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Wii Fit Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Wii Fit

We have 27 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Wii Fit please send them in here.

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Muscle Workout Challenges

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding challenge will become unlocked.
Jackknife Challenge:
Get a 'Four Star' rank in the 10 Second Workout and 20 Second Workout.
Parallel Stretch Challenge:
Get a 'Four Star' rank in the 30 Second Workout and 60 Second Workout.
Pressup Challenge:
Get a 'Four Star' rank on the 6 Reps and 10 Reps.

Ulitmate Balance Test

Use your pointer at the 'Statistics' screen to click the balance board character which is running on a treadmill in the background and you will be given the option of participating in the 'Ultimate Balance' test.

Unlock Games

This is done by completing the following tasks which normally means completing the previous games, reaching a certain target of reps or attending the indicated amount of body tests.
Unlock Step Plus Aerobics:
Play step Aerobics a 2-4 times.
Unlock Free Step:
Play Step Plus Aerobics 2-4 Times.
Unlock Tightrope Advanced:
Complete Normal Tightrope.
Unlock Tightrope Super Advanced:
Complete Advanced Tightrope.
Unlock Free Jogging:
Do the Island lap 2-3 times.
Unlock Longer Jogging Routes:
Play the highest one to unlock the next one up 2-4 times.
Unlock 'Ok Stamp':
Attend 2 Body Tests.
Unlock 'Star Stamp':
Attend 5 Body Tests.


Attend the indicated amount of Body Tests to unlock the corresponding stamp.
Attend 2 Body Tests.
Attend 5 Body Tests.
Attend 6 Body Tests.
Attend 10 Body Tests.
Smiley Face:
Attend 14 Body Tests.
Attend 22 Body Tests.
Attend 30 Body Tests.

Unlock New Stamps

When you complete daily Body Tests new stamps will become unlocked.
Unlock OK Stamp:
This stamp becomes unlocked when you have completed 2 Body Tests
Unlock Star Stamp:
This stamp becomes unlocked when you have completed 4 Body Tests
Unlock Heart Stamp:
This stamp becomes unlocked when you have completed 6 Body Tests.

Fit Money Bonuses

The following bonuses become unlocked when you have accumulated the indicated amount of time in your Fit Piggy.
Aerobics - Rhythm Boxing:
1 hour 40 minutes.
Aerobics - Super Hula Hoop:
30 minutes.
Balance - Balance Bubble:
1 hour.
Balance - Penguin Slide:
1 hour 30 minutes.
Balance - Snowboard Slalom:
2 hours.
Balance - Tightrope Tension:
15 minutes.
Balance - Zazen:
3 hours.
Muscle - Arm & Leg Lift:
2 hours 40 minutes.
Muscle - Parallel Stretch:
1 hour 50 minutes.
Muscle - Rowing Squat, Single Leg Twist:
10 minutes.
Muscle - Sid..

Easy Coins

At the 'Balance Mode Games' menu select 'Marble Drop Game' and intentionally allow time to run out so that you fail the first challenge. For every one minute of gameplay regardless whether you win or lose you will be given a coin. Press A to continue and fail again to receive another coin.

Alternate Jogging Routes

Every once in a while when you are jogging a dog will run past you and your trainer. If you quickly sprint past the trainer you will follow the dog who will take you on a different route around the island.

Unlock Bronze, Silver and Gold Fitpiggy's

Play the various balance games to earn 'Fitcash' and the Fitpiggy will do a dance and change colour when you have completed the following amount of Training time.
Unlock Bronze Fitpiggy:
Complete 10 hours of Training time.
Unlock Silver Fitpiggy:
Complete 20 hours of Training time.

Unlock Gold Fitpiggy:
Complete 40 hours of Training time.

Weighing Objects

If you stand on your Balance Board immediately after you have selected 'Body Test' (this must be done the first time you are prompted and not the time it weighs you) and hold a heavy object the Balance Board will sense that you are holding something and will weigh it for you.


If you get tired of running, you can take out your wiimote and start shaking it. The faster you shake, the faster you go!


When running run I've seen three marios and a goomba you just have to look.
When running I've also had my trainer be a dog. You just run ahead of your trainer at the very start of the full island.

Lotus Focus tips

This balance game may be tough to figure out at first. The goal is to stay perfectly still, so that the candle in the center will stay lit for the entire 2 minutes. If you hear a voice shout and a graphic appear on the screen, then you have already's not a "distraction test." You lose when your center of balance moves around too much.
To stay perfectly still, I recommend sitting on the balance board with your legs crossed normally on the ground. That should give you some extra stability. Watch the candle flame intensely, and don't be distracted by noises, camera movement, or the moth that flies around and eventually burns up in the candle. Breathe steadily and through your nose, and try not to move your shoulders as you breathe.
If you are getting very fr..

Hula Hoop

Earn the most rotations by making large circles with your hips, trying to make each rotation of your hips the same. It's better to make large circles at a medium pace than a lot of small circles really fast. It also helps a lot if you catch all the hoops the first time, so that extra multiplier comes in for a longer period of time. You don't have to start leaning to the side until the hoop is about halfway to you, so that you can keep spinning the rest of your hoops to get more points.


To unlock other games you have to consitently play the games they give you.

Zen Master Cheat

When you select the "Zen Master" game, place a symmetrical object on the wii fit so that it thinks you're standing on it. Voila, you just have to wait!!!

Unlock Push Up Challenge

Play The Push Up And Plank Excersize 2 - 4 times

ultimate balance test

If you wan't to do the ultimate balance test then just pick your character then go into training,but don't pick any of the 4 categories(yoga,strength,aerobics,balence games)instead click on the wii fit person and he will ask you whother or not you wan't to go for the ultimate balence test


I find that if you sit on the board during a steadiness test and close your eyes you stay much more still.

Plank Challenge

After winning your Plank challenge and you do the challenge again, it adds 20 extra seconds, and it may be difficult for you unless you have good core muscle endurance.


When you do 30 body tests you get your miis face as a stamps

Body Test - Balance Minigame tips

Stillness test - try closing your eyes. This can help you to not be distracted by the box when it starts moving around the screen. Or you could just sit...
Agility test - make small shifts in your weight. Avoid big, sudden movements, because even if you manage to hit the box you will waste time correcting your balance afterwards. Once the boxes start moving around, try to place your center of balance dot in their pathway first, then move towards them. That way it is much less likely that you will miss it.
Walking test - make sure you shift your weight evenly from foot to foot. Look down as you walk and make sure your feet stay perfectly centered on the board!
Standing on one foot - move your foot so that it is a little farther to the side where the inside..

Ultimate balance test

Choose your Mii to reach the statistics screen. Notice the balance board character running on a treadmill in the background. Select him with the Wii-mote to participate in the Ultimate Balance Test.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding stamp:
OK: Attend 2 Body Tests.
Star: Attend 5 Body Tests.
Heart: Attend 6 Body Tests.
Flower: Attend 10 Body Tests.
Smiley Face: Attend 14 Body Tests.
Mii: Attend 30 Body Tests.

Ballons in Island ride

There are suppose to be 20 ballons in the island free ride I can't seem to find but about 10 or so at the most and I run out of time - is there a mab somewhere?


The more points you earn, it unlocks new games for you.


To do really good on this swing your hips in a large circular motion.

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