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WWE WrestleMania 21

Game Reviews for WWE WrestleMania 21


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david_wang052516th Jul 2005, ID #119
After WWE Raw 2 many Xbox wrestling fans felt disappointed, including me. More match types were great, but the game featured many of the flaws of the first Raw and a weak season mode(no text?!), so ..

Rating: 74%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

The worst wrestling game I ever played Added 8 Oct 2011, ID #8103
Of all of the wrestling games I played for Game cube, PS 2, & X-box, WWE Wrestlemania 21 is the worst. The game play is awful, the create-a-wrestler mode is similar to Wrestlemania 2000 in that it's very limit, & the story mode is borrowed from WWE Day of Reckoning for the Nintendo Game cube.
Added 12 May 2007, ID #7090
I resently Played this game and wrote down the things on everything about the game, I would say that the graphics could be better, im mean come on its an Xbox, anyway the graphics could be better, so i rate the graphics a 8/10. the gameplay is really good, although it was short,But just cause it's short doesnt mean anything. although i rate the gameplay a 9/10 great gameplay, but just too short.The Create a superstar Could have had more stuff to use on your superstar, It has alot of stuff to customize, but it could have had a little more, i rate the create a superstar a 9/10. and last but not least, i rate the game a 8/10.
One Of The Worst Games Ever Added 3 Feb 2006, ID #5279
I have 6 words to say to all the people that wanted to buy WWE Wrestlemania 21:

\"ONE OF THE WORST GAMES EVER\". I don't suggest buying this even if you are a big fan of WWE and only have an XBox. It is the worst WWE that has come out recently.

There is a flaw in the game that makes it when you do the 10 punches move (it's when you irish whip your opponent into the turnbuckle and get up on the second rope and hit them in the head)you end up on the outside of the ring when your done (when your in a certain corner).

Another flaw is that when you do the 10 punches move it looks like you grabbed the ropes and were going up and down as you punch your opponent. The graphics aren't great either.

You can clearly see the blocks the charecters are made up of. And in the season mode your first few matches you have a time limit of 3 minutes.

And that's all I have to say about that
Warrior of Darkness
WWE WrestleMania 21 Added 7 Jul 2005, ID #4066
Wrestlemania 21is a worse game then Smackdown vs. Raw and it came out after Smackdown vs. Raw. The gameplay is no fun for example if your on the ground and your opponenent picks up the steel ring steps or the belt he will go up to you and hit you forever he doesnt pin you or stop hitting you ever so you stuck on the ground forever. The best thing about the game is the graphics. In the game you dont even get to wrestle at wrestlemania 21. Wrestlemania 21 doesnt even have season like Raw 2 did it has career. In career you go though about 50 matches, none are fun. The story line for career is pretty good. Wrestlemania 21 is the worst wrestling game. It\'s not fair that PS2 gets all the good wrestling games.
Added 4 Dec 2004, ID #2715
WWE Wrestlemania 21 will probably be the greastest of them all since its title includes the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania 21. Wrestlemania 21 will be released on March 8, 2005, weeks before the real Wreslemania 21 at Madison Square Garden at the Staples Center.

This game is a smack in the face to Day of Reckoning for Gamecube and Raw vs. Smackdown for the PS2. It includes for voice over action, four player participation, a create a belt mode for online play, an intense season mode and many more to come. So get ready and mark your calenders xbox owners cause Wrestlemania 21 is on its way!
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