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Achievements for Child of Light

There are 27 Achievements for Child of Light worth 1000 points
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120 Coronation
Dethrone the Queen of the Night.
20 Explorer
Find and open 30 trunks.
20 Master Oculist
Craft Oculi.
20 Tenth Birthday
Achieve level 10 with Aurora.
20 The Girl and the Firefly
Meet Igniculus.
20 Through the Looking Glass
Send Oculi to a friend.
25 Guardians of Lemuria
Win a battle without Aurora.
30 Aurora Borealis
Collect 5 deposits of Stardust.
30 Bolmus Bond
Robert joins Aurora's party.
30 Capilli Catch
Finn joins Aurora's party.
30 Comedy
Rubella joins Aurora's party.
30 Golden Apple
Finish the Lemurian Request: Free Trade.
30 Kategida Kindred
Ă“engus joins Aurora's party.
30 Piscean Promise
Gen joins Aurora's party.
30 Scene Stealer
Execute 3 Surprise Strikes.
30 Starcatcher
Recover the stars.
30 Sweet Sister
Norah joins Aurora's party.
30 Tragedy
Tristis joins Aurora's party.
30 When Pigs Fly
Finish the Lemurian Request: Achilles's Odyssey.
35 Winged Fury
Devastate 5 foes.
40 Over the Moon
Recover the moon.
40 Perfectionist
Upgrade a skill to its highest level.
50 Perfect Sonnet
Collect all Confessions.
50 Showstopper
Interrupt 3 foes at the same time.
60 General of Light
Win a battle against 3 dark creatures without losing any HP.
60 Grassroots
Finish 3 Lemurian Requests.
60 Sunrise
Recover the sun.