time during a playthrough by simply pressing a button. Initially this map will be blacked out until you actually tread over a new area of land. Zoom in and out on the map screen to find quest icons, signposts, general spots of interest, and where a zone exit is.


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