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Wii Channels Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Wii Channels

We have 10 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Wii Channels please send them in here.

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New Supper Mario bros.

On 1-1 there is a secret tunnel and in that tunnel there is three ups at the end of the level well almost at the end there is a tube that you can go in but you just stand on the tube and there will be a lot of coins and there are the three ups but there invisible and in that spot you have to keep jumping ever were and if you hit the three right spots you will get three ups.
Bradly Plummer-Rix

Downloading from the Wii Shop Channel

Once you have downloaded the first Super Mario Bros. Game for NES on your Wii, there is a cool cheat you can do. Whatever you last end up as in the game like dressed in a fire ball suit or Mario with wings that's what you'll be when Mario runs across the screen when downloading a game. So if you last end with a fire ball suit, you can shoot fire balls when downloading a game.
Have Fun!
-ttd rox

If you don't like the order your wii chanels are..

If you don't like the order your wii chanels are in you can swap them by clicking a and b at the same time on the channel and moving it to the slot you want. can't change the position of the game channel


If you go to wii photo channel, click a picture, hit fun. If you choose puzzel, hit the 1 butten for 192 puzzle peices

2 Free Channels!

To get 2 free Channels, the "Everyone Votes" Channel and the "Show off your Mii" Channel. Go to the Wii Shopping channel (with Wi-Fi Connection) and go to start shopping. Then go to the System shopping NOT Virtual games and you will see the 2 channels for 0 points and you can update your photo channel.
Hope this helps!

Maintenance Mode

Press and hold the - and + buttons at the safety warning page when you turn it on and it will go to the Wii menu and it will say you are in maintenance mode the only down side is that you cannot use the Wii Message Board

Fast home page

If you have the metroid preview channel and your watching a video and click home on your remote and click wii menu it will come up faster than on other channels.

Shoot Fireballs

Press B to shoot fireballs while you are downloading a game in the Shop Channel and Mario or Luigi run across the screen in their Fire Flower costume.

1 small thing

You can kick another mii just press a and b and point it at another mii

Small Things

On the main channel menu, hold B, move over a channel, and press A to pick it up. You can now move it around, and place it wherever you want (Disc Channel Cannot be Moved)
In the Photo Channel, Choose any picture, and select "fun". Watch the top bar for a cat to come strolling across the screen. Wait for it to come in a decent ways, then quicky use your wiimote to go and grab it using A. It will then give you a Hint or tip about how to use the photo channel.

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