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WWF Smackdown!

Game Reviews for WWF Smackdown!


Quick Reviews

ID #9718

this game rates about an 8 out of 10 because it has cool new modes and new stars but not as many old modes as attitude had.

ID #9717

WWF Smackdown is a excellent game.

It has Hardcore Matchs,Vs,Pre Seasons,

Seasons,and Create your own wrestler,.

Backstage action. I rate this 9/10.

(P.S):This game is HaRdCoRe!

Buy it at all good game stores.

Lay the Smackdown on there ass!

ID #9716
I recommend buying this game if you are a wrestling fan.

If you dont' like wrestling games then I still think you should rent it to check it out.

It features a lot of different match types such as singles,tag,4 way and 3 way dance,cage,hardcore and many others.

Although I would wait for Smackdown 2 as it is more updated.

ID #9715

Smackdown, I think is a game for all fanatic wrestling fan.

It takes the playstation to another level. It has so much thing such as all the moves you can imagin. Smackdown have a table match. The game have thing that I don't even know about.

I just figured it out 2 days ago when I found about this website. Oh, I forgot to tell you about Smackdown 2, it's out. I can't wait until I get it...

ID #9714

DUDE!! dude dude dude dude dude. OH MY GOD!! If you are reading this, then you seriously need to update!! Get smackdown 2, brilliant. It had got 1MILLIONX more features than Smackdown 1, all the latest wrestlers,matches etc. Get it!!!!!!

ID #9713

I think that smackdowm 2 is a briliant game. It has good graphics and the best wrestlers in it

ID #9712

This game is the coolest !

Im still playing it after 3 months !

Anywhere falls match rocks ! Although i havent tried Smackdown 2 yet, I am going to soon.

Only bad thing is that people like Paul Bearer dont exist anymore and Hulk Hogan isnt in it for some reason, and he retired in 2002 !

ID #9711
I think this game is excellent but there are some lapses. There r only 36 ppl. Actually thats not enough. Only 4 ppl can be there in the ring at one time.

Why don't the ppl fall of over the ropes in battle royal matches? Why doesn't Undertaker have the new hairstyle?

Why is Kane so stupid in this game?

I hate D-Von Dudleys dress.

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