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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW

Game Reviews for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW


Full Reviews

The Ultimate Cheater27th May 2005, ID #14
This is the best WWE game yet.They have added new features that just make the game better.There is a new challenge mode,voiceover,mini games at the start of a match,legends to unlock from shopzone a..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review

LPD3rd Jun 2005, ID #62
WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW, Truly the best WWE, or Wrestling game you will find, and I promice you all that! This is the Sixth installment of the ever popular WWE SmackDown! Series that started all the ..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review

{KoQ}ZrB1aN22nd Aug 2005, ID #157
WWE Smackdown vs Raw is the 5th version of the WWE playstaton series, The best yet so far. Many new features available which can last with a lot of fun. Its been voted the best game yet of the serie..

Rating: 66%Read Full Review

kane the monster14th Apr 2006, ID #298
Hello this is kane the monster typing to you here and going to be talking about smackdown vs raw the playstation two game. I will be talking about it's graphics, sound, gameplay, lastability and ove..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

sonic19952nd Sep 2006, ID #404
Wwe smackdown wwe smackdown! Just bring it,wwe smackdown! Here comes the pain!And wwe smackdown shut your mouth.For years we have been whatching wrestling.But only being able to play games whith sma..

Rating: 78%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Best Wrestling Game Ever???Added 13 Mar 2005, ID #13587
This game is excellent.

It has actual voicing from the superstars themselves,so there is no need to reead lengthy subtitles.

Graphics: 9/10 Looks exellent and realistic.
Sound: 9/10 Great soundtrack, and crowd noises, plus the voice overs from the superstars.

Create a Superstar: 10/10 Superb, limitless customisation, and if that isn't enough, you can put 'em in season mode.

Season Mode: 10/10 Great, with its twists and turns, however, the character you are playing as dosen't talk, so you have to read subtitles.

Overall: 38/40 A slice of wrestling heaven.

Added 4 Jan 2005, ID #12369
Great absolutely great, although not tag and no cruiser weight titles ? !

Review Score: 100/125

This game could have done betterAdded 27 Dec 2004, ID #12222
This is one of the greatest wrestling ever.However there were a few stuff that the creators spent too much time on.

Graphics 9/10-The graphics are awsome!They are a bit better than Here comes the pain but if they had took the graphics down a notch it would have been better.

Gameplay 8/10-The game play is great as well,but it will get boring after you beat about 7 wrestlemanias.

Voiceover 4/10-The reason i gave this feature a 4/10 is because the graphics are so awsome,and when you add a voiceover to a wrestling game it feels too much like the which doesnt seem right in the situation.

Online 10/10-The online feature is the best feature on this game.If you get tired of beating your friends over and over then step up to the challenge and go up aginst people all over the world.You can compete for your or someone elses title belt.

Overall-7.75.This game could have been better.Here comes the pain is better than this.I hope the new survivor series game will be better.

Added 20 Dec 2004, ID #12109
This game is top notch. Excellent game play great graficts. But how there is only 4 title to play for on season and that you can't use the legends on season. and the matches get boring after a while. and for the future I feel that the character should limp or something if a perticuler body part is damege exp. legs orange your walk slow you cant run and your walk with a limp. for other matches they should of added more main events exp. barried alive, cascet match and inferno match

Smackdown vs Raw, as good as it sounds???Added 10 Dec 2004, ID #11999
To Readers,

I recently got wwe smackdown vs raw and I am here to tell all you supercheat readers about it from a fans point of view.

It has a large array of superstars dating from the last year. the most recently used wrestlers are involved. The list is includes:
Garrison Cade
Hardore Holly
Rob Van Dam
Big Show
Booker T
John Cena
Scotty 2 Hotty
Bubba Dudley
Shawn Michaels
Chavo Guerrero
Charlie Haas
Kurt Angle
Shelton Benjiman
Mark Jindrak
Stacy Keibler
Chris Benoit
Matt Hardy
Chris Jericho
Molly Holly
Torrie Wilson
Randy Orton
Triple H
Chuck Palumbo
Rene Dupre e
Trish Stratus
Ric Flair
Latino Heat
Rey Mysterio

The Legends also include Bret Hart, Brutus Beefcake, Andre the Giant, The Road Warriors Hawk & Animal, Mankind, Jimmy Snuka, The Rock, Roddy Piper, Legend Kane and Legend Undertaker!

Dissapointments include Billy Kidman and Paul London, Kenzo Suzuki, Lita, Heidenreich (oh we are upset 'ahem'), Tyson Tomko, (Everyones Favorate) Eugene and many others.


No Drastic changes to Here comes the pain but the introduction of the Parking lot Brawl came as a shock since there has been 1 in the last year and a half. Which also makes you wonder why they didnt introduce the Buiried Alive match or the Last Ride Match.


Create a PPV lets the games free roaming technique become much more advanced. With the ability to create your own title belt aswell, you can use these in PPV mode.
Challenge mode is a bright new feature, allowing you to unlock and play other challanges and legends. It also allows you to have fun challanging new opponents with new stipulations.
The 'advanced' create a superstar mode is average, a bit of a let down giving you limited controls on both the face and body of your superstar. But overall has alot of better things built in to give you hours of creating fun.
There is Licenced music on all menus and during gameplay, music composed by Bands like Anthrax etc.
The entrance themes and videos are up to date and fully licenced (other than ric flairs but oh well) the intro to Randy ortons new theme is very uplifting.


The season mode is very advanced letting you compete for title after title without stress, yet it is a bit limited with only 4 major wwe title in the game. The storylines are advanced and are very VERY fun to watch. The stars voices are involved in the creation and it gives it a bit more realism, although the dialogue isnt hollywood like.


Play clean or dirty, control your chops and hits, complain to the ref or get disqualified for not breaking a hold, its all here people!!! Argue with the ref about counts and be first to the punch with the new pre match minigames!!! This is golden!

Online (YES ONLINE):

For the first time EVER WWE smackdown vs raw allows you to challange your mates and total strangers all over the world to matches with the games new ONLINE mode. Fight in matches and mini tournaments and prove your ability where it counts... on the joypad!!!

E V A L U A T I O N:
WWE Smackdown vs raw is the best of the smackdown games at 1 thing and the second best at other things. With the intro of new legends balances the dissapointment of no Eugene. Gameplay is advance allowing you to control all aspects of your character! Gameplay is amazing and realistic, where story mode is class and advanced.
Wrestlers: 8/10
Matches: 7/10
Features: 9/10
Season: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Online: 10/10

OVERALL: 9.5/10- If your a wrestling fan or not BUY THIS!!! This is £40 well spent, DO NOT AVOID!!!

The best wrestling game of the smackdown series and if you dont buy this and you are a wwe fan youre out of youre mind!!!!!

Dave Pook

WWE SmackDown Vs RawAdded 26 Oct 2004, ID #11288
WWE SmackDown Vs Raw is big and it hasnot hit the stors yet.



This game includes -
Mini games
Play Clean
Online matches
Wrestler Voices
Play Dirty
Bra and pantie fight
Ladder matches
Go career
Create a WWE Superstar

You can even have ann entrance where a bloke comes in with scissors.

Up sides -
Good Characters
Good Multi user
Nice new mini games

Down SIdes -
Few big changes
Few new match types
Stonecold and brocks gone.

Graphics - 9/10
Sounds - 9/10
Game play - 9/10

Overall - 9

Realesed DataAdded 30 Aug 2004, ID #10682
This is Eugene

All the wrestlers for this new game so lets get started shall we
Garrison Cade
Hardcore Holly
Rob Van Dam
Big Show
J.B.L{John Bradshaw Layfeild}
Booker T
John Cena
Scotty 2 Hotty
Bubba Ray Dudley
Shawn Michaels
Charlie Haas
Kurt Angle
Shelton Benjamin
Chavo Guerrero
Mark Jindrak
Stacy Keibler
Chris Benoit
Matt Hardy
Chris Jericho
Molly Holly{Bald}
Torrie Wilson
Randy Orton
Triple H
Chuck Palumbo
Rene Dupree
Trish Stratus
D-von Dudley
Rey Mesterio
Eddie Guerrero
Ric Flair

Thats the Roster thats in the game now lets start with the Legends

Andre The Giant
Jimmy Snuka
The Rock
Bret Hart
Legend Kane
Roddy Piper
Brutus Beefcake
Legend Undertaker

Now for the characterin the game you can't play as

Earl Hebner
Jonathan Coachman
Eric Bischoff
Michael Cole
Vince McMahon
Jerry Lawler
Mike Chioda
Jim Ross
Paul Heyman

Now I looked and the screenshots were and full perfection and the commentators talk during you match and the superstars talk to each other backstage.

There is a rumor around saying that you can get a Buried Alive Match and A first blood Hell in a Cell match.

I can't Believe they finally put Exhibition Title fence back in because if you can't remember it was only in Smackdown Know Your Role...

The game is online so you can fight the rest of the world anytime of the day or night
The game is only for PS2 and is out about mid November

Plus its a pity Eugene isn't in the game and he is my favourite wrestler so the total of the roster including the legends is 42.

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