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Wreckfest Cheats & Tips

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Cheats, Tips and Questions for Wreckfest

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Wreckfest is a racing game that is described as the spiritual successor to the FlatOut series and a cross between FlatOut, Destruction Derby and cult 1989 PC racer Street Rod. You control a car in a race or demolition derby, the goal being to win the race or be the sole survivor of the derby respectively. A notable feature of the game engine is the use of soft-body damage modelling, which enables location-based damage that affects the driving dynamics of vehicles in a realistic fashion. Wreckfest is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to get the Junk Collector Achievement/Trophy

To get the Junk Collector achievement/trophy you need to collect 20 vehicles, which you should be able to accomplish by natural progression playing the events. There are some cars you can purchase with credits while others that can only be unlocked by completing challenges. To get the Junk Collector achievement/trophy, it does not matter how you got the vehicles, you just need to get 20. Listed below are the challenges you need to complete to get the special vehicles.

Lawnmower (Eat Dirt! Challenge)
Sofa Car (Couch Craze Challenge)
Limo (Limousine Demolition Challenge)
Harvester (Harvesters From Hell Challenge)
Double Decker (Double Trouble Challenge)
Supervan (The Great Escape Challenge)

Focus on Reaching the Podium

Although this will be impossible to do every time you race, your top priority in Wreckfest is reaching the podium. Each time you finish a race in the top three you will be rewarded various bonuses that includes new engine parts and visual upgrades. This is important as it is one of the best ways in the game to improve your car quickly.

How to get the Pro Internationals Champion Achievement/Trophy

To get the Pro Internationals Champion achievement/trophy you need to complete it in Career mode on any difficulty setting. It is not necessary to win or play all the events, the only requirement is you need to earn 2,600 credits to unlock the next championship.

Unlock Special Vehicles

Although the Special Events don't generally offer a lot of experience, you should take the time to check them out as they sometimes give you the opportunity to unlock special vehicles that you will not otherwise be able to obtain. An example of this is the School Bus which can be unlocked from the Destroy All Supervans Special Event in Challengers. Even if the Special Event only offers new versions of regular cars, they are still worthwhile playing as they will save you plenty of money in the long run.

How to get Credits Easily for Leveling

The quickest and easiest way in which to get credits for leveling up in Wreckfest is to play the game with the following settings. Go to 'Custom Event' and select 'Madman Stadium' as the track, and 'Demolition Arena' as the mode variant. Now choose a car that has a decent 'Strength' value and 'Last Man Standing' as the game mode. Set the number of opponents to 23 and the AI Class to 'Lawn Mowers'. All you then need to do is drive around the track smashing the lawnmower drivers to pieces, and you should in a single run be able to get about 8,000 XP and 1300 credits pretty easily. You will be able to get some additional XP bonus if you set the difficulty to 'Expert'.

Complete the Bonus Targets

One of the best ways to earn experience quickly in Wreckfest is to make sure all the bonus targets in races get completed. Most events have a bonus target or two, and you should check to see what they are before the race begins. Some bonus targets accrue through the multiple races in the set, while others are just for the race you are in. These bonus targets can be anything from leading during a number of laps to making other cars spin out. Make sure when you know what the bonus targets are you customize the car accordingly to make these challenges easier.

Avoid Head-On Collisions

Although it is tempting, you should avoid smashing into another car in a head-on collision. The most effective way to deal damage in Wreckfest without messing up your own car too badly is by T-boning them. This basically means crashing into the side of a vehicle, so you form the shape of a 'T' at the point of impact.

Avoid Head-On Collisions

Always Tune your Car

Tinkering around underneath the hood of your car is essential if you hope to win races in Wreckfest as doing so can improve it's performance considerably. Gear ratio for example affects your speed and acceleration, you need to tune your suspension according to the type of road surface you are racing on, and tune your brake balance to improve your cars cornering and overall handling. You need to experiment with all these different things in order to get quicker lap times on any given track.

Play Aggressively

It is a requisite that you play Wreckfest aggressively rather than carefully, you will not be successful if you drive carefully as you will not be able to make the big plays necessary to win. These include smashing into the tail end of cars to send them flying out the way while taking a turn. The faster you are moving when you collide with another car, the more damage you do to them and the less you take. Therefore, you need to make sure you drive as fast as possible at all times to deal more damage and become a harder target to hit as you race around the track.

Installing Upgrades

Almost as important as tuning your car is installing upgrades to it. Before you install upgrades to your car, you need to take into account what type of race it is you are entering. For Derby events you need to stock up on armor upgrades which will protect your car from big hits at the cost of your speed and acceleration. If the event is Folk racing you don't need as much armor as you will be speeding around a track where the objective is to win the race, so you will instead need to focus on upgrades for your engine.

How to Get the Maniac Driver Achievement/Trophy

To get the Maniac Driver achievement/trophy you need to wreck 50 opponents with the school bus. The easiest way to do it is to start a custom Deathmatch with a school bus against 23 lawnmowers or sofa cars. Then just smash into 50 of them, so they are totally wrecked, which will probably take you between 10-15 minutes to do.

How to Get the Maniac Driver Achievement/Trophy


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