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by CanWizard

--------------------------CHILD OF LIGHT WALKTHROUGH---------------------------

Game: Child of Light
Systems: Nintendo Wii U, Sony Playstations 3 and 4 and Vita, Microsoft Xboxes
         360 and One, PC

Author: Steve Edwards
Contact: [email protected]

Current Version 0.80
Submitted on 06/12/14

Original Version 0.80
Submitted on: 06/12/14

This guide is the copyrighted property of Steve Edwards.

Licenced for use on,,, and

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS                                

You can use this index to magically jump to whatever section you are looking 
for by taking note of the corresponding bracketed number and using CTRL-F to 
find the next instance of that number. Miracles everywhere.

1.  Introduction..........................................................[100]
    Frequently Asked Questions............................................[101]

2.  Game Notes............................................................[200]
    RPG Basics............................................................[201]

3.  Chapter 1 - The Girl and the Firefly..................................[300]

4.  Chapter 2 - The Queen of Light........................................[400]

5.  Chapter 3 - Into the West.............................................[500]

6.  Chapter 4 - The Deep Dark Well........................................[600]

7.  Chapter 5 - An Unexpected Reunion.....................................[700]

8.  Chapter 6 - Of Mice and Magma.........................................[800]

9.  Chapter 7 - The Duke and Duchess......................................[900]

10. Chapter 8 - The Highest of the High..................................[1000]

11. Chapter 9 - The Piscean and the Ogre.................................[1100]

12. Chapter 10 - The Lowest of the Low...................................[1200]

13. Version History and Contact Info.....................................[1300]


Hello reader and welcome to this Child of Light walkthrough. This is the place
to be if you are looking for help in progressing through this game, or looking 
for an obscure collectible, or you just want some information. Whatever it is 
that you are looking for, I hope this guide is helpful. Child of Light is a
game that is like a dream, and now it is a dream that we have shared.

Below this introduction you will find several sections of more focussed 
information about this game. First off there are a series of fictitious 
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that I have included as a rhetorical device for 
explaining some introductory things about the game. The section on GAME NOTES 
goes into greater detail on the different SYSTEMS and ITEMS and COMBAT
MECHANICS and things of that nature. I would also point out that some of that 
information is contained within the MANUAL that surely comes with this game.

The bulk of this guide is a standard WALKTHROUGH to take you through the 
CHAPTERS of the story, focussing on progression goals, pointing out the 
locations of collectibles, analyses of enemies and bosses, and helping you 
navigate any tricky puzzles or paths. If you stick with my advice, I'll have 
you through this game in no time at all.


a. What is 'Child of Light'?
Child of Light is a video game that was developed by UBISOFT and released on
April 29 2014. It is available across most of the current gaming platforms 
and as far as I know it is only distributed digitally. The game is not part of
any franchise or series, but is rather a fresh and light 2-D adventure and 
role-playing game (RPG). It has a whimsical visual and narrative style that 
looks more like something from an illustrated fairy tale than a video game, and
its combat system is distinctive as well. 

b. Does this game have multiplayer?
There is a very limited second-player helper option. The second player takes 
over the helper character that would otherwise be controlled by the second
thumbstick. This helper character has limited but useful things it can do: 
healing, collecting items, slowing enemies, and solving puzzles. I think having
a second person take over these function is intended as a way to make this 
game a sort of 'daughter's first RPG' for gamer dads get their girls
interested and experienced in the conventions of this obtuse but rewarding 

c. Is this a game for little girls?
This game is a game that can be played by anyone. Well... actually a large part
of the typical video game audience may not enjoy a game where they play as a 
fairy princess, but anyone who can get past that will find an enjoyable game. 
It is a sort of 'RPG-lite' experience that aims to introduce this genre to new
players, and it can be quite simple at times, but it has a charming style and 
can be enjoyed by everyone. As for little girls specifically, the story does
involve dealing with the death, so it may not be for REALLY young girls.

d. Is this game easy or difficult?
This game has two difficulty levels: easy and difficult. I think they used to
be labelled as being for RPG novices and experts. The difficult mode just makes
the combat more difficult. Almost all of the challenge in the game comes from 
the combat, which even on easy mode requires some skill... for the bosses at
least. The combat system is a little faster and more complicated than a typical
Role Playing Game, but once you get used to the CASTING system and INTERRUPTS 
the appropriate SPECIAL ABILITIES to use on the different enemies you'll 
probably be totally safe and maybe bored with the combat.

e. What's this game about? What's the story? Who are the characters?
The protagonist and player character in this game is a little girl named 
AURORA. She's a princess (or a duchess or something) in the Austro-Hungarian
Empire at the end of the 19th century. But in the opening scene her mother dies
and so does Aurora... or does she? Aurora She may be dead to the real world but
she wakes up in a dream world and is told that the only way home is to restore
the SUN and the MOON and the STARS and fight the forces of the DARK QUEEN and 
do other mythical things.

f. What is up with the dialogue in this game?
Most of the dialogue in this game is made to rhyme. This has two effects: it 
makes the game seem more like a fairy tale, and it also awkwardly constrains 
how information is conveyed to the player. Whether or not you find the rhyming
humorous or grating, there will be times that the style is interfering with 
your understanding of what is being said. Another factor that I suspect is 
compounding this problem is that this game was made in french Canada and thus 
it is being translated from awkwardly rhyming French. I don't know if that's 
true, and anyways I'm exaggerating the size of the issue.

g. Is the game any good?
I liked it, and so did some reviewers. 

h. What are the differences between versions?
The WiiU version doesn't get achievements or DLC. I think that's pretty much
it. Speaking of the dlc, I'm noticing on STEAM that they are actually selling
oculi for real money.

Please don't buy oculi for real money. 

Or Stardust.

i. How do I read this guide?
If you�re looking for tips for a certain level, check the table of contents to 
find what you�re looking for, and then get that bracketed number [xxx] and 
search for it [ctrl-f] to skip to that spot. 

If there is an important TERM or SYSTEM you need to know about that I'm just
introducing I will probably CAPITALIZE it to draw it to your attention.

2.  GAME NOTES [200]

rpg basics                                                                [201]

coming soon

progression and directions
physical attacks, magic attacks, vulnerabilities
status effects (setback, paralyze, hast, slow, armor, unstoppable)

SKILLS                                                                    [202]

3 trees of 24 levels each. most cost 1 skill point but some later one cost 2.
upper levels get unlocked after chapter 8ish. On typical first playthrough 
will only be able to fill up one branch and a little of the other two. Suggest
filling up each branch a little to unlock all of a character's moves and then
just focusing on the branch that upgrades the moves you like best. Although,
sometimes upgrading your moves makes them slower to cast and that is not too

OCULI                                                                     [203]

Can equip oculi to weapon, armor, and as a charm. The same oculi will have 
different effects in each place, but they are the same across all the 

Crafting oculi is something you can do as soon as you obtain a couple oculi 
you aren't using. The TIP shows you the basic patterns. There are 4 TIERS of
oculi: ROUGH, TUMBLED, and FACETED, and BRILLIANT and the higher tiered 
versions all have the same effect as their lower tier counterparts. You don't 
need to worry about oculi too much if you're not a hardcore stat master. You 
can Just equip a skill that your character could benefit from: e.g. give magic
using characters oculi that boost magic, and when you have a lot of oculi you 
can open up the CRAFT option and mess around with it to see what comes out.

Here are the different types of oculi:

sapphire (blue)
ruby (red)
emerald (green)

tourmaline (cyan)
amethyst (purple)
citrine (orange)

diamond (grey)
onix (black)
spinel (gold)

the onix oculi don't show up until near the end of the game, and I don't think
you can craft them earlier because I'm pretty sure I tried the combination that
makes them long beforehand and got nothing. Anyhoo, I think the only way to
make spinels is by crafting with onixs and diamonds, but I could be mistaken 
about that. 

COLLECTIBLES                                                              [204]

There are four types of things for you to collect in this game. The first, 
covered in the section above, is oculi. The second is ITEMS. These can be used
in or out of battle and they are mostly useless and you will accumulate a huge
pile of them that you can't sell because this game doesn't have any currency
or economy to speak of (and isn't that a nice change). I only include these
as 'collectibles' because at the end of the game a counter will come up to tell
you how many of the 'coffers' (treasure chests) you found in each area. If
you are the kind of person who cares about collecting useless items to fill up
a counter, I have to disappoint you and say that I'm not going to bother
listing the locations of every coffer in this game. Best of luck to you on your

The third collectibles are called STARDUSTS. They are powerups that are hidden
around the world and you can use them on a character to get a permanent STAT
BOOST. These are actually useful so I will be pointing out their locations in
the walkthrough. Unfortunately for you when I finished the game it turned out
that I only found 31/40 of these things... so you're on your own for the other

The final collectibles are called CONFESSIONS. These are little slips of paper
that contain INDECIPHERABLE LORE. Well... maybe it's decipherable, but I 
haven't sat down and made sense of it yet. Feel free. I'll be pointing out the 
locations of these things as we go along, but for the sake of convenience I'll 
just list them here since there are only 16.


3. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 1 - THE GIRL AND THE FIREFLY                     [300] 

The game begins with an introductory video of AURORA'S life and legend, and
how as the CHILD OF LIGHT she is destined to recover the ELEMENTS OF HARMONY
that were stolen by the evil NIGHTMARE MOON. Oops, no... that's the story
from My Little Pony. It's pretty much the same though.

So when the game starts and you are given control of Aurora, she wakes up in
a magical land that she believes to be a dream she has to wake up from. You 
find yourself at the ALTAR OF MAHTHILDIS and you count yourself lucky that you 
don't have to spell that out yourself.

The first thing you should do when you start a game like this is get a good
sense of your character. In the old table-top RPGs you would be making your
own character and assigning all of their stats... but Aurora is already formed
and so it would be prudent of you to look up her STATS yourself. You should 
take note of the upper-left side of the main screen and notice that Aurora has
a HIT POINT counter and a MAGIC POINT counter and is at LEVEL 1. Her stats 
right now are really low, like 14hp and 6mp, but in this game's economy 6mp is
enough for a single MAGIC SPELL and those spells are really powerful.

If you pause the game and bring up the MENU you will be presented with many 
avenues for finding out more about Aurora. Selecting PARTY will allow you to
bring up her STAT SHEET and take note that she has a lot of small numbers and
room to grow. The SKILL screen will give you an idea of how this character 
will grow and how you will be able to shape her, and you will also notice that
she comes with two abilities: DEFEND and SLASH. Since Aurora doesn't have 
claws, you would be safe in assuming that the word 'slash' suggests that she
will be obtaining a SWORD in short order.

There are a couple of other menu options that won't be especially useful to
you just yet. The OCULI page shows another potential customization option. The
INVENTORY is empty and so is the mysterious 'CONFESSIONS' page. The MAP OF
LEMURIA option is whited out... but it is still telling you that you are in
a place called LEMURIA, so that's something. That's all the info you can parse
out of the menu screen for right now. If you need more information on the menu
later please consult the GAME NOTES section.

Perhaps it is time we started playing. Oh! But there is one more thing in the
menu screen that is really more useful than anything else: the directions on
where to go and what to do!

Wander the forest floor, 
This dream world to explore 

Set yourself a'wanderin'. Take note of OBJECTS you can INTERACT with, like the
signpost that tells you to go 'right to the OLD MONASTERY'. There is a block
you'll have to push so you can jump on it to clear a ledge. Did you know that
you can jump? You can jump. Hoppity hoppity ho. 

Going all the way to the right leads to a dead end. Turn around when you see 
a wolf and go left and you will be able to get on a branching path that is 
sort of hard to distinguish from the background. Hop up into the tree and 
follow the new path right until some music and words pop up and the game
AUTOSAVES, all in suggesting that something is about to happen.

You meet a blue flame named 'FIREFLY,' though you can see on the menu screen
that his name is IGNICULUS. In this guide I will probably be abbreviating his
name as FF because writing out IGNICULUS hundreds of times would be a pain.
FF says that he has been looking for you and that he's going to take you to see
a SEER. You have a new objective:

Reach the Seer waiting with starlit eyes, 
A way out of the dream world she will surmise

Let's learn about FF and what he can do. He's not a party member. He's more of
a cute little animal helper type with some very useful special abilities. He
can move independently of Aurora but has to stick to the same screen. He can
ILLUMINATE areas and in battle he can HEAL you or SLOW enemies. 
Very nice stuff.

He also introduces you to WISHES, which are a nice way to replenish HP and MP
between and during battles.

So let's get back to moving right, because that's what good 2D video game 
characters do. Before you get to the first wish plant you can fall into a pit
and go left to find a CHEST with a HEALING TONIC. You can't fall to death in
this game so you should make a habit of probing nooks and crannies to find 
items, especially at this stage of the game where you are weak and may have 
need of them.

Get back on the path and travel right until you reach an orange tree with a 
big door and lots of symbols about attesting to its importance. Interacting
with the door gets you some dialogue and reveals to you that you must use FF's
glow to project the symbols onto the correct spots over the door, in order to
get it to open.

Inside the tree is a statue and a voice. You receive the SWORD OF MAHTHILDIS
and are launched into your first battle. Check out my GAME NOTES section for
more detailed information on how battle works, but for now you can take note of
how battle turns rush along a TIMELINE but that when your TURN comes around 
everything stops and you can take your time and figure out what you have to do.
You can check out different options you have for ACTING or DEFENDING or USING
ITEMS. You can even move FF around to SLOW enemies or HEAL yourself. He has a 
blue POWER METER to keep track of what he can do.

This battle should be pretty straightforward. Use your slash attack to take 
down your enemy with only two hits. You can learn about timelines and INTERUPTS
later. Oh, and here's a good piece of advice for RPG newbies: when you're in a 
battle with multiple foes, focus on taking them down one at a time so as to 
reduce the amount of foes attacking you. And use your best offensive spells
early on to reduce your enemy count that much faster. The best defense is a 
good offense.

When the battle is over you will get 50 EXPERIENCE POINTS, which is just shy 
of the amount you need to LEVEL UP. Your first priority should be to head right
and find some more baddies to experience. You should also become aware of 
SURPRISE STRIKES, which allow you to go first in battle if you contact a foe
from behind.

Your first LEVEL UP gives you some STAT GROWTH and a SKILL POINT that you can 
use to start upgrading Aurora. She has three SKILL PATHS you can follow, and 
that means three options for this first point. You can either increase Aurora's
MAGIC POWER, or get one of two LIGHT MAGIC SPELLS. I hope you realized that the
magic power boost is useless without first having a spell. It doesn't really 
matter whether you choose STARLIGHT or LIGHT RAY. The latter is more powerful 
but costs more MP and is slower to cast. And they lead up different trees so if
you want you can plan ahead and get access to later skills more quickly. It's 
up to you to choose and there aren't big penalties to choosing wrong, since 
you'll be leveling up a lot in the next few areas.

At level two you can ONE HIT KNOCK OUT (OHKO) those bug enemies and that will
make fights with them much smoother. Getting up to level 3 should be no trouble
at all.

Let's see... there's a chest in this area with a HEALING TONIC. If you ever 
hear a sort of ringing noise: that is an indication that there is a powerup
nearby that you should look for. There is a DEF STARDUST on a hidden path
just to the right of the house, for instance, and there will be many more of 
these in the future for you to look for.

If you go right you'll eventually reach a dark cave and you'll want to use FF 
to light the place up. There's a chest in here with a Magic Potion. On the 
other side of the cave there is a raven sitting on a carriage, and somewhere 
around this point the game moves into CHAPTER TWO for some reason... so... 
I'll see you on the other side.

4. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 2 - THE QUEEN OF LIGHT                           [400] 

Keep going right and you'll come across a new enemy: a wispy ghost lady. These
ghosts have between 15 and 20 Hitpoints and they are vulnerable to light, so
do yourself a favor and magic them away.

After this fight you should look for a chest in a tree that contains your first
OCULI. These are things you can use to augment your party members. One very 
nice thing you can do with them is to give your weapons an ELEMENT so as to do
more damage to enemies that are vulnerable to that element. I would strongly 
suggest that you 'mount' this RUBY OCULI onto your sword to give it some 
FIREPOWER that many enemies in this area are weak to.

Go into the dark castle and you'll be quickly confronted by a new scary enemy.
There is also a chest with a FIREFLY ELIXER in here. Take the upper path until
you come to a locked door with a crate and a switch up above and out of reach.
Yup, it's a puzzle. Push the crate left into place to get up onto the ledge.
Find a door and go inside a pipe steamwork place. You are given some vague 
instructions that are supposed to direct you into using FF to light up the 
blue spots to move platforms. 

Push the crate right and climb the ledge until you reach the first switch. The
switch activates a new moving platform to get up to the door out of this area,
but you need to bring a crate up there to weigh down the button that opens the 

After you exit the piperoom you will find a blue thing that you can light up
to get a SAPPHIRE OCULI. Flip the switch to open the door and you'll meet a
'lady behind glass' and what looks suspiciously like another puzzle. This time
there are four colored 'lenses' that can be rotated using a switch, and up 
above them there are 3 colored crystals. Your task is to use FF to project 
light through the lenses and onto the 3 colored crystals. This will break the
stained glass in the background, but it also triggers a difficult boss fight,
so before finishing this puzzle you might want to retreat and go grind a level
or two. I was at Lvl 5 for this fight but I would suggest lvl6 would be better.

Two headless statues attack you and they are tough foes and they attack twice
as often as you do on your lonesome. These guys can totally kill you. On the
other hand, they are also vulnerable to light and that is exactly the sort of 
magic that you have. I suggest that you use light magic to kill one of them
posthaste. These guys have like 51 - 55 hitpoints and your light magic is only
doing 20-30 damage so it is going to take a couple of rounds to kill even one
of them.

Winning this battle nets you a MAGIC STARDUST that you can use to get a 
permanent +3 Magicpower. I suggest using all of these permanent stat increases
on Aurora ASAP, since it is my opinion that your main character in RPGs is the
most important and that you should work on both covering their weaknesses and
leveraging their strengths. If you are more concerned with minmaxing stats or
whatnot, feel free to give this item to someone else.

So you get to meet the Seer and she shows you a vision and tells you about your
grand destiny and how your only way home is to recover the SUN and STARS and 
MOON and there is something said about the 'highest and lowest rooms' that may
be important or it may just be a way to rhyme with 'moon'. There is no telling
with this game. Oh, and the seer also claims to have created Igniculus for the 
purpose of guiding you. So that's something.

More practically, you are directed to go back the way you came, past the alter
and through a tree. You are also given the ability to FLY. That'll be fun. Head
on up to the upper-left exit of the room to end this chapter.

Oh and you are also given an ORDINARY FLUTE... a totally useless item that will
probably never become relevant.

5. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 3 - INTO THE WEST                                [500] 

To the left, past the alter forlorn,
Find and enter the tree of thorns

First things first, turn around and fly up and right against the outside of the
boss room. A letter will come falling out of the sky for you to collect:
CONFESSION #1. It seems like words from the statues you just fought. Maybe
these things will be found after boss fights.

So now your awkward little jump has been superseded by the ability to fly. No
more ledges getting in your way. You can go wherever you want now and the 
stages are more open and accommodating of this. This makes it sort of hard for
me to direct you to all of the little secrets hidden away across the landscape,
not least because I probably haven't found them all! Maybe I won't bother you 
with the location of every chest from now on. It's not like HP and MP recovery
depends on items or anything: there are wishes everywhere, and just a little 
ways to your right is a new party member with healing magic.

Head right to meet the jester RUBELLA. She's looking for her brother. She joins
up with you and brings the item RUBELLA'S PLIGHT. She has all kinds of nice 
magic she can learn, including heals, buffs, and revive. She also has much
higher defenses and hitpoints than Aurora. Probably she is meant to herald an 
increase in combat difficulty. I suggest you dive into battle and find out.
Don't succumb to the temptation to fly around all of the foes. You'll surely 
regret that if you do.

If you go down and right from Rubella and hug the wall a ways there is a MAGIC

There are new enemies to fight on your quest to go left. There is a flying 
enemy that is vulnerable to fire and has like 50ish hitpoints. There are also
spiders and they are also vulnerable to fire. I think I mentioned that you 
should use the fire oculi on your weapon to get firepower, didn't I? There is
also a wolf enemy that has like 70 hitpoints and isn't weak to fire or light
or lightning or water. Lame.

From where you pick up Rubella, go left until you reach another treehouse. Go
down here and left towards a flying foe.  You can circle around this area to 
get into a secret area of sorts. Inside of this area, down and to the left, 
there is a HP STARDUST, and like the magic stardust you got from the last boss,
this is also an item that can permaincrease your stats.

Back outside there are lots of other chests to discover in various places. You
can get into a tree with thorns (which is not to be confused with the tree of
thorns you are looking for) and find a STRENGTH STARDUST. Don't fly into any 
thorns though unless you are a masochist like that. Going back past the 
treehouse where you got your sword you can find ROUGH EMERALD OCULI if you 
want some lightningpower.

So eventually you will get back to the alter and get past it to find the real
tree of thorns. Almost immediately you will be confronted by an OGRE that wants
to eat you. Another boss battle it is! My party was at levels 9 and 12 for this
fight and I didn't have much trouble.

The Ogre has two wolves with him and if you are at all familiar with RPGs then
you know to take these guys out first so you can reduce the number of foes 
attacking you. The wolves are the same as always and your two party members 
and your magic can dispatch them quickly. Of course you should also interrupt
the ogre if the chance presents itself. The ogre only does like 20 damage with
his basic attack but he has some stronger attacks under his belt and can also 
cause SETBACK which I guess affects the timeline somehow. I didn't think he 
was that tough and that the battle was just a matter of whittling down his HP,
which was something over or around 300.

After the battle you'll get a HP STARDUST and you can enter the Tree of Thorns.
Before you go inside though, you'll want to fly up and pick up CONFESSION #5.
What the... #5? Did we miss 2-4?

Journey across the thorns sharp,
fly delicately with careful art.

When you enter the tree of thorns, you will be informed that the MAP OF LEMURIA
is now available and that it has rapid travel. You can also check out the area
names and you will probably notice that many of the names are the same as those
from confession #5.

The tree of thorns is full of thorns that will hurt you if you fly into them,
there are fewer wish plants around to heal you, and the enemies are quite a bit
stronger than they were in the preceding area. Be careful in and out of battle.
There is a mix of old and new enemies here to worry about. There is a bigger
spider with like 80hp and a griffin that seems to be resistant to light magic
but has closer to 60 or 70hp.

The tree has a couple of paths to follow and I'm sure I didn't explore them 
all as thoroughly as I should have. One thing that stands out is the hollowed 
out trunk of the tree. You can fly up this trunk to emerge in a canopy area
with nothing else inside but a larger version of the flying enemy from the 
last area. And I mean MUCH LARGER. The little guys had less than 30hitpoints,
but this one has something like 375hp. So yeah, he's more like a miniboss of
sorts, and he has that same annoying ability to speed himself up, but he is 
also weak to fire attacks. Oh, and he has a wolf and a big spider with him that
you should deal with first.

There is nothing else up in the canopy so return to the base of the tree and 
then resume your leftward travelling. To the left of the big trunk you can go
up and find CONFESSION #8. Keep going left until you find a sign informing you
of your arrival in CAPILLI VILLAGE.

6. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 4 - THE DEEP DARK WELL                           [600] 

The village is empty of everything except for crows and loot, so do yourself a
favor and plunder all of the houses of their valuables before you talk to the 
lone person with the yellow ! that signals a new quest. 

When you do speak to the BEARDED MAN, he'll claim that the townsfolk were 
changed into birds by the DARK QUEEN and that the WATER OF LETHE is the cure.
Take his word for it and hop down the well to go look for some. He'll offer to
join your party. 

FINN THE MAGICIAN is an offensive magic user in the SQUISHY WIZARD vein. His
stats are all pretty bad excepting of course magic power. He has three branches
of skills that seem to stem from his three elemental attacks: fire, water, and
lightning. As I had Aurora using fire attacks and Rubella using lightning, I 
decided to try and beeline Finn towards upgrading his water magic. Maybe that
wasn't the best idea when heading into a well dungeon filled with watery foes.
Having Finn use the appropriate spell on the enemies of this dungeon will do
massive damage to them, and maybe even OHKO them.

When you are in battle now you will have the option of SWAPPING party members.
When one of your characters has a turn they have the option of swapping out 
for anyone else. This action does not cost your turn. The newly brought out
party member can attack right away. Seems super useful if you ask me.

Drop down into the well to find a large aquifer dungeon. There is a new water 
spider enemy down here that is weak to lightning and resistant to fire. There
is also a pigrat thing that is weak to fire.

If you drop down to the bottom of the first cavern and go left you will find
another symbol projection puzzle. This time there are two symbols on stands for
you to project onto the corresponding painted symbols. The crescent moon is a 
bit of trick because the spot you are looking for isn't with the other moons
painted on the walls. You have to project it into the top center of the image,
above the queenly lady. This opens the door and allows you to move on towards
the boss of this dungeon. But wouldn't it be a good idea to explore the rest 
of the exterior of this place first?

Well actually there isn't a lot of valuable stuff out here, just lots of chests
filled with items you probably already have. There are enemies and experience
points to be had, so that's something. You will also be introduced to the 
spike traps and hopefully you will have no trouble figuring out how FF can stop
them for a time by lighting up the nearby white switch.

After going through the puzzly door to the interior of this dungeon you will 
have to fight a couple of new enemy types but they are not at all tougher than
the enemies from the last area. There is a gargoyle will not much in the way of
HP and a fiery wolf that is super vulnerable to water.

Go right and drop down from the path when you can to find a secret area with a
chest that contains a JUMBLED OCULI, which is your 1st oculi of a higher tier
than those rough oculi you've been collecting up till now. Oh, have you tried
MERGING oculi yet? That's another way to power up the piles of oculi you're

Go right until you find the head of a statue and talk to the crow there. It's
Finn's grandpa. Fly up from here to find a MAGIC STARDUST and CONFESSION #3.
This confession is sort of wierd and I probably read too much into it... but 
doesn't Aurora look sort of bee-like, now that you think about it? Buzz buzz.

Go right past the spikes and then the place will start rumbling. It's almost
certainly time for a BOSS FIGHT. My levels at this point were 15, 18, and 16,
and that seemed more than sufficient. Being able to switch out party members
really increases your total HP and MP and makes things much easier.

The fountain of the WATER OF WHATEVER is clearly be corrupted by three horrible
snake eels. Or maybe they're more like a hydra with many heads. It probably 
doesn't matter. They're three separate foes in practice and you would be well
advised to take them down one by one. Unless you've been directing your skills
towards this end, you probably don't have any attacks that can attack all foes
anyways, so pick a target and defeat it asap.

The three heads are all visibly different and to of them wear their weaknesses
on their sleeves. The fiery snake is weak to water and the watery snake is 
weak to lightning. My advice would be for you to begin the battle by having
Finn unload supereffective magic on one of these foes a couple of times until
it dies, and then to do likewise with the other one. The green snake is I guess
of an 'earthly' element. It's weak to fire and it will try to PARALYZE you. 

The fiery snake has like 330hp, the watery one has like 270hp, and the green
one only has about 220hp. Maybe you should take out the smaller ones first? The
fire eel has group targeting fire magic but most of your guys are pretty good
at magic res so its not a big deal.

After the battle Finn purifies the fountain and Aurora looks inside to get a
glimpse of her greatest desire: her father dying of grief over her. Yeesh.

Oh, Igniculus, fly on by,
Recover the moon at the highest of the high

Capilli Village is restored and all of the villagers congratulate you on your
heroism. A few of them even have sidequests for you to pursue. There is a !girl
who wants you to go find ACHILLES, the mint-hunting flying pig who is somewhere
above the plains of windwheel park. !Avo wants you to kill some dark creatures
near the blossoming tree. And there's a guy in the school who wants some food,
though that's not an 'official' quest. I'll cover these before moving on with
the main quest, starting with Avo's since his demands that we backtrack into
the Forest of Mahthildis.

Use your fancy teleporative Map of Lemuria to backtrack to the Alter of 
Mathildis and fly right, near to the ground, until FF notifies you that you 
are in the area you are looking for. There are three sinister looking spiders
around here that you have to kill. They have about 150hp each and they can 
speed up all foes but they are not really too hard to kill. After they are all
dead Avo will show up and give you 4 TUMBLED TOURMALINE OCULI and that's sort
of nice. You can look around here for stardust you may have missed earlier,
and there is another villager around now who wants a shovel, but otherwise you 
are free to warp back to Capilli Village and go left to a new area.

In this area the wind is pushy but sometimes it will stop and let you dash 
through, either to advance up paths or reach secret areas full of stardust. 
There are two MP STARDUSTS in the same tunnel. Going right from the second one
will take you back out of the cave, but it will also get you CONFESSION #6.
Once you get through the tunnel you will find a sign pointing you towards the 

7. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 5 - AN UNEXPECTED REUNION                        [700]

There is a sign here that says that you can go left to find windwheels, and 
that was supposed to be the place that ACHILLES escaped to, so go left and be
on the lookout for flying pigs. Unfortunately there are way more flying pigs
than there ought to be, and you'll have to investigate all of them and use FF
to check them for 'illumitating ink'. Rubella also notices some circus gear 
and reminds you that she has a reason to be travelling with you.

There are some new enemies here, like a big rock goblin that is strong and 
slow, and a stumpy tree thing that is obviously weak to fire attacks. Later on
you'll find some geodudes with strong defences and also enemies that can
counterattack when they are hit with physical attacks, so watch out for that.

It's not all enemies and piggies here, though. You also meet Aurora's sister
NORAH and she joins your party. Unfortunately her stats besides DEF and
SPEED are garbage. Norah is something of a TIME MAGE with spells to QUICKEN
you and SLOW and PARALYZE your foes. I switch her in at the start of battles
to give Aurora a buff, and then I replace her with more useful partiers.

So let's get to actually exploring these plains, shall we? Just flying to the
left from Norah will net you CONFESSION #7. Keep going until you pass through
the second hollowed out mountain. There is a HP STARDUST to the left and at 
the base there is a red door that takes you into a mine with lots of loot. 
First off inside this mine you can send FF through a wall to collect a DEF 
STARDUST. This mine has a new enemy fire ghost lady who has like 200hp and can 
counterattack and I imagine she is weak to water. Head further down to find 
another door leading to more loot and also there is a MAGIC STARDUST nearby.  
There is a closed door that you can open with switch, and then you can push a 
crate onto another switch to open a floordoor and get to the final room and 
all of its loot, including your first ROUGH CITRINE OCULI. And that's it for 
this mine.

Back outside you can keep flying left until you have to pass through another 
mountain with a windwheel inside that requires a few flipped switches to open
up the path. Rotate that wheel 3/4 of a full turn so that the path between the
lower doors is opened. There is a STRENGTH STARDUST down here, and also a 
flying pig that is actually ACHILLES. Put him in your inventory and at your 
leisure you can bring him to the lady in Capilli for a reward of 4 HP 

Reach the temple in the sky,
And to the magic mirror fly

There are a couple of signs pointing the way towards the next town: Bolmus
Populi. At first the signs say 'left' but then they start directing you 
upwards. When you come up against the mountain you're supposed to go up, do 
yourself a favor and keep going left because there are lots of treasures over
there and an easy miniboss fight too.

You can find more doors that lead to secret treasure rooms. One of them has 
rising and falling lava and switches that FF has to light up to get the doors 
to open. There is another mine outside and at the bottom there is a lonesome
man mining gold and he asks you to bring him a light.

If you go to the furthest left in this area you will find a door that leads you
to a miniboss fight against a big fiery sphere guy. He only has like 300hp and
he is super weak to water. He's not even much tougher than the regular-sized 
guys he has with him. If you have been battling most of the foes in the plains
then you should be above lvl 20 by now and well prepared for this fight. 
Defeating this guy will earn you a DEFSTAR, and then you can fly up the 
mountain to get to town.

8. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 6 - OF MICE AND MAGMA                            [800]

This is the town of the 'populi,' which turn out to be rat-people. Eew. You 
can fly up to a tower where a !mouse is fiddling. His name is Adolphus and he
will initiate a TRADING SEQUENCE by giving you an apple and asking you to bring
back some gold. In case you've forgotten, the guy in Capilli school was asking
you to bring him some food, the Capilli with the carriage in Mahthildis Forest
wanted a shovel, and the Capilli in the mine below this city wanted a light and
he was surrounded by gold.

Inside one of the houses there is another quest from !Bolmus. He wants you to
clear the monsters out of his basement. It turns out that his basement is a 
magmatic cavern filled with fiery ghosts and spiders. You should probably 
augment your weapons with sapphire oculi. There are like 5 sets of enemies down
here. Some of them are hiding in chests. You'll also have to solve some 
environment puzzles to get through this area. Near the beginning of the area
you can find a HP STARDUST by going through a false wall. Your reward for
clearing out the whole area is a couple of MAGIDUSTS.

Go to the left side of town to meet the MAYOR. He doesn't want to talk until 
you have solved the town's economic problems. Go back outside and you'll be
introduced to the YOUNG MOUSE ROBERT. He joins your party and takes you to the
mountainside, where he convinces the mountain to open a path to take you into
the city vault. Nice.

Robert is an archer and he can cure ailments, slow foes, and if he lands a
killing blow he can attack another foe. He's very fast and dodgy and critty 
but otherwise his stats aren't anything to write home about. I suppose that
theoretically one could max out his crit and dodge with stardust and make him
into an unhitable crithappy monster, but now that I think about it, I haven't
yet seen any dodge and crit stardusts. Too bad little Rob.

Kill the four spiders whose dark art
Plagues and torments Magna's heart.

This is another dungeon full of fiery foes, so if you augmented all of your 
weapons with water power during the last quest, you can just leave your oculi 
the way they are. In the center of this dungeon you will find a big pink heart
with a spider boss inside. Before you can fight this spider you have to find
3 other special spiders at the end of three hallways that branch off from this
center area. 

Going straight down from the pink heart and then a little ways left will get
you CONFESSION #9, and a little ways to the right is a DEFSTAR. Going down
from here is the BOLMUS VAULT and ROBERT will leave your party unless you break
into the vault for him. It's a simple puzzle to get inside. You just have to
rotate some symbols above the door to match the symbols of the door. Basically 
you just have to pull both of the switches twice. Inside the vault Robert will
rejoin you and tell you not to touch the treasure chests, but go ahead and take
all the treasure you can.

Let's start going after the spiders we came here to kill. There is one on the
left side of the area and he has a MAGDEFSTAR near him as well. There is one on
the bottom right of the cave. Above him there is a door that leads to a dark 
room with a STRSTAR, and the last spider is to the right of the pinkheart. The
three spiders you have to kill are armored spiders and they have high magic
resistance so you should use physical attacks. All of the spiders have like
400hp but they don't seem to have any particular weaknesses so you will just
have to beat them down slowly. After you kill a spider its cobwebs will explode
for some reason and when all three sets are dead you can return to the pink
heart and fight the queen mama spider. When I got to this boss fight Aurora was
at lvl 26 and that seemed a perfectly fine level to be at.

First things first you'll want to kill the two armored spiders that the queen
mama has with her. The queen spider can attack both of your party members and
she can raise her strength and she can paralyze you. If you intercupt her she
will increase her speed but there is really no helping that and anyways she is
not so deadly that you need to worry about it. She is weaker to magic attacks
than her underlings were, so when you have her alone bring out Finn and have
Aurora do her magic spells too until you have worked through Queenie's 1500

Back at Mayoral Manor, Margaret Mouse will turn down Robert and maybe there 
will be a sidequest along those lines later idk. 

Speak with Magna below the Town Populi,
To rise up to the temple high

Apparently we are going to the TEMPLE OF THE MOON up in the CLIFFS OF ERIN.
Go speak to Magna when you are ready to go.

9. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 7 - THE DUKE AND THE DUCHESS                     [900]

In this chapter there is a significant event in the story that sets up the 
final conflict and the climax, and we also learn quite a few things about 
Aurora's backstory. Everything after this point should be considered SPOILERY.

Reach the temple in the sky,
And to the Magic Mirror fly

Basically you have to fly up through the wind and the skylands, but you can 
also go left and look though a couple of nooks and crannies to find extra 
goodies and experience. You are actually in the second half of this game now
so you should be pretty familiar with how this works by now.

Left of the cave to the left is a MAGDEFDUST and you can go up and left through
a current for CONFESSION #15. More up and left from there is a trail of 
balloons that will take you to TRISTIS THE SUICIDAL CLOWN, Rubella's brother.
He has armor and haste spells and high defenses, so you can basically bring
him in at the beginning of battles to buff Aurora and then switch him out for
someone more offensive like Finn or Robert.

On the far right side of this area is a DEFSTAR and there are lots of scattered
treasures you can look for yourself. When you are ready to proceed you should
go to the center of the city and go up and get into a miniboss fight against
a giant griffon enemy. I thought this was a tough fight so maybe I didn't do
enough grinding in the area beforehand.

The griffon is accompanied by two dark ghost enemies. My tactic in beginning 
this battle was to slow the griffon down so I could take out the ghosts first.
The ghosts are strong against physical attacks but weak to magic and especially
light magic. However they have like 600hp, near as much as the griffon does...
and it turns out that he can REVIVE them and so obviously that's a big problem.
Another big problem is that interrupting the griffon makes him cast SLOW on 
you, and with other enemies present that can be much more deadly than the last
boss casting HASTE on itself. The griffon is resistant to magic so you can't
blast through it very easily. It has like 800hp and I guess your best bet is
to slow it down and try to kill it first without interrupting it. Maybe what
you need to do is just go back and level up a bit.

However you do it, after the fight you will get a SPEEDUST and can enter the 
TEMPLE OF THE MOON. Inside you will find another magic fountain that will allow
you to watch as your father's country is drowned. Go over to the door and 
Aurora (and Norah) will say goodbye to their compatriots as they decide to 
quit this journey in favor of going home, quite in opposition to what Aurora
was told at the outset of this journey, which was that home could only be 
achieved after first recovering the sun, stars, and moon.

Fly on up to the magic mirror as a creeping sense of apprehension overtakes 
you. Things are just not right. Go through the mirror and follow Norah as she 
leads you into a trap. For you see, Norah's real name is actually NOX, which 
is a much more sinister sounding name than Norah. Also your WICKED STEPMOTHER
QUEEN UMBRA is there and your other sister CORDELIA, and she is also wicked.
Apparently your mother was the QUEEN OF LEMURIA and banished Umbra to the 
'real' world and so she and these daughters killed your mother. I'm not sure
on the details of any of this. They may be your half-sisters or something, and
I suspect that your father may actually be a Bolmus. Anyway, you are attacked
by Umbra but your mother put a protection spell on your crown and so they just
throw you in a dungeon where you are tortured unmercifully. Aurora is never 
the same afterwards.

There is a flashback scene to Aurora and her mother as her mother dies. Then 
Aurora is back in the present and plays a song on her flute that moves her 
jailer into remembering that he is a Lemurian and loyal to your Queen Mother.
OENGUS THE OGRE joins your party. He is the teammate you have been wishing for 
all along: crazy strong physically and weak magically. Finally someone who can
stand with the powerhouse that is Aurora. He has a TAUNT ability to draw aggro
for several turns. Just make sure that it isn't going to be magic attacks he's
drawing his way.

10. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 8 - THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGH                    [1000]

Escape from the Forgotten Tower,
Defying the Dark Queen's power

The first thing you'll notice as you get to exploring this tower is that there
are item cases and a stardust that you can't get without your firefly buddy.
You also won't be able to collect wishes in battle or heal or slow down enemies
and all of that is a real drag. But it doesn't really matter because Oengus is 
a beast and he and Aurora can mow through enemies without much difficulty.

Fly on up to find CONFESSION #4, and then head on down through the spikey 
tower. You'll find a puzzle and a locked door that can't be opened without
some way of shining light on those blue orbs. Hmm. Go right from here and
through a door to find your imprisoned party. Flip the switch to free them and
then do a quick run back through the tower to get your MPSTARDUST.

The gear puzzle here is not too difficult to solve. Lighting up an orb moves
a gear, and your goal is to bring all of the gears into contact and make a...
circuit? I don't know the term for a system of gears. Just shine your FF on
the orbs in the upper left and the one on the right, not the middle one, and
then flip the switch to open the door.

Go all of the way down to find !Oengus and help him with his plight. He says
you have a choice in helping him and I wonder if you can abandon him here and
forgo all of the experience from his quest. Well, I don't know, what with 
autosaves and whatnot. Go through the door and into the labyrinth to rescue
the imprisoned KATEGIDA.

Warriors imprisoned in the dark,
Rescue the Kategida from a future stark

Send FF into the right wall for a DODGEDUST, and then check the tents here for
a HP STARDUST and some XP. The red door at the bottom leads to a 'magic
labyrinth' with a trick in how you progress, but the characters figure out the
trick for you and let you know if you are on the right track. Basically there 
are statues in the background holding shields and the shields have a symbol 
on them that corresponds to the door you have to go through. You have to check
the doors for nearby symbols and take the right one until you reach the 
captured Kategida and complete the quest and get a STRDUST.

Back outside you can go right into the rain for a boss fight. I was at lvl33
here and that seemed just about right.

CORDELIA awaits you... but it turns out that she is actually CREPUSCULUM...
whatever that means. She's a dragon and two ghosts, basically, and she can
slow you and paralyze you. The ghosts are weak to light and have like 900hp,
so it will take like 3 or 4 of your light magic spells to destroy them. The
dragon is more resistant to magic so you'll have to just slash through her
(*checks notes and does math*) 1000ish hitpoints.

When you emerge victorious you will get THE MOON and also Aurora will age up
for some reason. Besides the cosmetic change, this also unlocks all of your
characters full skill trees. Probably you won't get enough experience between
now and the endgame to fill all of these, so pick whichever branch you like 
best and save up some points to complete it (some skills now need multiple 
skill points).

You can go right and warp to the next area, THE FLOODED LANDS, but before you
do, fly on up to collect CONFESSION #14.

11. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 9 - THE PISCINE AND THE OGRE                   [1100]

Beneath the sea, deep down below,
Recover the sun at the lowest of the low

A sign tells you that to your right is a 'Piscean Village', so off you go.
On the way you will find a !Statue with a riddle about a 'path of light' or
something, idk. Below it is a SPEEDUST. 

When you get to the village it is deserted and overrun by baddies, except for 
two Pisceans... which turn out to be green, amphibian... muck creatures. Gen
and Drust are their names, and they say that an ogre has been taking their 
people away. They also have a STRSTAR. 

Go right and enter the door in a hill. Inside you can pull a switch to open 
a path for a limited time. Fight the currents and hurry through the circuit to
get a MAGDEFDUST and some other loot.

Back outside you can skim over the water to a cliffside that has many entrances
to a temple. Seems like an imposing watery dungeon awaits you.

But not until you solve this puzzle first. Enter this mountain through the 
ground-level and you'll see that there are a bunch of roman numerals painted
on the wall. In the lower-right corner of the room there is a stand with the 
numeral VIII. Move the stand a little bit and then have FF cast the shadow of
the VIII onto the VIII on the wall. Nothing happens. You have to go up to the
next level and find a XIII stand, push it down a ways, and then project it 
through the floor onto the partially obscured XIII that is just below it. Then
fly up to the third floor and ignore the V stand and instead exit through the
right side of the mountain so you can go collect a DODGESTAR. Then go push the
V stand down to the ground floor and project it onto the pillar. Then the
puzzle will be solved and an elevator will come up along with an angry ogre.

The ogre has a couple of dogs with him. The dogs are weaker against magic and
the ogre is weaker against physical attacks. The dogs have like 700hp each and
it takes a while to defeat them so maybe you should just take out the ogre 
first because he doesn't have that much more HP and anyways he is a strong
attacker so you are better off killing him quickly. I was at lvl37 here and I 
thought it was a bit tough. Like always I suggest you slow all these guys and
maybe this time you should also get some physical armor def spells too.

After this fight you will receive a TUMBLED ONIX, which is a kind of oculi I've
never seen before. Then you can go back to the Piscean village to tell Gen
that her parents are dead. Maybe you don't have to do this and you can just
skip her as a party member, idk. Fly up into the jetstream to collect 
CONFESSION #11 and head on back to Genovefa.

Gen will join your party and she is your newest time mage. She can slow enemies
and paralyze them, and 'setback' (interrupt) and jump you forward along the 
timeline. All of her attacks are timey but they are also kind of slow and weak.
Are her stats are terrible. If you ask me, Robert is much more useful in 
slowing enemies and he should be your go-to opening ally. Paralyze is pretty 
nice though and it seemed to work just fine the one time I tried it.

Go on back to the temple and take the elevator down into a long and boss-filled
water temple.

12. WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 10 - THE LOWEST OF THE LOW                     [1200]

This is the final chapter of the game. Up ahead there are a couple of dungeons
that are practically one long dungeon, and a bunch of boss fights. Oh, and 
there is also one more !quest to pick up. It requires a lot of backtracking. 
If you are interested in doing this quest, or anything else in the game, you 
should probably go do it now before you reach THE POINT OF NO RETURN, which is
when you defeat the water monster at the end of this dungeon and before you go
fight the bosses in the PALACE OF THE SUN. 

Go right for an MPSTARDUST and check out a sign that says you can go down to
the 'Palace of the Sun'. Naturally, you should go in a different direction to
see what sorts of sidequests you can find.

All the way to the right of this upper level is !Elemental. He wants you to
find 6 other elementals he has just summoned into the world. There are 2 in
the forest, 2 in the plains, and 2 in the sea. They are at those 'shrines' you
have been passing and hopefully noting the locations of. If not, here is the 
rundown of where they are.

1. Sea - just to the left of the !elemental
2. Sea - outside, between this temple and the Piscean Village
3. Forest - Near the monastery
4. Forest - somewhere
5. Plains - somewhere
6. Plains - I'll look into this and get back to you a little later.

Use your map to travel to all of these places and then return to !elemental to
get a token reward.

The rest of the water temple and the palace of the sun and all of the bosses
and the end of the game will be covered soon.


06/12/14 - Version 0.8 - Includes a walkthrough through 9/10ths of the game 
                         and some game notes.

This guide was written by Steve Edwards, also known as CanWizard. My email 
address is [email protected]. Please email me if/when you find 
mistakes in this guide.