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Super Mario 3D World Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Mario 3D World


We have 22 cheats and tips on Wii U. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario 3D World please send them in here.

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World 1-2: Unlimited Lives

When you enter the pipe at the start of the level you will come to a wall you can climb. At the top of the wall you will find a turtle and a power-up block. If you smash through the two purple blocks on the ground using a butt stomp you will find another turtle there. Stomp on that turtle without hitting it's shell and walk off from the left onto the shell. If you manage to do this correctly it will break the blocks then bounce back and forth giving you unlimited lives.

Five Character Stamps

To get the last five character stamps you have to beat ALL the levels with every character. This does not include the Captain Toad levels but does include Blockades and Mystery Houses. In Multiplayer, the character has to touch the flag for it to count. When you have gained access to World Crown, you will be able to see what characters you have beaten a level with with the other collectibles.
Luigi Stamp:
Beat ALL levels with Luigi.
Mario Stamp:Super
Beat ALL levels with Mario.
Peach Stamp:
Beat ALL levels with Peach.
Rosalina Stamp:
Beat ALL levels with Rosalina.
Toad Stamp:
Beat ALL levels with Toad.

Unlock Luigi Bros. Mini-Game (Alternate Way)

An alternate way of unlocking this mini-game that is based off the original Mario Bros arcade game is to have a saved game file from Super Luigi U. On your Wii you, play as Rosalina and complete Star World 2.

Getting Sparkling Stars

If you do not pick up the invincibility leaf on a level you will get the sparkling stars from the top of the flag pole. Note: If you die five times in a row on a level you will automatically get the invincibility leaf.

Saved File Icons

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding star icon next to that saved game. The star icons will glitter if you managed to earn them without using the Invincibility Leaf.
Star Icon #1:
Complete the final level in World 8 (Bowser).
Star Icon #2:
Collect ALL Green Stars in Worlds 1 through 11.
Star Icon #3:
Collect ALL Stamps in Worlds 1 through 9.
Star Icon #4:
Get ALL Golden Flags in Worlds 1 through 11
Star Icon #5:
Get ALL Stars, Stamps, and Golden Flags in World 12 (Crown); and complete ALL levels in ALL worlds with ALL characters for the final Stamps.

Secret Exit in 4-2

As a cat climb the wall behind the item roulette block when you have re-entered the outside area after the underground section. Follow the path and enter the pipe to get a shortcut to World 5.

Video Walkthrough

Check out the video below if you are struggling and need help. This video includes Level 1-1 'Super Bell Hill', Level 1-2 'Koopa Troopa Cave', Level 1-A 'Chargin' Chuck Blockade' and Level 1-3 'Mount Beanpole'.

Play as Rosalina

Complete Star World 2 to unlock this powerful character whose role is to watch over the Lumas in the Comet Observatory.

Unlock Star World

This feature becomes available when you complete the main game.

Easy Stamps

To collect ALL the stamps requires playing with every character so if you play the game in Multiplayer mode you will find it easier to collect more stamps.


When you complete a level with the last digit of time being '1', '3', or '6' you will be able to see star and circle fireworks.

Unlock Flower World

Flower World will become unlocked when you have completed Mushroom World.

Hidden Pipe to World 2

When you reach the end of World 1-2 there is a hidden room above the stamp room that has an orange pipe. Use the cat suit to climb up the pipe and then when you then go down it you will warp to world 2.

Giant 8-bit Luigi Easter Egg

In the first Boss battle with Bowser if you get the cat suit and then run up a wall you will see a giant bridge. If you keep watching the bridge a giant 8-bit Luigi will appear swimming under it.

Alternate Flags

When you jump on top of a flag pole it will change from red to gold. If during a level you collected ALL the green stars there will be a green star above the flag pole.

Unlock Mushroom World

This is the second Special World in the game and is next to World Flower. Mushroom World consists of remixes of previous courses and is unlocked after clearing Cosmic Cannon Cluster in World Star. This world contains seven regular courses and one Mystery House.

Unlock Crown World

This feature becomes available when you have collectd ALL the stamps, Green Stars, and have ALL Checkpoint Flags Gold from World 1 to World Flower.


When you end a stage on a 1, 3, or 6 you will get fireworks in the shapes of stars and circles.

Unlock Luigi Bros. Mini-Game

Complete Worlds 1 through 8 and then tap the Luigi icon in the bottom left corner on the GamePad to unlock this mini-game that is based off the original Mario Bros arcade game.

Double Item Glitch

So what you want to do is get a white tannooki leaf and a item. I am using the gold bell item. Put your item in the same spot the tannoki leaf is like this

Next you ground pound into the 2 items. What will happen is that you will get the item as usual but you will have the item that you have on now saved in your item keeper.

How to unlock Rosalina as a character

After gaining access to the "secret world" at the end of the game, all the player must do to unlock Rosalina is complete the second level, and look out for her and talk to her and she will follow you to the end of the level. Then you can play as her

How To Unlock World Flower

In order to unlock World Flower, the 3rd secret world, you must complete world mushroom-7, Broken Blue Bully Belt. Once you complete the level, a bridge over to World Flower will open.

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