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Unlock Guide

by Squall Leonhart8

  _________                             _________                     .__     
 /   _____/__ ________   ___________   /   _____/ _____ _____    _____|  |__  
 \_____  \|  |  \____ \_/ __ \_  __ \  \_____  \ /     \\__  \  /  ___/  |  \ 
 /        \  |  /  |_> >  ___/|  | \/  /        \  Y Y  \/ __ \_\___ \|   Y  \
/_______  /____/|   __/ \___  >__|    /_______  /__|_|  (____  /____  >___|  /
        \/      |__|        \/                \/      \/     \/     \/     \/ 

__________                          __________                      .__   
\______   \_______  ____  ______    \______   \____________ __  _  _|  |  
 |    |  _/\_  __ \/  _ \/  ___/     |    |  _/\_  __ \__  \\ \/ \/ /  |  
 |    |   \ |  | \(  <_> )___ \      |    |   \ |  | \// __ \\     /|  |__
 |______  / |__|   \____/____  > /\  |______  / |__|  (____  /\/\_/ |____/
        \/                   \/  \/         \/             \/             

  ____ ___      .__                 __    
|    |   \____ |  |   ____   ____ |  | __
|    |   /    \|  |  /  _ \_/ ___\|  |/ /
|    |  /   |  \  |_(  <_> )  \___|    < 
|______/|___|  /____/\____/ \___  >__|_ \
             \/                 \/     \/ 
                    ________      .__    .___      
                   /  _____/ __ __|__| __| _/____  
                  /   \  ___|  |  \  |/ __ |/ __ \ 
                  \    \_\  \  |  /  / /_/ \  ___/ 
                   \______  /____/|__\____ |\___


1. Table of Contents

Be sure to use Ctrl + F to find who/what you are looking for.

1. Table of Contents

2. Introduction

3. Characters
 a. Starters
  b. Unlockable

4. Stages 
 a. Secret
  b. Secret Melee
   c. Starting

5. CD'S

6. Master-Pieces

7. Assist Trophies

8. Game Modes

9. Trophies

10. Stickers

11. Unlocking Checklist
 11b. Squall's INTENSE(!!!) Challenges

12. FAQ

13. Credits

14. Outro/Legal

2. Introduction
Before I even Begin:

The UNLOCKING CHECKLIST is at the bottom. Check it out/print it/whatever =)

Welcome to my first guide. There is a lot to do in Brawl, and for me the best
 part would be unlocking all the characters, levels and loads of other 
things the game offers. Smash has grown a lot since its debut on the '64 and 
it's been a good run so far. With the edition of a Story Mode, Trophies,
Stickers and the like, the series has come quite a long way. There are plenty 
of sources as to where unlockables can be found, but I will try and compile 
them all here and hope to answer some unanswered questions.

I am Squall Leonhart8 on Gfaqs, and I don't post on the Message Boards often.
I will put the rest of my A.K.A.s at the bottom of the FAQ.
Please enjoy the Guide.

Note: Obviously this guide will contain TONS of spoilers, so be warned.

3. Characters
Here I am going to explain how each character is Unlocked, 
as well as write up any notes I have. 
The starter characters will be listed too.

Some (*Ahem* all) of the descriptions will be from the Dojo.

I felt it's needed to begin with the starter characters, 
as some people who DON'T own the game can get a feel of who each character is. 
And then again, the purpose of this guideIS to make a compilation list of sorts

Here are the starter characters:

3a. Starters


With his familiar red cap, blue overalls and bushy mustache, the world-famous
"Mr. Video Game" is about to set foot on the Smash Bros.
stage for the third time.

An easy-to-use character, Mario sets the standard for balance.
He overwhelms opponents with magnificent jumping action! 


The hero of The Legend of Zelda series. The design of this particular Link
 comes from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. 

Link wields the Master Sword and a diverse arsenal of equipment. 
Use all of his weapons to adapt to the ebb and flow of battle


Her name is Samus Aran. She joins us from the Metroid games.
Look at her Power Suit shine!

Her arm cannon is equipped with a variety of weapons.
Mastering all of them is the first step toward victory.


This is Kirby, Warp Star-riding citizen of
Dream Land who can suck up anything.
His copy abilities allow him to steal the powers of other characters!
Yeah... He�s the only character who really hasn�t changed much
from his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He�s round, pink, and soft. 


With perfectly round cheeks and a jagged tail, 
this can only be that most familiar of Pok�mon, Pikachu!

It may be small and agile, but its electricity gives it powerful attacks.
It�s what you would call an all-around character.


Fox is just one of many so-called speed characters.
His costume has been completely updated, so he�s full of fighting spirit.

Run! Fly! Move boldly! For such moves are the essence of Fox!


Yoshi�s back and bursting with personality! He can launch 
consecutive attacks and even smack around enemies below him mid-flight.

Among other things, he can now use his up special move, the Egg Toss,
to increase the distance of his jump. 

That�s enough to earn him a hearty welcome, isn�t it?

-Donkey Kong-

It�s Donkey Kong, ruler of the jungle.
The original giant powerhouse makes a triumphant return!

Looks like his giant punch is still the haymaker you remember.
Don�t doubt his strength or you�ll end up with the ultimate headache!


The biggest and the heaviest of fighters,
Bowser has a slightly different flavor this time around!

To be honest, there are a LOT of characters that offer
a slightly different flavor this time around. 
If you think they�re all going to be the same as they have been,
it�ll be rough for you.


The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach is once again joining the battle!
She�ll do what she has to, even when she�s all dressed up.

She can silence both Mario and Bowser with her floating jumps and Toad defense.
This is no time to get kidnapped.

-Ice Climbers-

The one in blue is Popo. The one in pink is Nana. 
And the two of them get along great!...I think. 

These two move as a pair, with Nana automatically following along.
There�s safety in numbers: protect and be protected!


Just like Link, Zelda�s design has also changed.
She has a slightly more subdued color scheme.

Her movement capabilities are not that good, but her magic adds power 
to her physical attacks.
There�s a reason why her hands and feet glow, after all.


Use Zelda�s down special move to transform into Sheik!
Once you do so, you�ll have access to a 
new character completely unique from Zelda.

Sheik doesn�t appear in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess,
but we based her model on a design that was drafted up during
the development of that game.

-Zero Suit Samus-

When Samus destroys her Power Suit, she�s left with the Zero Suit.
What she�s lost in power and weaponry, she makes up for in speed!

Once she turns that Paralyzer in her hand into a whip,
she has quite a long reach as well! Not exactly the
 straightforward fight you thought it was, huh?


The protagonist in Kid Icarus. Pit's Sacred Bow of Palutena is 
actually two blades combined. He can separate them or unite them 
at will for use in battle. 

The arrows Pit's bow unleashes shoot out like beams of light.
Players can control the curves of their trajectories.


The youth with the psychic powers has appeared: it�s Lucas!
He makes his anticipated debut from the Japan-only release MOTHER 3.

While he is timid in nature, he fights splendidly. 
Is it possible he can surpass even Ness?!


Many fans clamored for Wario to join the fray,
and so now he finally makes his his WarioWare costume.
It�s rumored that this unpredictable character will give birth
to a form of martial arts that other characters cannot even see.


From Fire Emblem, Ike appears! The fact that he can wield a two-handed sword
with a single hand is a testament to his magnificent strength.

He brings his special move "Aether" with him as he crashes the Brawl party.
Try for a single-stroke finishing blow with his mighty blade!

-Pokemon Trainer-

No way! The Pok�mon Trainer has finally arrived. 
And it looks like he doesn�t do his fighting directly.

Instead, he uses the three Pok�mon with him:
Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard to do the fighting for him.

-Meta Knight-

It's Meta Knight, whose introduction was delayed for some reason.
He's Kirby's...rival? 

Despite being almost all head, his mask and cape exude coolness.
He overwhelms enemies with his mach-speed sword!

-Capt. Olimar and Pikmin-

Goodness! Captain Olimar joins the fray with five colors of Pikmin in tow!
He plucks Pikmin from the ground and they fight as his allies.

Without Pikmin, Olimar can�t even do a Smash Attack. 
And the short-lived Pikmin tend to scatter.
Their's is a fated symbiotic relationship.

-King Dedede-

The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land formally joins the brawl!
Mechanizing his wooden mallet, he delivers a mighty, earth-shaking blow!

He joins as a member of the heavyweight class alongside Bowser and Donkey Kong.
Can he defeat Kirby?!

-Diddy Kong-

Donkey Kong�s pal has finally joined the battle!
Unfortunately, screenshots fail to truly capture the way he moves.

He scrambles around the battle, using whimsical fighting moves while 
wielding both his Rocketbarrel Boost and Peanut Pop Gun!

3b. Unlockable Characters
Here is my path for unlocking characters without doing SSE,
so if you going for quick unlocks look here.
Refer to the descriptions below to learn how to unlock them.

Ness -> Marth -> Snake -> Luigi -> Falco ->
Captain Falcon -> Ganondorf -> Lucario -> Sonic

At this point, it would be optimal to do Subspace. 
From here I believe it should go:

Mr. Game and Watch -> R.O.B.

And then Wolf, Toon Link and Jiggly, in ANY order.

**Here is a mini-guide by Amazing Amapharos of Gfaqs of how to speed unlock. 
Hope he doesn't mind if I link it =P 

Well, now that we are finished with that, 
lets get down to the unlockable characters.
In this portion of my Walkthrough, 
I'll be simply typing in how to unlock them, and my reccomended method. 
Also, after you clear either one of the options below you 
will have to face the character.

Also, VS Matches = Brawls.


Excluding Jigglypuff, Wolf and Toon Link, ALL characters can be unlocked
by having them join you in the adventure mode, Subspace Emissary. 
Because of this, I will leave this detail out for the majority
of characters that this applies to.

-Captain Falcon-

1. Play 70 Brawls
2. Beat Classic on the Normal difficulty setting or greater in 
less than 12 minutes

Squall's Notes: Definatley Option 2. Even if you fill out,
say Luigi and Marth's Classic Mode options, C. Falcon Will ALWAYS be your 
challenger, so long as you filled his requirement.


1. Play 50 Brawls
2. Clear 100 Man Brawl

Squall's Notes: Ah..Hmn. You can really go either way with this one,
but don't do SSE.
If you KNOW you are going to have troubles with 100 Man Brawl, 
or can't beat it after a few tries, just do the Brawls.


1. Play 200 Brawls
2. Clear Classic on Hard (or higher) with either Link or Zelda

Squall's Notes: Simply beat classic on Hard with Either Link or Zelda.
The 200 brawls is a pain in the ass, and G-man isn't unlocked in 
SSE until the end.


1. Play 350 Brawls
2. Complete SSE and then clear Events 1-20
3. Complete SSE and then Find Jigglypuff in the Swamp stage 
(He is in a Red Door, just enter them all)

Squall's Note: Well, I'd say throw out the first option. 
If your an Event man like myself, just beat the first 20 somewhere along 
the line and then clear Event 20 again
after you beat subspace. If you have not beat any events, 
and don't plan on it yet, find him
in the Swamp. It's not that hard, I found him there after all.


1. Play 100 Brawls
2. Complete 5 Target tests with any characters

Squalls' Notes: If you are on the Brawling Warpath, 
stick with it and get him that way.
The target tests are a major pain in the ass, but are 
done fairly quickly if you have them 
unlocked. If not Subspace isn't a terrible option, maybe.


1. Play 22 Brawls (Quite an odd number 0_0)
2. Clear Classic without continuing.

Squall's Note: Just do the 22 matches. 15 from Snake, 
and the do 7 more on Mushroomy Kingdom,
for example, playing as Peach. 
That way you can clear some challenges along the way.


Ah, my personal favorite character.

1. Play 10 Brawls
2. Finish Classic on any difficulty

Squall's Notes: 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island will
get you Marth and Snake, so pick Option 1.

-Mr. Game & Watch-

1. Play 250 Brawls
2. Clear any level of target tests with 30 characters

Squall's Notes: Both of these options are pretty crappy. 
You're gonna half to beat targets with everyone eventually, 
but for the sake of characters before all else,
I'd say stick with SSE for our two-dimensional friend.


1. Play 5 Brawls
2. Reflect 10 Projectiles

Squall's Notes: Wow. Easily the simplest character to unlock.
Either option works. I Suggest 5 brawls on Shadow Moses to help you get 
Snake too. Just don't do SSE, as its MUCH longer than the above.


1. Play 160 Brawls
2. Get 250 Trophies

Squall's Notes: AGH, what a stupid character. I'm sorry Roy and Mewtwo.
Anyway just do SSE.


1. Play 130 Brawls
2. Play 15 Brawls on Shadow Moses Island (VS Mode Level)

Squall's Notes: Easily do option 2. If you want to enjoy playing
as Snake before you sit through SSE, Just do 300% handicap matches 
in Shadow Moses. Actually, do 16 brawl here and you 
will unlock Snake, Marth and Ness!


1. Play 300 Brawls
2. Clear Classic Mode with 10 Characters.

Squall's Notes: Well none of these methods are too appealing, 
but i suggest the classic mode option. Sonic is met LAST in SSE, 
(Subspace Emissary incase your slow) and so the quickest option is Classic.

-Toon Link-

1. Play 400 Brawls
2. Clear SSE then Clear Classic
3. Clear SSE then Find him in the Forest Stage

Squall's Notes: Choose Option 2 or 3. 
Both are fairly easy but option 2 contributes to your trophy
count and option 3 contributes to your Subspace completion %.


1. Play 450 Brawls
2. Clear SSE then Boss Battle Mode with Fox or Falco
3. Clear SSE then find him in the Ruins.

Squall's Notes: Throw out option 1. I think finding him in the 
Ruins is more fun, but Boss Battles is only three minutes long,
and it clears you a challenge.

*Note: I have not tested unlocking Wolf through Boss Battles
with Falco, I recieved this information through E-Mail.

4a. Secret Stages

Ok, so you've got some new peeps and you're ready to Brawl on some new stages.
I'll start by listing all the stages. An asterisk (*) will be placed near 
a level that needs to be 
unlocked,and all of those levels will be placed up front. 
I'm going to give the optimal way of clearing your objective.

*Mario Bros- Clear Event Match 19
- An easy event. Just use the Shellcrawlers as weapons 
(hit them, then throw them) or use
Wario's Forward Throw by the Edges. Do the event on Easy obviously.

*75M- Brawl as DK 20 times
Play as him 10 times on Mushroomy Kingdom and 10 times on Halberd. 
300% handicap for your opponent + 1 stock
*Flat Zone 2- Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
Above on tips on Unlocking G & W

*Green Hill Zone- Unlock Sonic
Above on tips for Unlocking Sonic

*Pirate Ship (Great Sea)- Unlock Toon Link
Above on tips for Unlocking Toon Link

*Spear Pillar- Clear Event Match 25
Do it on Easy. I suggest just straight up ass kicking, 
but if that isn't working for you,
jump on the bottom level by the left edge.
 Forward throw your opponent to the left and kick him in airif needed. 
An alternative is to smash him away.

*Luigi's Mansion- Brawl 3 times as Luigi
Do it on a level that you need to play 10 times on to help for
one of those challenges.

*Hanenbow- Clear Event Match 28
Use Peach's Down + A smash on the leaves to make them turn orange 
and continue to hit them so they turn red. K.O. Olimar first if you want, 
but he doesn't operate well on this
level anyway. Congrats for unlocking this crappy level.

4b. Secret Melee Stages

*Pokemon Stadium- Play on "Pokemon Stadium 2" 10 times.
Pretty self-explanatory. Do it with DK to help with his level requirement.

*Jungle Japes- Play on any Melee Stage 10 times
Same as above. You can use Luigi, C. Falcon, Peach or Kirby instead though.

*Big Blue- Use Captain Falcon 10 times in Brawls
Same sort of thing as the previous two.

*Green Greens- Play as Kirby 20 times in Brawls
Do some on Pokemon Stadium 2, or on Shadow Moses Island, etc.

4c. Starting Stages
Once again I'd like to stay true to my "Compilation Method" and list 
even the starting levels.

Bride of Eldin
Castle Seige
Distant Plant
Final Destination
Frigate Orpheon
Lylat Cruise
Mario Circuit
Mushroomy Kingdom
New Pork City
Pokemon Stadium 2
Port Town Aero Dive
Rumble Falls
Shadow Moses Island
Wario Ware Inc.
Yoshi's Island

Hyrule Temple
Rainbow Cruise
Yoshi's Island (Melee)

5. CD's

Whew. Made it this far. I'm going to compile all of the songs and 
write one of three things that will explain how to unlock this song.

a. Found During Match

b. [Requirement]

c. N/A

Allow me to explain how to quickly obtain Random Cd's.
First go to and search for
"CD Factory". Recreate one of the levels or your own version in the
Stage Builder mode. Set Items 
to "High" and put only Mr. Sandbag on. Settle in in one of your corners
and decimate the sandbags 
with your character of choice (I alternate between Fox and Ike) and 
grabs the stickers and CD's along the way.

Ok, so now you know (or already knew) about the CD Factory,
and I can get to the core list.
I'm going to list ALL of the songs that play during stagess, grouped under 
their respective games. Also, I'll throw in an asterisk 
near my personal favorite tracks.

Super Smash Bros.
Multi-Man Melee 1- Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 4 Minutes
-This one could either be tough or really easy. I did it with Marth,
although I also Main him so he might no be good for everyone. I'd suggest the
Donkey Kong Down + B (Special Move Button) strategy if you have trouble here.

Menu 2 - Unlock all characters
-Look above for tips on Unlocking characters.

Credits (Super Smash Bros) - Clear Classic on Hard
-You SHOULD be able to clear this with any brawler, or your main.
If you have trouble though it's ok, just keep spending continues as you
will still get the CD.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme- N/A
BattleField - N/A
BattleField Ver. 2 - N/A
Menu 1 - N/A
Final Destination- N/A
Opening (Melee)- Found During Match
Final Destination (Melee)- Found During Match
BattleField (Melee) - Found During Match
*Giga Bowser (Melee)- Found During Match
Menu (Melee) - Found During Match

Super Mario Bros.
*Main Theme (Super Mario 64)- Play 50 hours of VS Matches
-Leaving your game on over night during a VS Match works. 
If not, waste a hammer, believe me it's ok.
Also, I got a tip from "Rick Guardino". If you use 4 people it will multiply
the time played by four. So I believe using more controllers will help you 
get this one. Thanks, Rick.

Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)-Unlock All Melee Stages
Advice on Unlocking stages above

Underwater Theme (SMB)-Brawl on Mushroomy Kingdom 10 times
-300% Handicap/1 Stock Matches

*Delfino Plaza- N/A
Title/Ending (SMW)- N/A
Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros)- Found During Match
Ricco Harbor-Found During Match
Mario Bros.- Unlock Mario Bros. Stage
Castle/Boss Fortress (SMW & SMB3)- Unlock Luigi's Mansion
Airship Theme- Unlock Luigi's Mansion
*Ground Theme- N/A
Ground Theme 2- Found During Match
Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
Gritzy Desert- N/A
Underground Theme (SMB)- Found During Match
Underground Theme (SML)- N/A
Luigi's Mansion Theme- Unlock Luigi's Mansion
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Melee)- Found During Match
Chill (Dr. Mario)- Found During Match
*Dr. Mario (Melee)- N/A
Mario Circuit- N/A
Luigi Circuit- N/A
Waluigi Pinball- N/A
Rainbow Road- Found During Match
Mario Tennis/Golf- N/A

The Legend of Zelda
Hidden Mountain and Forest- Clear Event 18 on Hard Mode
-This Event is cake, just defeat Dark Link. 
There really is no strategy here, because
the mission is so easy but if you truly can't win Down + A air 
and his Side smash works just fine to rake in damage.

Tal Tal Heights-Clear All-Star Mode on Easy
-Pick a Brawler and go. Easy should propose no problems

*Song of Storms-Clear Event #37
-My personal favorite song. As for the event, just wait for the ship to ascend
in the air and then KO the Yoshis. 
Down + A in air and Up +A and Up + B work for quick KOs

Great Temple- Clear Event 33 on Hard
-This one is actually quite tough. For those who aren't MLG with Ganon
like myself, here's what I suggest. Use Ganondorf's side smash 
but the upper or lower ledge to kock off your opponents quickly.
If they are at high damage it should be easier.
Also, when they're on the top floor Down + 
in air is an excellent move for KOing. If you have
trouble surviving, camp out in the bottom of the map, 
as it is less likely you will die there. 
Remember: You have two live, they have one.

Main Theme (LoZ)- N/A
Dragon Roost Island- Unlock Pirate Ship
*Ocarina of Time Medley- N/A
Title (LoZ)- Found Duirng Match
The Dark World- N/A
*Hyrule Field Theme- N/A
Main Theme (TP)-  N/A
The Hidden Village- Found During Match
*Midna's Lament- Found During Match
The Great Sea- Unlock Pirate Ship
*Gerudo Valley- Unlock Pirate Ship
Molgera Battle- Unlock Pirate Ship
Village of the Blue Maiden- Found During Match
Termina Field- Found During Match
Temple (Melee) - N/A

Road to Viridian City- Clear Event #8
Another easy challenge just do it on easy mode, that's all
the advice you should need ;)

Pokemon Center- Collect 200 Stickers
Wait this one out, it should take no time if you finish SSE.

Victory Road- N/A
Dialga/Palkia Battle- N/A
Wild Pokemon Battle- N/A
Poke Floats (Melee)- Found During Match
*Pokemon Stadium (Melee)- Unlock Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
Battle Theme (Melee)- Unlock Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
Team Galactic Battle- Found During Battle
Route 209- Found During Battle
Pokemon Main Theme- N/A
Pokemon Center- Collect 200 Stickers
Pokemon Gym/Evolution- N/A
Wild Pokemon Battle! (R/S)- N/A

The Legendary Air Ride Machine-Clear Event 13
Piece of Cake. Well, on easy anyway. Collect the parts and aim well.

King Dedede's Theme-Clear Event 15
Do it on easy, there's no trick to it, just KO him.

02 Battle- Collect 5000 Coins (total) in VS Matches 
-This one is Easy. Just play a few of these matches against a CPU
(around 10 one-minute rounds should work)

Also, idiotv sent in a GREAT strategy to do this:

Create a Stage with Following this key

D= falling block, B = normal floor/block, S = Spike
BB   B

Create the game for around 5 Minutes long, and the opponent be 2P.

"Essentially, fall into the room and let the falling block 
replace itself. Run into the spikes. If built correctly,
there's no room to go up, so you'll fall right back down on the spikes.  
The coins have nowhere to go, so they fall on you, and you collect them.  
after you get 999% damage, the room is sealed, so you can't even fly anywhere.
then, just let the time run out."

Frozen Hillside- Play 10 Matches on Halberd
-300% handicap, 1 stock matches work

Meta Knight's Revenge-N/A
*Gourmet Race-N/A
Fountain of Dreams (Melee)- Found During Match
*Green Greens (Melee)- Unlock Green Greens
Butter Building-N/A
Squeak Squad Theme- Found During Match
Vs. Mark- Found During Match
*Boss Theme Medley- N/A
Checker Nights- N/A
*Forest/Nature Theme- N/A

Ending (Metroid)- Play 10 Matches on Norfair
-300% 1 Stock Matches

Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2)- Play on Frigate Opheon 10 Times in VS mode
-300% Handicap/1 Stock Strategy

Main Theme (Metroid)- N/A
Norfair- Found During Match- N/A
Theme of Samus- N/A
Marionation Gear- N/A
Vs. Ridley- N/A
Vs. Parasite Queen- Found During Match
Opening (Metroid Prime)- N/A
Sector 1- N/A
Vs. Meta Ridley- N/A
Brinstar (Melee)- N/A
Brinstar Depths (Melee)- Found During Match

Star Fox
Star Wolf (SF:A)-Clear Event 38 on Hard
Hm, I didn't think this was so bad. I suggest playing as you would normally,
as Wolf is quite an easy character to play as.
Side smashes are quite good and his
aerial attacks help complete the KO's.

Space Armada- N/A
*Corneria (Melee)- N/A
Venom (Melee)- Found During Melee
Corneria- Found During Match
Main Theme (SF)- N/A
Main Theme (SF64)- N/A
Area 6- N/A
Area 6 Ver.2- Found During Match
*Star Wolf- N/A
Space Battleground-N/A
Break Through the Ice- Found During Match

Fire Emblem
*Power-Hungry Fool-Brawl on Castle Siege 10 times
300% Handicap/1 Stock Vs Matches

*Ike's Theme- Have Ike join you in Subspace Emissary
-Pretty Self-Explanitory.

Fire Emblem Theme- N/A
With Milla's Divine Protection- N/A
Attack- N/A
Preparing to Advance- N/A
Winning Road- Roy's Hope- Found During Match
Shadow Dragon Medley- Found During Match
Against the Dark Knight- N/A
Crimean Army Sortie- N/A
Victory is Near- Fund During Match
*Fire Emblem (Melee)- N/A

Fire Field- Clear Event Match #24
-A relativley easy Event. Wait for the smash ball, 
then crack it open. Make sure not to get hit and for the R.O.B.s
to bunch up, then face them and press the special move
button. If you fail you might get another try,
as another smash ball usually drops towards then end.

*Dream Chaser- Play 10 matches on Port Town
-300% handicap, 1 stock match

Mach Rider (Melee)-Defeat 50 Enemies in Endless Brawl
-Donkey Kong and spam Down + B. Try and get 100 too.

*Mute City- N/A
White Land- N/A
Car Select- Found During Match
*Big Blue (Melee)- Unlock Big Blue
Mute City (Melee)- Unlock Big Blue
Devil's Call in your Heart- N/A
Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance!- N/A
Brain Cleaner- N/A
Shotgun Kiss- N/A
Planet Colors- Found During Match

Donkey Kong
Jungle Level- N/A
Jungle Level Ver.2- N/A
*King K. Rool/Ship Deck- N/A
*Bramble Blast- Found during a Match
*Kong Jungle (Melee)- Found During Match
Jungle Japes (Melee)- Unlock Jungle Japes
Battle For Storm Hill- N/A
DK Jungle theme 1- N/A
*The Map Page/ Bonus Level- N/A
Donkey Kong- Unlock 75m
Opening (DK)- Unlock 75m
25m BGM- Unlock 75m

Snowman- Found During Match
You Call This a Utopia?!- Found During Match
Humoresque of a Little Dog- N/A
Mother 3 Love Theme- Found During Match
Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise- N/A
Porky's Theme- N/A
*Mother (Melee)- N/A
Mother 2 (Melee)- Found During Match

Wario Ware, Inc.- N/A
*Wario Ware, Inc. Medley- N/A
Ashley's Song- N/A
Ashley's Song(JP)- N/A
Mike's Song- Found During Match
Mike's Song(JP)- Found During Match
Mona Pizza's Song- N/A
Mona Pizza's Song(JP)- N/A

Ai No Uta (French)- Exceed 37,500 ft. In Homerun Contest (Combined Distance)
-This shouldn't give you any trouble. Chaining bat tosses against 
Mr. Sandbag works great. Remember, it's COMBINED distance.

Ai No Uta- N/A
Tane No Uta- Found During Match
Main Theme (Pikmin)- N/A
World Map (Pikmin 2)- N/A
Stage Clear/Title (Pikmin)- N/A
Forest of Hope- N/A
Environmental Noises- N/A

*Obstacle Course-N/A
Ending (Yoshi's Story)- N/A
*Yoshi's Island (Melee)- N/A
Yoshi's Island- N/A
Flower Field- Found During Match
Wildlands- N/A

Kid Icarus
Sky World- N/A
UnderWorld- N/A
Title (KI)- Found During Match
*Kid Icarus Original Medley- N/A

Ice Climbers
Icicle Mountain (Melee)-Clear Classic on Normal
-Cake. Just beat it, It's no problem. Use continues if you really must.

Ice Climber- N/A

Game and Watch
Flat Zone 2- Unlock Flat Zone 2
Flat Zone (Melee)- Unlock Flat Zone 2

*Gyromite- Found During Match

Animal Crossing
2:00 a.m.- Found During Match
*Go K.K. Rider!- N/A
Title (AC)- N/A
Town Hall and Nook's Store- N/A
The Roost- N/A

Tetris: Type A- Unlock Luigi's Mansion
Tetris: Type B- Unlock Luigi's Mansion

Brain Age
Title (Big Brain Academy)- N/A
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day- N/A

Ballon Fight
*Ballon Trip- N/A

1080 Snowboarding
Golden Forest- Found During Match

Clu Clu Land
Clu Clu Land- Hit 1200 Feet in Home Run Contest
-Too Easy. Use your favorite Brawler and chain Bat Tosses. There are
many ways to do HRC. If you have an online connection 
you can check the daily videos
that are sent to you over online, sometimes they are HRC videos. 
Emulate what they do =P.

Wrecking Crew
Power-Up Music- Unlock Mario Bros.

Golden Sun
*Final Boss/Battle Scene- Found During Match

Tunnel Scene- Found During a Match
Panel de Pon
Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon)- Found During a Match

Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi
*Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi- Found During Match

Nazo no Murasamejo
*Douchuumen (Nazo no Murasmejo)- Found During Match

Shin Onigashima
Shin Onigashima- N/A

Racing (Excludes Mario Kart and F-Zero)

Excite Truck- Complete Target Smash Lvl. 2 in under 19 Seconds
-This is not too bad. Use someone quick Like Sonic, 
or Fox/Capt. Falcon I believe works good. 
Make sure to use the rolling crate and the Smart Bomb, and fan if needed.

Title (3D Hot Rally)- Clear Target Smash Lvl. 5 With anybody
-It should be quite easy with no time restrictions for this challenge.
Basically just use Pit to get this one done. His arrows and recovery make
it easy.

PictoChat- N/A
Mii Channel- Found During Match
Wii Shop Channel- Found During Match
Famicom Medley- Unlock Mario Bros
Charge!- Found During Match
Opening Theme (Wii Sports)- Found During Match

Metal Gear 
Snake Eater (Instrumental)- Brawl on Shadow Moses Island 15 times
-Same objective as unlocking Snake. 300% Handicap/1 Stock matches.

*MGS4 Theme of Love-N/A
Encounter- N/A
Theme of Tara- N/A
Battle in the Base- N/A
Yell "Dead Cell"- N/A
Cavern- N/A
Theme of Solid Snake- Found During Match
Calling to the Night- Found During Match

Sonic the Hedgehog
*HIS WORLD (Instrumental)- Brawl on Green Hill Zone 10 times in VS Mode
-300%/1 Stock strategy here too.

*Green Hill Zone- Unlock GHZ (Green Hill Zone)
Scrap Brain Zone- Unlock GHZ
Angel Island Zone- Unlock GHZ
*Emerald Hill Zone- Unlock GHZ
Sonic Boom- Unlock GHZ
Super Sonic Racing- Found During Match
*Open Your Heart- Unlock GHZ
*Live & Learn- Unlock GHZ
Sonic Heroes- Found During Match
Right There, Ride On- Found During Match
Seven Rings In Hand- Unlock GHZ

Ok, these are ALL the CD's, but....

Some of this information seems QUITE innacurate to me. 
A lot of the "N/A's" should be "Found During Match", I think. 
Hopefully some people will correct this if its wrong.

6. Master-Pieces

The ever-so-pointless Virtual Console Trials, known as "Master-Pieces". If
they were so great, they should have given us more time with them. Anyway
there are only 12 of them but I felt they needed their own Section.

1. Donkey Kong
 30 Seconds
  Nintendo Entertainment System

How to Unlock:

Exceed 10 Hours of Powered-On Time


2. Ice Climber
 40  Seconds
  Nintendo Entertainment System

How to Unlock:



3. Super Mario Bros
 1 Minute
  Nintendo Entertainment Systen
How to Unlock:



4. Legend of Zelda
 2 Minutes
  Nintendo Entertainment System

How to Unlock:



5. Kid Icarus
 1 Minute & 30 Seconds
  Nintendo Entertainment System

How to Unlock:



6. F-Zero
 40 Seconds
  Super Nintendo Entertainement System

How to Unlock:

Have Captain Falcon Join you in Subspace


7. Super Mario World
  2 Minutes
   Super Nintendo Entertainment System

How to Unlock:

Brawl on Yoshi's Island (Melee) stage 3+ times 

8. Super Mario Bros 2.
 1 Minute & 30 Seconds
  Nintendo Entertainment System

How to Unlock:
Win 5 Standard Brawls (In VS Mode) With Peach


9. Kirby's Adventure
 2 Minutes
  Nintendo Entertainment System

How to Unlock:



10. Super Metroid
 3 Minutes
  Super Nintendo Entertainment System

How to Unlock:



11. Star Fox 64
 3 Minutes
  Nintendo 64

How to Unlock:



12. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
 5 Minutes
  Nintendo 64

How to Unlock:

Use Toon Link 10 times in Brawls

7. Assist Trophies
Moving right along...

1. Tingle
2. Waluigi
3. Andross

4. Isaac
--------------Play 200 Brawls

5. Knuckle Joe

6. Shadow the Hedgehog
--------------Unlock Sonic

7. Infantry and Tanks (Advanced Wars)
--------------Play 300 Brawls

8. Custom Robo (Ray MKIII)
---------------Play 100 Brawls

9. Stafy
10. Hammer Bros.
11. Little Mac
12. Lynn

13. Grey Fox
----------------Unlock Snake

14. Kat & Ana
15. Excite Bikes

16. Barbara Bat
-----------------Collect 25 or More CD's (See Section 5)

17. Jill Dozer
18. Lakitu
19. Metroid
20. Mr. Resetti
21. Saki Amiya
22. The Devil
23. Dr. Wright
24. Jeff
25. Nintendog
26. Samurai Goroh
27. Helirin

Yep, here they are, all of the Assist Trophies with their requirement
(If they are unlockable) under them. Let's move on.

8. Game Modes

Smash Brawl contains A LOT of options and modes for gameplay. 
In this section I am not however going to list all the modes, 
(EX: Classic, Coin Launcher, My Music)
only the ones that are hidden or unavailable initally.

Target Smash

Level 1: Avaiable at Start
Level 2: Clear Classic on Normal (or Easy two times)
Level 3: Clear Classic on Hard (or Normal two times)
Level 4: Clear Classic on Very Hard (or Hard two times)
Level 5: Clear Classic on Intense (or Very Hard two times)

Squall's Notes: Do Classic mode with 4 Different characters on 
Normal -> Hard -> Very Hard -> Intense.
That way not only will you unlock them quickly but also clear some challenges.

Stage Builder

Not Quite "Game Modes", but more like game mode enhancements =)

Stage Parts A- Play 10 VS Matches on Custom Stages
Stage Parts B- Create 5 Stages in Stage Builder
Stage Parts C- Create 15 Stages in Stage Builder

Squall's Notes: Simply Create 15 Stages with three horizontal 
platforms each time given the default name for Parts B and Parts C.
As for Parts A just play on one of those stages and do the 300%/1 Stock
Strategy that I've mentioned so many times before. 

VS. Mode

"More Rules" (Located in VS options)- Get 200 KOs in Standard Brawls
Random Stage Switch- Unlock all Levels

Event Mode

Events 11-20- Clear 7 Events
Events 21-40- Unlock All Characters
Event 41- Clear Events 1-40
Co-Op Events 9-20- Clear 10 Events and Unlock all Characters
Co-Op Event 21- Clear Co-Op Events 1-20

1P Game Modes

All-Star- Unlock All the Characters (Look At Section 3 For Help)
Boss Battle- Clear Subspace Emissary

Sound Test
Assist Trophies 3- Unlock all assist trophies. 
Fanfare- Unlock all characters. 
Kirby's Copy Abilities- Unlock all characters. 
Narration- Unlock Boss Battle and All-Star. 
Subspace Enemies and Bosses- Clear the Subspace Emissary 

Credits to GFAQS Cheats section for the Sound Test ones. Didn't notice those.

9. Trophies

Well, here are all the trophies. The list is here from the Smash Dojo 
(Link to site in credits)
with a bit of editing by myself and unlocking details. Next up, STICKERS!

All of the following trophies are found in Subspace Emissary.
For the enemies all you
must do is kill enemies for trophy stands to drop. Once these stands drop,
toss them at enemies and pick them up.
Note: The enemies you want need to have low HP before you obtain them.

For bosses you'll have to WAIT for the stnads to drop from the sky,
then throw them at the boss when their HP is low.

And as for a final note, 
there are 3 different stickers you can add to your trophies for
stands to drop more often. Also set the difficulty to "Intense". 
I've noticed this also increases the stand drops for me.

Next to the enemy is the name of the area he can be found.
(It can be found in other areas as well.)

  Primid- Midair Stadium
  Sword Primid- Midair Stadium
  Boom Primid- Midair Stadium
  Scope Primid- The Battlefield Fortress
  Big Primid- The Canyon
  Metal Primid- The Ruins
  Fire Primid- The Forest
  Glire- The Cave
  Glice- The Glacial Peak
  Glunder- Skyworld
  Poppant- The Sea of Clouds
  Bytan- The Ruined Zoo
  Roader- The Battlefield Fortress
  Bombed- The Wilds (West)
  Greap- Skyworld
  Bucculus- The Lake
  Towtow- Sea of Clouds
  Floow- The Ruins
  Auroros- The Lake
  Buckot- The Ruined Zoo
  Gamyga- The Path to the Ruins
  Feyesh- The Forest
  Trowlon- The Forest
  Roturret- The Ruins
  Spaak- Midair Stadium
  Puppit- The Swamp
  Shaydas- The Lake Shore
  Mites- The Forest
  Shellpod- The Forest
  Shellpod No Armor- The Forest
  Nagagog- The Path to the Ruins
  Cymul- Skyworld
  Ticken- The Plain
  Armight- The Ruins
  Borboras- The Lake
  Autolance- The Ruins  
  Armank- The Wilds (West)
  Mizzo- Battleship Halberd Interior
  R.O.B. Sentry- Outside the Ancient Ruins
  R.O.B. Launcher- Outside the Ancient Ruins
  R.O.B. Blaster- Outside the Ancient Ruins
  Goomba- The Jungle
  Koopa Troopa (Green)- The Jungle  
  Koopa Troopa (Red)- The Jungle
  Koopa Paratroopa (Green)- The Jungle
  Koopa Paratroopa (Red)- The Jungle
  Bullet Bill- The Jungle
  Hammer Bro- The Jungle
  Giant Goomba- The Jungle

  Ridley- The Research Facility (East)
  Porky- The Ruined Zoo
  Meta Ridley- The Subspace Bomb Factory (Bottom one)
  Galleom- The Ruined Hall
  Duon- Battleship Halberd Bridge
  Tabuu- The Great Maze
  Rayquaza- The Lake
  Petey Piranha- Midair Stadium

Just a little side note, you'll get a notice
saying that you got all the trophies from subspace once you do.

  Galleom (Tank Form)- Clear Boss Battles on Intense.
-Well, good luck on this one my friend.  
Undisputably the HARDEST challenge. Quite frankly I still
have trouble with it. But here are some characters I reccommend. 
MogAzure10 also has a great guide on boss battles.

-Marth: Use counter to dodge attacks along with hitting.
-Fox: Lasers/Reflector comes in handy.
-Charizard: B-Stick or B + Side rock smash.
-Donkey Kong: Heavy air damage, but his strong point is Down + B 
on some bosses.
-Lucas: Down + B heals you against Master Hand's Gun Shot move and
Pink Duon's Beam thing.

  Palutena's Bow- Clear Target Smash level 1 in under 15 seconds
-No big deal. use Fox and shoot the target to the left. Run through the rest.
You can also get the one to the left last and use Sonic.

  Cardboard Box- Clear Target Smash level 4 in under 32 seconds.
-This one seems tough, but it's not really. I got it on my first try with
Game & Watch. Sonic, Marth and Meta-Knight are also good though. 
Break the Target on the upper right,
but make sure your attacks are timed well so you can hit the moving targets 
in a quick order. Hit the bottom-right ones last.
Move counter-clockwise from the upper right targets, basically.

  Striker Mario- Clear Classic on Very Hard
-Go in there with 500 or so coins and use continues if needed.

  Creeping Chrysanthemum- Collect Trophies for all characters
-Ok, for this one Make sure you beat Classic Mode with all 35 characters,
also make sure you clear it one time (all you must do is FINISH with that 
character) for each alternative character that can be played
(EX: Squirtle from the Pokemon Trainer and ZSS and Samus)

Here is what people usually miss:

Squirtle x1
Charizard x1
Ivysaur x1
Samus x1
ZSS x1
Zelda x1
Shiek x1

  Gekko- Clear All Star with 10 Characters
-Easy Mode

  Subspace Bomb- Clear Boss Battle on Easy
-Use Charizard. Left/Right and B

  Pichu- Clear All-Star (NO CONTINUES)
-Hm, this isn't so bad, just do it on easy with someone like Ike.

  Musketeer Daltania- Clear Target Smash level 4 with 10 characters 
-Refer to Cardboard Box for tips.

  Dyna Blade- Clear All-Star on Very Hard difficulty.
-Bring some coins with you and DO IT.
  Red Alloy- Kill 5 enemies in Cruel Brawl
-Easier than it seems. Use Jigglypuff, Kirby or Pit. 
Fly below a ledge or under the stage and
to the other side. Don't hit them, let them jump off. 
You can use anyone but Yoshi really. Just Up + B under a ledge. 
Personally I used Ike.

  Smash Coins- Play 10 Coin Matches
-Waste 10 minutes of your life doing 1 minute matches

  Green Alloy Trophy- 15 Minute Melee
-Waste 15 minutes of your life doing 15 minutes of killing.
OR use a hammer like I did. 
I think DK (Down + B) and Lucario (Hold B) work well, along with
Jiggly flying under the stage.

In-Depth Strategies:

If you don't mind doing it in co-op mode, 
the alloys can be trapped between two Lucarios' Aura Spheres, 
as somebody did on Youtube ( 
(by himself, note - you don't actually need a second player).  
Basically, stand them both on the top platform facing away from each other, 
overlap their spheres, and sit in front of the TV for 
15 minutes to make sure no items explode and mess up your setup. 
I suggest reading a book or a website or something, 
the sound will be sufficient to make sure everything is all right. 
The video shows him completing the challenge,
so apparently doing it in co-op doesn't prevent that.

If you're doing it with one character, a good trick is to use fans.  
If you just stand still with a fan and keep hitting A, 
all the alloys will get sucked into a maelstrom of fan-hits and be unable 
to move or attack.  

Credit: David McGrogan

  Ray MK III- Clear Target Smash level 3 in under 20 seconds.
-Use Sonic. Use the dash-pad and shoot to the left. Hit all the targets and
utilize the items.  Use Up + B on the middle of the large vertical platform 
to get to the top and hit the bottom target, too.

  Excitebikes- Collect all Masterpieces.
-Look at my Masterpiece Section.

  Banana Peel Trophy- Exceed 10 combos in training.
-Infinie combo with Falco on Hyrule Temple.

  Yellow Alloy- Defeat 100 enemies in Endless Brawl
-There are many ways to do this. I used Lucario and just kicked ass, but
Donkey Kong's Down + B is good for this. 
Ike's strength and durability is good for this too.
Marth's aerials and range are good for this as well.

  Master Hand- Clear Classic with 20 characters
-Easy Mode.

  Golden Hammer- Hit 45,000 ft. for combined distance in Home run Contest.
-Spamming smashes or quick, powerful attacks with all characters, 
or spamming bat throws is a good strategy.

  Ballyhoo & Big Top Trophy- Unlock 75 hidden songs.
- Tips for CD unlocks in Section 5.

  Paper Mario- Clear Classic with all characters.
- Clear them on Easy.

  Outset Link- Clear Target Smash level 5 with 10 characters.
-Take your time, and remember you can go back and do it quickly with 
someone else.

  Ouendan- Get 400 combined max combos with all characters in Training.
-You can get 999 combos with one character, let alone 400 by using Falco.
Create a level and make a ledge that you can fall through. 
Under this ledge create a solid floor and two solid walls. 
Tap Falco's "A" a few times, then hold it in the box of yours. Wait for your
punching bag's damage to rise up to 999 and then quit. 
This also works on Hyrule Temple in that little box looking thing to the right.

  Franklin Badge- Have Ness join you in The Subspace Emissary.
-Just play the main story =P

  Jyk- Clear Boss Battles with 20 characters 
-Beat them all on Easy. I won't go through how to do it will all characters,
but check a Boss Guide if you truly have trouble with this.

  Apples- Clear Target Smash level 1
-Despite the GRUELING difficuly of this challenge 
I pray for your controllers sake that you can complete this challenge.

  Red Pikmin- Clear the "Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin" Event.
-An easy, yet misunderstood challenge. 
Keep your Pikmin Count up to "6" and run around the field.
After 40 or so seconds the mission will end.

  Walky- Unlock 50 hidden songs.
-Section 5 for help

  Xananab- Hit 24,000 ft. combined distacne is Home Run Contest
-This Should Give you NO trouble at all. Just do smashes and bat throws.

  Silver- Clear Target Smash level 3 with all characters.
-Take your time with these. Should propose no problem.

  Subspace Gunship- Clear Boss Battles with 10 characters.
-Do Easy mode.

  Home-Run Bat- Hit 1,500 ft. in Home-Run Contest.
-I got this one with Ice Climbers quickly. If you don't wanna do those
advanced (sort-of) strategies, just use them and smash the shit out of
your white cylinder shaped friend. Then Home run him out of the stadium.

  Baby Peach- Obtain 500 Trophies.
-Just wait this one out.

  Gulliver- Get 2,000 or more K.O.s in Brawls
-This is terribly annoying to do if you are trying to complete it quick, 
but if you are saving up your Golden Hammers, just do this: 
300% handicap on your opponents. Fight 3 Jigglypuff's
in 99 Stock Matches. Put them all on a team. 
Fight on Final Destination, and if you want, put Smash Ball on. 
I used Marth for this. I'm guessing someone like Donkey Kong or Ike will 
work well for this too.

  Blue Alloy- Clear 100-Man Brawl with all characters.
-Can't help you with this one. Use a Golden Hammer. 
There are truly only 4 or 5 HARD challenges, 
and this one is really tough for some characters. 

New tip- "Valkskorn" of has an exceptionally good guide on 100-man

  Peanut Popgun- Clear Target Smash level 2.
-No time restrictions = No problem. Take your time.

  Pellets- Clear Target Smash level 2 with 10 characters.
-Same as above, take your time. 10 characters is as easy as 1, 
just more time consuming =).

  Cracker Launcher- Get 1,000 or more KOs in brawls.
-Refer to trophy "Johhny"

  Kapp'n- Exceed 300 ft. combined swim distance
-Go to the Pirate Ship in VS. Mode (Look on how to unlock this level above) 
and jump in the water.
Swim around and jump back up when you look like you are drowning. 
Keep jumping in and out for a good
10-20 minutes. Exit or finish the match and Kapp'n is yours. 
If it didn't work, go do it again for 3-5 more minutes.

  Sandbag- Use every character in Home Run Contest.
-Pretty self-explanatory.

  Blast Box- Clear Target Smash level 2 with all characters.
-No tips here, just take your time.

  Dr. Eggman- Collect 500 different stickers.
-Wait this one out. Do coin launcher/Subspace.

  Ashnard- Clear Target Smash level 3 with 10 characters.
-Take your time, Tips for completing are above.

  Stafy- Clear Target Smash level 1 with 10 characters.
-Take your time, like every other target smash unrestricted by time.

  Ancient Minister- Clear Subspace Emissary
-Have fun. =) Check a guide for help on Subspace.

  Super Scope- Clear Target Smash level 1 with all characters.
-Easy, just take your time. 

  Pitfall- Clear 100-Man Brawl.
-I used Marth, but Donkey Kong's Down + B is a sure-fire win.

  Crazy Hand- Clear Classic on Intense.
-REALLY easy...IF you have a large supply of coins =) Bring coins with you
and take your time. It cost 100 coins for every Game Over, 
so bringing 1000 coins with you can garuntee even the worst
player the Crazy Hand trophy. I'd suggest doing this after Subspace and
other challenges, that way you still would have coins.

  Shadow Bugs- Clear Boss Battle on Normal.
-Use Charizard's Side B, Donkey Kong's Down + B, or Marth's Down + B.

  Mewtwo- Clear All-Star on Intense.
-Bring Coins. Around 1000 should work even for a bad player.
  Rocketbarrel Pack- Clear Target Smash level 4.
-Take your time.

  Halberd- Clear Event #3
-Do it on easy mode. KO Kirby with Meta's beautiful 
aerial capabilities and by edge-gaurding. You can finish in ~30 seconds.

  Party Ball- Score 500 total combined KOs in brawls. 
-Refer to "Gulliver" trophy.

  K.K. Slider- Collect all Songs.
-Refer to Section 5

  Stickers- Collect all stickers.
-Argh, the last challenge you will complete. By the time you clear the other
challenges you should ahve around 500-600 stickers. So coin launcher after.

  Dark Cannon- Clear Boss Battles on Hard difficulty.
-This can be either really easy or quite hard. Using Toon Link's 
Dair on bosses is what got it for me, 
but refer to Galleom (Tank) for other character tips.

  Kyle Hyde- Clear All-Star with all characters.
-Time consuming, but not hard. Do it on easy and use continues.

  Combo Cannon- Clear Target Smash level 5 in under 30 seconds.
- Definiatley use Pit. Clear off all the ones around you with arrows. 
Smash the ones to the left and toss the beam sword at the ones on the bottom. 
Use an arrow to hit the top-right ones, and just
hit the one outside the box on the right side with a regular attack. 
Certainly not Intense.

Also, here is a strategy sent in through E-Mail.

 1. some characters (Yoshi) can't make it back to the ground after hitting 
the two targets near the bottom right hand corner. Solution? Grab the 
cracker launcher and hold right, fall down onto the platform above the two 
targets, jump and land on the smaller platform to the right. Turn, aim your 
cracker launcher, and shoot two crackers. Hit the first target, then bounce 
the next cracker off of the wall, it should hit the second target too.
 2. You don't have to hit the target on the right hand side by falling, you 
can hit it through the wall with an A attack. It's a lot faster.

  Wario Bike- Clear Target Smash level 3.
-As with all of these, take your time.

  Ashley Robbins- Play 100 hourse of Brawls.
-Our heroine from the lesser-known Trace Memory is unlocked by Golden Hammer.
If you truly need to save it, leave you game on over night for two weeks. 
8 Hours * 14 Days= 112 Hours of VS.
Play time. Leaving it on during work or school works, or play with friends.

Also, I got a tip from "Rick Guardino". If you use 4 people it will multiply
the time played by four. So I believe using more controllers will help you 
get this one. Thanks, Rick.

  Palutena- Clear the "Cleaning House in Skyworld" Event.
-Just break the level. Do it on Easy.

  Plusle & Minun- Collect Final Smash trophies for all characters.
-Incase you are confused with this, 
all you must do is do All-star for Zelda and Samus 
twice. Once for Zelda, once for Shiek. Once for Samus, once for ZSS.

  King K. Rool- Clear Target Smash level 4 with all characters.
-Take your time. Also, some people are having trouble with Lucario I've heard.
Utilize his Wall Jump to get the ones to the bottom-right.

  Bumper- Hit 15,000 ft. combined distance in Home Run Contest.
-Easy. Even hitting 500 per character will get 
you more than enough for this challenge.

  Timer- Play 30 hours of brawls.
-Get some friends or siblings and get to playing. Just Kidding, 
leave your game on over night and during work/school.

Also, I got a tip from "Rick Guardino". If you use 4 people it will multiply
the time played by four. So I believe using more controllers will help you 
get this one. Thanks, Rick.

  Shy Guy- Hit 30,000 ft. combined distance in Home Run Contest.
-Smashes and chained bat throws are good for ANY character.

  Birdo- Clear All-Star on Hard difficulty.
-Use Coins/Continues.

  Grey Fox- Clear Target Smash level 5 with all characters.
-Take your time. Feel free to E-Mail me if you have problems 
with a specific character.

  Porky Statue- Clear Boss Battles on Very Hard difficulty.
-This is really hard. Look at Galleom (Tank) for some characters I reccomend.
Personally, I used Donkey Kong. His Down + B works amazing for Bosses 
like Porky and Galleom, not to mention he has some of the 
most powerful aerials for this mode.

  Tails- Exceed 30,000 ft. combined walking distance.
-Just keep playing, I got this quite early.

  Tom Nook- Collect 1,000 coins in Coin matches.
-Play ten 1 minute coin matches against a non-moving Player 2. Play on Final
Destination or another small level and make sure you collect at
least 100 coins a game.

Also, idiotv sent in a GREAT strategy to do this:

Create a Stage with Following this key

D= falling block, B = normal floor/block, S = Spike
BB    B

Create the game for around 5 Minutes long, and the opponent be 2P.

"Essentially, fall into the room and let the falling block 
replace itself. Run into the spikes. If built correctly,
there's no room to go up, so you'll fall right back down on the spikes.  
The coins have nowhere to go, so they fall on you, and you collect them.  
after you get 999% damage, the room is sealed, so you can't even fly anywhere.
then, just let the time run out."

  Tabuu (Wings)- Clear Boss Battles with all characters.
-Actually much better than clearing Classic and All-Star with everyone. 
Utilize Aerials with all characters, and use this as an oppurtunity to 
find the character you feel most comfortable with for this mode.

Simply clear Classic Mode with all of the following characters.

Captain Falcon
Toon Link
Pokemon Trainer
Zero Suit Samus
Donkey Kong
Ice Climbers
Game & Watch

Simply Clear Classic with every character. 
Note, you have to do Shiek and Zelda, and Samus and Zero Samus seperatly.

Great Aether
Critical Hit
Mario Finale
Triforce Slash
Landmaster (Fox)
Landmaster (Wolf)
Landmaster (Falco)
Galaxia Darkness
Peach Blossom
Giga Bowser
Cook Kirby
Konga Beat
Rocketbarrel Barrage
Volt Tackle

Light Arrow (Shiek)
Triforce Slash (Toon Link)
End of Day
Triple Finish
Konga Beat
Paletuna's Army
Super Dragon
Puff Up
Zero Laser
Light Arrow (Zelda)
Aura Storm
Diffusion Beam
Super Sonic
Grenade Launcher
Waddle Dee Army
PK Star Storm (Lucas)
PK Star Storm (Ness)
Power Suit Samus
Blue Falcon
Negative Zone
Beast Ganon

The rest of these are found randomly during SSE or in the 
rest areas of All-Star and Boss Battles, As well as earned during 
Coin Launcher. Have fun collecting.

  Trophy Stand    
  Stock Ball    
  Dixie Kong    
  Funky Kong    
  Candy Kong    
  Lanky Kong    
  Wrinkly Kong    
  Tiny Kong    
  Cranky Kong    
  Turret Tusk  
  Heart Container    
  Bunny Hood    
  Deku Nuts    
  Wolf Link    
  Robed Zelda (With Hood)    
  King Bulblin    
  Ooccoo & Son    
  Shadow Beast    
  Zelda (Wind Waker)    
  Ganondorf (Wind Waker)    
  Helmaroc King    
  Link's Grandma    
  Great Fairy    
  King of Red Lions    
  Pirate Ship        
  Fox (Assault)    
  Falco (Assault)    
  Falco (Command)    
  Peppy Hare    
  Slippy Toad    
  General Pepper    
  ROB 64    
  Panther Caroso    
  Leon Powalski    
  Great Fox    
  Great Fox (Assault)    
  Smart Bomb    
  Pok� Ball    
  Latias & Latios    
  Glaceon & Leafeon    
  Animal Crossing Boy    
  Sable & Mabel       
  Blathers & Celeste    
  Pelly & Phyllis    
  Dr. Shrunk    
  Copper & Booker    
  Crazy Redd    
  Tommy & Timmy Nook    
  Katie & Kaitlin    
  Mr. Resetti (Feet)    
  Mr. Resetti        
  Iroquois Pliskin    
  Naked Snake    
  Metal Gear RAY    
  Metal Gear REX    
  Smash Ball    
  Assist Trophy    
  Rolling Crates   
  Beam Sword     
  Ray Gun    
  Motion-Sensor Bomb    
  Gooey Bomb    
  Smoke Ball    
  Team Healer   
  Smash Coins    
  Striker Daisy    
  Paper Luigi    
  Paper Bowser    
  Paper Peach    
  Wedding Bowser    
  Wedding Peach    
  Piranha Plant    
  Lakitu & Spinies    
  Hammer Bro  
  Buzzy Beetle     
  Cheep Cheep    
  Dry Bones    
  Chain Chomp    
  Bowser Jr.    
  Kritter (Goalie)    
  Poltergust 3000    
  Luigi's Mansion    
  Super Mushroom    
  Poison Mushroom    
  Metal Box    
  Fire Flower    
  Green Shell    
  Soccer Ball    
  Screw Attack    
  Samus (Fusion Suit)    
  Samus (Power Suit)    
  Samus (Varia Suit)    
  Samus (Gravity Suit)    
  Samus (Dark Suit)    
  Dark Samus    
  Space Pirate    
  Parasite Queen    
  Metroid Prime (Core)    
  Metroid Prime (Exo)    
  Baby Mario        
  Maxim Tomato    
  Superspicy Curry    
  Star Rod    
  Knuckle Joe    
  Beam Kirby    
  Needle Kirby    
  Sword Kirby    
  Sleep Kirby    
  Wing Kirby    
  Fighter Kirby    
  Fire Kirby    
  Ice Kirby    
  Plasma Kirby    
  Tornado Kirby    
  Waddle Dee    
  Waddle Doo    
  Blade Knight    
  Bronto Burt    
  Sir Kibble    
  Samurai Goroh    
  Dr. Stewart    
  Jody Summer    
  Mr. EAD    
  The Skull    
  Blood Falcon    
  Black Shadow    
  Falcon Flyer  
  Mr. Saturn        
  Black Knight    
  Kat & Ana          
  Blue Pikmin    
  Yellow Pikmin    
  White Pikmin    
  Purple Pikmin    
  The President    
  Hocotate Ship
  Red Bulborb    
  Empress Bulblax    
  Careening Dirigibug    
  Fiery Blowhog    
  Burrowing Snagret    
  Iridescent Flint Beetle    
  Swooping Snitchbug        
  Lip's Stick      
  Dr. Wright     
  Little Mac    
  Infantry & Tanks    
  Action Helirins    
  Warrior Mech Gauss    
  HM Mech Rosa    
  Custom Robos    
  Jameson & A.I.R.S.    
  Telly Vision    
  Elite Beat Agents

10. Stickers

Whew. The biggest section of the guide. Luckily for me, most of these are 
found randomly, so it will be less typing than the above section. 
Thanks again to The Dojo for the list.

  Ryuta Ippongi (Ouendan 2)- Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 3 minutes, 
  30 seconds.
-Certainly not the easiest task. Donkey Kong doesn't really work here, 
because his Down + B is kind of slow. I reccomend using Marth. 
His airs usually kill and he is swift in his attacks. I believe I did
this with him in around 3:18. Another great character to use would be Pikachu
His Thunder (Down + B) attack is very effective. (Thanks Undead Pangolin)

  Boo (Mario Tennis)- Hit 900 ft. in Home Run Contest.
-This is quite simple. Use a couple of smashes. Not to be a jackass
but you need no knowledge of Home run Contest to hit 900 feet.

  Running Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo)- Clear Classic on Easy.
-No problems here, I'm sure.

  Phyllis (Animal Crossing: WW)- Clear All-Star on Normal.
-This is easy, but if you truly have trouble, just use coninutes.

  Liquid Snake (MGS:  The Twin Snakes)- Defeat 10 Enemies in Cruel Brawl
-Personally I had no patience with this challenge, I used a Golden Hammer. 
However, this was before I discovered that flying under the stage 
with Pit or Jigglypuff or Kirby will lure the enemies
off the stage stage into their death. This still is time consuming,
so feel free to use a Hammer if needed.

  18-Volt (WarioWare: Touched!) 
  1-Up Mushroom (New SMB) 
  9-Volt (WarioWare: MPG) 
  9-Volt (WarioWare: Touched!) 
  Acro (Kirby 64) 
  Aijou Boom no Ya (Sennen Kazoku) 
  Akari Hayami (1080�Avalanche) 
  Akari Hayami (Wave Race BS) 
  Akuma (Sennen Kazoku) 
  Amy Rose (Sonic CD) 
  Ana (Mother) 
  Ana (WarioWare: Touched!) 
  Andrew (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Andy (Advance Wars) 
  Annie (Custom Robo V2) 
  Arwing (Star Fox 64) 
  Aryll (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Ashley (Trace Memory) 
  Ashley (WarioWare: Touched!) 
  Ashley Viewing DTS (Trace Memory) 
  Ashnard (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) 
  Baby Mario (Yoshi's Island) 
  Balloon Fight Enemy  
  Balloon Fighter  
  Ballyhoo & Big Top (Mario Party 8) 
  Banana (Mario Kart DS) 
  Banana Bunch (DK: Barrel Blast) 
  Banana Coin (DK64) 
  Barkle (Tingle's Rupeeland) 
  Barrel Train (Mario Kart: DD!!) 
  Bellossom (Pok�mon series) 
  Big Boss (MGS: The Twin Snakes) 
  Big Switch (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) 
  Big The Cat (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) 
  Black Shadow (F-Zero GX) 
  Blargg (Yoshi's Story) 
  Blathers (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Blaze The Cat (Sonic Rush) 
  Blipper (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Blood Falcon (F-Zero GX) 
  Blue Falcon (F-Zero GX) 
  Blue Pellet (Pikmin 2) 
  Blue Pikmin (Pikmin) 
  Blue Virus (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  Bone Dragon (Yoshi's Story) 
  Boney (Mother 3) 
  Bonkers (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Bonsly (Pok�mon series) 
  Booker (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Boomerang (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Boulder (Excite Truck) 
  Boundish (Digiluxe) 
  Bow (Paper Mario) 
  Bowser (DDR: Mario Mix) 
  Bowser (Mario Kart 64) 
  Bowser (Mario Power Tennis) 
  Bowser (Super Paper Mario) 
  Bowser Coin (Mario Party 6) 
  Bowser Jr. (Mario Superstar Baseball) 
  Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Sunshine) 
  Box Boxer (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Boxy (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Boy (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Boy (Magical Starsign) 
  Boy (Magical Vacation) 
  Brewster (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Brier (Yoshi Touch & Go) 
  Brighton (Mario Party 6) 
  Bronto Burt (Kirby 64) 
  Bubble Baby Mario (Yoshi's Island) 
  Bulborb (Pikmin 2) 
  Bullet Bill (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Bullet Blaster (Mario Kart: DD!!) 
  Bullfrog (Star Fox Command) 
  Burt the Bashful (Yoshi's Island) 
  Cackletta (Mario & Luigi: SS) 
  Candy (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Capsule (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  Capt. Falcon (F-Zero GX) 
  Capt. Falcon (F-Zero X) 
  Capt. Falcon (F-Zero) 
  Captain (Trace Memory) 
  Car Yoshi (Yoshi's Island) 
  Celebi (Pok�mon series) 
  Celeste (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Cell Phone (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) 
  Chain Chomp (Mario Party 8) 
  Chao (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) 
  Chaos (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) 
  Charizard (Pok�mon series) 
  Charmy Bee (Knuckles' Chaotix) 
  Cheep Cheep (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Chef (Game & Watch) 
  Chef (Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi) 
  Chef Kawasaki (Kirby Super Star) 
  Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo) 
  Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol) 
  Chihuahua (Nintendogs) 
  Chikorita (Pok�mon series) 
  Chonmagyo (Densetsu no Stafy 2) 
  Chozo Statue (Metroid II) 
  Chromatron (Digiluxe) 
  Chunky Kong (DK64) 
  Classic Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog JP Ver.) 
  Classic Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog US Ver.) 
  Claus (Mother 3) 
  Coin (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Colin (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Colonel (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) 
  Commander Kahn (Elite Beat Agents) 
  Cook Kirby (Kirby Super Star) 
  Copper (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Cornimer (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario) 
  Cranky Kong (Donkey Konga 3 JP) 
  Crazee Dayzee (Yoshi's Island DS) 
  Crazy Redd (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Cream The Rabbit & Cheese (Sonic Advance 2) 
  Crimson Candypop Bud (Pikmin 2) 
  Cupid Kirby (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) 
  Cupit (Sennen Kazoku) 
  Daisy (Super Mario Strikers) 
  Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (Zelda: WW) 
  Dark Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) 
  Dark Suit Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) 
  Darknut (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Daroach (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Dash (Star Fox Command) 
  Deke (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) 
  Deku Baba (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Deku Link (Zelda: Majora's Mask) 
  Deku Nut (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Deoxys (Pok�mon series) 
  Derek (Elite Beat Agents) 
  Devil Car (Mother) 
  Dice Block (Mario Party 8) 
  Diddy Kong (DK64) 
  Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country) 
  Diddy Kong (Mario Hoops 3-on-3) 
  Diddy Kong (Mario Superstar Baseball) 
  Digidrive (Digiluxe) 
  Dixie Kong (Donkey Konga 2) 
  DK (Mario Superstar Baseball) 
  DK Barrel (Donkey Kong Country) 
  DK with Barrel (Mario vs. DK 2: MotM) 
  Don Bongo (Yoshi's Story) 
  Donbe (Shin Onigashima) 
  Donkey Kong (DK Jungle Beat) 
  Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country) 
  Donkey Kong (Mario Kart DS) 
  Donkey Kong Jr. (Mario Tennis) 
  Dr. Crygor (WarioWare: Touched!) 
  Dr. Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog) 
  Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy) 
  Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy: WD) 
  Dr. Mario (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  Dr. Shrunk (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Dr. Stewart (F-Zero GX) 
  Dribble (WarioWare: MPG) 
  Dry Bones (Mario Party 7) 
  Duck (Duck Hunt) 
  Dunning Smith (Hotel Dusk: Room 215) 
  Duster (Mother 3) 
  Dyna Blade (Kirby Super Star) 
  Dzuke-chan (English Training) 
  E-102 Gamma (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) 
  E-123 Omega (Sonic Heroes) 
  Egg (Game & Watch) 
  Eggplant Wizard (Kid Icarus) 
  Eight Yoshis (SMA 3: Yoshi's Island) 
  Eirika (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) 
  Eldstar (Mario Party 5) 
  Electrode (Pok�mon series) 
  Eliwood (Fire Emblem) 
  Emerl (Sonic Battle) 
  Energy Tank (Metroid) 
  Enguarde (Donkey Kong Country) 
  Entei (Pok�mon series) 
  Ephraim (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) 
  Epona & Link (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Erazor Djinn (Sonic & the Secret Rings) 
  Espio The Chameleon (Knuckles' Chaotix) 
  Eva (MGS3: Snake Eater) 
  Ezlo (Zelda: Minish Cap) 
  Fairy (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Falco (Star Fox 64) 
  Falco (Star Fox Adventures) 
  Falco (Star Fox Command) 
  Falco (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Fat Hockey Player (Ice Hockey) 
  Federation Trooper (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) 
  Female Pianta (Super Mario Sunshine) 
  Fierce Deity Link (Zelda: MM) 
  Fire (Game & Watch) 
  Fire Flower (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Fire Stingray (F-Zero GX) 
  Firefly (Excite Truck) 
  Flag Man (Game & Watch) 
  Flint (Mother 3) 
  Flower Fairy Lip (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  Flower Icon (Paper Mario: TTYD) 
  Fly Guy (Mario Power Tennis) 
  Fox (Star Fox 64) 
  Fox (Star Fox Adventures) 
  Fox (Star Fox Command) 
  Fox (Star Fox) 
  Fox (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Free Ranger (Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol) 
  F-Type (Wild Trax) 
  Funky Kong (Donkey Konga 3 JP) 
  Gale Hawg (DK Jungle Beat) 
  Ganondorf (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Ganondorf (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Gardevoir (Pok�mon series) 
  General Guy (Paper Mario) 
  General Pepper (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Girl (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Girl (Magical Vacation) 
  Gleeok (The Legend of Zelda) 
  Goldeen (Pok�mon series) 
  Golden Fox (F-Zero GX) 
  Gomar & Shioh (F-Zero GX) 
  Goombella (Paper Mario: TTYD) 
  Goonie (Yoshi's Island DS) 
  Gordo (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Goron (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Gracie (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Gravity Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission) 
  Gray Fox (MGS: The Twin Snakes) 
  Green Rupee (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Greil (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) 
  Groudon (Pok�mon series) 
  Grutch (Drill Dozer) 
  Gulliver (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Gulpin (Pok�mon series) 
  Gunship (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) 
  Guy (Fire Emblem) 
  Hajime Tanaka (Ouendan 2) 
  Hammer Bro (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Hanenbow (Electroplankton) 
  Happy Mask Salesman (Zelda: MM) 
  Harriet (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Hawke (Advance Wars: DS) 
  Hayato Saionji (Ouendan 2) 
  Hector (Fire Emblem) 
  Helibokaan (Kururin Squash!) 
  Hero's Bow (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Hinawa (Mother 3) 
  Hiroshi (Trade & Battle: Card Hero) 
  HM Mech Rosa (Chosoju Mecha MG) 
  Hoofer (DK Jungle Beat) 
  Ho-Oh (Pok�mon series) 
  Hookshot (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Hooktail (Paper Mario: TTYD) 
  Horse Call (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Hot Head (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  HP Pot (Magical Starsign) 
  Hylian Shield (Zelda: Minish Cap) 
  Hylian Shield (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Ike (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) 
  Ike (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) 
  Instructor (Pilotwings) 
  Iron Tiger (F-Zero GX) 
  Item Box (Mario Kart: DD!!) 
  Ivysaur (Pok�mon series) 
  J (Elite Beat Agents) 
  Jake (Advance Wars: DS) 
  Jeff (EarthBound) 
  Jessica (Trace Memory) 
  Jet The Hawk (Sonic Riders) 
  Jewel Fairy Ruby (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  Jigglypuff (Pok�mon series) 
  Jill & Drill Dozer (Drill Dozer) 
  Jill (Drill Dozer) 
  Jimmy T. (WarioWare: MPG) 
  Jirachi (Pok�mon series) 
  Joan (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Joshua (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) 
  Judge (Game & Watch) 
  Junior (Donkey Kong Jr.) 
  K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Kafei & Keaton Mask (Zelda: MM) 
  Kai Doumeki (Ouendan 2) 
  Kalypso (DK: Barrel Blast) 
  Kamek (Yoshi Touch & Go) 
  Kamek (Yoshi's Island) 
  Kamisama (Sennen Kazoku) 
  Kammy Koopa (Paper Mario) 
  Kanden (Metroid Prime Hunters) 
  Kapp'n (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Karate Kong (DK Jungle Beat) 
  Kat (WarioWare: Touched!) 
  Katrina (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  King Bulblin & Lord Bullbo (Zelda: TP) 
  King Dedede & Kirby (Kirby 64) 
  King Dedede (Kirby Super Star) 
  King Dedede (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  King Dodongo (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  King K. Rool (DK64) 
  King of Red Lions & Link (Zelda: WW) 
  King Zora (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Kirby (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) 
  Kirby (Kirby 64) 
  Kirby (Kirby Air Ride) 
  Kirsh (Magical Vacation) 
  Klaptrap (Donkey Kong Country) 
  Knuckles The Echidna (Sonic The Hedgehog 3) 
  Koopa (Super Mario Strikers) 
  Kooper (Paper Mario) 
  Kraid (Metroid: Zero Mission) 
  Kritter (DK: King of Swing) 
  Kritter (Mario Strikers Charged) 
  Krystal (Star Fox Adventures) 
  Krystal (Star Fox Command) 
  Krystal (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Kumatora (Mother 3) 
  Kururin (Kururin Paradise) 
  Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk: Room 215) 
  Kyogre (Pok�mon series) 
  Kyorosuke (Densetsu no Stafy 4) 
  Lakitu (Mario Kart: Super Circuit) 
  Lakitu (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Lanky Kong (DK64) 
  Lantern (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Latias & Latios (Pok�mon series) 
  Legend of Outset (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Leon (Star Fox Command) 
  Leon (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Lightning (Mario Kart DS) 
  Lilina (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) 
  Linebeck (Zelda: Phantom Hourglass) 
  Link & Pigs (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Link (The Legend of Zelda) 
  Link (Zelda: Link to the Past) 
  Link (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Link (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Link with Goron Mask (Zelda: MM) 
  Link's Grandma (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Lion (Game & Watch) 
  Little Saucer (Mother) 
  Lloyd (Mother) 
  Lon Lon Milk (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Louie (Pikmin 2) 
  Lucario (Pok�mon series) 
  Lucas (Mother 3) 
  Ludwig von Koopa (Super Mario Bros. 3) 
  Lugia (Pok�mon series) 
  Luigi & Baby Luigi (Mario & Luigi: PiT) 
  Luigi (Luigi's Mansion) 
  Luigi (Mario & Luigi: SS) 
  Luigi (Super Paper Mario) 
  Luminoth (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) 
  Lyle (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Lyn (Fire Emblem) 
  Mabel (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Mace Guy (Yoshi Topsy-Turvy) 
  Mach Rider  
  Mad Truck (Mother) 
  Magkid (Slide Adventure MAGKID) 
  Makar (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Male Pianta (Super Mario Sunshine) 
  Malo (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Manaphy (Pok�mon series) 
  Manhole (Game & Watch) 
  Manky Kong (Donkey Kong Country) 
  Mario & Luigi (Mario & Luigi: SS) 
  Mario & Yoshi (Super Mario Sunshine) 
  Mario (Mario Kart DS) 
  Mario (Mario Superstar Baseball) 
  Mario (Super Paper Mario) 
  Marth (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo) 
  Master (Trade & Battle: Card Hero) 
  Master Belch (EarthBound) 
  Master Miller (MGS: The Twin Snakes) 
  Materu (Densetsu no Stafy 4) 
  Max (Advance Wars) 
  Maxim Tomato (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Medli (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Mega Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Mega Rush Badge (Paper Mario: TTYD) 
  Mei Ling (MGS: The Twin Snakes) 
  Meowth (Pok�mon series) 
  Meryl Silverburgh (MGS: The Twin Snakes) 
  Meta Knight (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Meta Knight Ball (Kirby Canvas Curse) 
  Metagross (Pok�mon series) 
  Metal Gear RAY (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) 
  Metal Gear REX (MGS: The Twin Snakes) 
  Metal Sonic (Sonic CD) 
  Metroid (Metroid Pinball) 
  Metroid (Metroid: Zero Mission) 
  Mew (Pok�mon series) 
  Micaiah (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) 
  Midna & Wolf Link (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Midna (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Midori Mushi (Slide Adventure MAGKID) 
  Mila (Hotel Dusk: Room 215) 
  Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic The Hedgehog 2) 
  Millennium Star (Mario Party 3) 
  Mini Mario (Mario vs. DK 2: MotM) 
  Miniature Dachshund (Nintendogs) 
  Misstar (Mario Party 5) 
  Mist (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) 
  Moblin (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Mokka (Magical Starsign) 
  Moltres (Pok�mon series) 
  Mona & Moped (WarioWare: MMG) 
  Mona (WarioWare: Touched!) 
  Monster (FGPII: 3D Hot Rally) 
  Moon Fairy Seren (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  Morph Ball (Metroid Pinball) 
  Morris (Elite Beat Agents) 
  Mother Brain (Metroid: Zero Mission) 
  Mouser (Super Mario Bros. 2) 
  Mr. EAD (F-Zero GX) 
  Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Mr. Saturn (EarthBound) 
  Mr. Saturn (Mother 3) 
  Munchlax (Pok�mon series) 
  Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Musketeer Daltania (Chosoju Mecha MG) 
  Muskular (Mario Party 5) 
  Myrrh (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) 
  Nabaaru (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo) 
  Naked Snake (MGS3: Snake Eater) 
  Nana (Ice Climber) 
  Nanocarp (Electroplankton) 
  Naomi Hunter (MGS: The Twin Snakes) 
  Needle Kirby (Kirby 64) 
  Ness (EarthBound) 
  New Age Retro Hippie (Mother) 
  Ningyou Kouchuu Viigaru (Chosoju Mecha MG) 
  Ninian (Fire Emblem) 
  Ninten (Mother) 
  Noki (Super Mario Sunshine) 
  Nruff (Kirby 64) 
  Ocarina of Time  
  O'Chunks (Super Paper Mario) 
  Octoman (F-Zero GX) 
  Octopus (Game & Watch) 
  Octorok (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Olimar & Louie's Ship (Pikmin 2) 
  Olimar's Daughter (Pikmin 2) 
  Onion (Pikmin 2) 
  Ooccoo (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Orbiter (Digiluxe) 
  Orbulon (WarioWare: MPG) 
  Otacon (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) 
  Pak E. Derm (Yoshi's Story) 
  Panel (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  Panther (Star Fox Command) 
  Panther (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Papa (Chibi-Robo) 
  Parachute (Game & Watch) 
  Paratroopa (Super Paper Mario) 
  Party Monkey (DK Jungle Beat) 
  Pascal (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Paula (EarthBound) 
  Pauline & Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong) 
  Peach & Daisy (Mario Party 7) 
  Peach (Mario Strikers Charged) 
  Peach (Mario Superstar Baseball) 
  Peach (Super Mario Bros. 2) 
  Peach (Super Princess Peach) 
  Pelly (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Penny (WarioWare: Smooth Moves) 
  Peppy (Star Fox 64) 
  Peppy (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Perara (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Perry (Super Princess Peach) 
  Pete (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Petey Piranha (Mario Golf: TT) 
  Petey Piranha (Mario Strikers Charged) 
  Phantom Ganon (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Piece of Heart (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Pigma (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Pigmask (Mother 3) 
  Pikachu (Pok�mon series) 
  Pinkle (Tingle's Rupeeland) 
  Piplup (Pok�mon series) 
  Pit (Kid Icarus) 
  Pit (Kid Icarus: OM&M) 
  Plum (Mario Golf) 
  Pok�mon Trainer (Pok�mon series) 
  Poo (EarthBound) 
  Porky (EarthBound) 
  Postman (Zelda: Majora's Mask) 
  Postman (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Power Jump Badge (Paper Mario) 
  Prince Peasley (Mario & Luigi: SS) 
  Propeller Shy Guy (Yoshi's Story) 
  Purple Pikmin (Pikmin 2) 
  Putty (Magical Starsign) 
  R.O.B. (Mario Kart DS US) 
  Raccoon Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) 
  Rachel (Advance Wars: DS) 
  Rad (Excite Truck) 
  Raiden (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) 
  Rakensen (Custom Robo: BR) 
  Rambi (Donkey Kong Country) 
  Raphael the Raven (Yoshi's Island) 
  Rawk Hawk (Paper Mario: TTYD) 
  Ray (Custom Robo) 
  Ray 01 (Custom Robo: BR) 
  Ray MKIII (Custom Robo Arena) 
  Rayquaza (Pok�mon series) 
  Reaper & Reapette (Kid Icarus) 
  Reclining Red Pikmin (Pikmin 2) 
  Red Fire (Mario Kart: DD!!) 
  Red Gazelle (F-Zero GX) 
  Red Pellet Flower (Pikmin 2) 
  Red Pikmin (Pikmin) 
  Red Virus (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  ReDead (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Revolver Ocelot (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) 
  Ricky Winterborn (1080�Avalanche) 
  Ridley (Metroid) 
  Ridley (Metroid: Zero Mission) 
  ROB (Star Fox Adventures) 
  ROB 64 (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Rob Haywood (Wave Race BS) 
  Robo Cube (Custom Robo: BR) 
  Robot & Blocks (Stack-Up) 
  Robot (Mario Kart DS JP) 
  Rosie (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Rotohex (Digiluxe) 
  Rouge The Bat (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle) 
  Rover (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Roy (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) 
  Running Zero Suit Samus (Metroid: ZM) 
  Rusl (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Rutoga (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) 
  Ryota Hayami (Wave Race BS) 
  Sable (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Sabure Prince (Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru) 
  Saharah (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Salsa (Mother 3) 
  Salvatore (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Sami (Advance Wars) 
  Samurai Goroh (F-Zero X) 
  Samurai Goroh (F-Zero) 
  Samus (Metroid Fusion) 
  Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) 
  Samus (Metroid) 
  Sayaka Amemiya (Ouendan 2) 
  Seal Head (Custom Robo: BR) 
  Seiuchi-kun (Densetsu no Stafy 3) 
  Shadow Beast (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Shadow Mario (Super Mario Sunshine) 
  Shadow The Hedgehog (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle) 
  Shagohod (MGS3: Snake Eater) 
  Shahra (Sonic & the Secret Rings) 
  Sheik (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Shiba Inu (Nintendogs) 
  Shiida (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo) 
  Shine Sprite (Super Mario Sunshine) 
  Shroob (Mario & Luigi: PiT) 
  Shy Guy (Yoshi's Story) 
  Sidestepper (Mario Bros.) 
  Silver The Hedgehog (Sonic The Hedgehog) 
  Skull Kid (Zelda: Majora's Mask) 
  Skull Kid (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Skulltula (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Slippy (Star Fox 64) 
  Slippy (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Snifit (Mario Party 3) 
  Snorlax (Pok�mon series) 
  Snowman (1080�Avalanche) 
  Solid Snake (MGS: The Twin Snakes) 
  Solid Snake (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) 
  Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic The Hedgehog) 
  Sothe (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) 
  Space Pirate (Super Metroid) 
  Sparrow (Magical Starsign) 
  Special Token (Metroid Pinball) 
  Spinner (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Spiny (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Spiny Shell (Mario Kart: DD!!) 
  Spitz (WarioWare: MPG) 
  Squeaker (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Squirtle (Pok�mon series) 
  Stafy (Densetsu no Stafy 2) 
  Stafy (Densetsu no Stafy) 
  Stapy (Densetsu no Stafy 3) 
  Starman (EarthBound) 
  Starman (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Starman (New Super Mario Bros.) 
  Starship (Metroid Fusion) 
  Starship (Metroid Prime Hunters) 
  Staryu (Pok�mon series) 
  Stork (Yoshi's Island DS) 
  Stork Stop (Yoshi's Island DS) 
  Storm The Albatross (Sonic Riders) 
  Stuffwell (Mario & Luigi: PiT) 
  Suicune (Pok�mon series) 
  Sukapon (Joy Mech Fight) 
  Super Baby (Yoshi's Island DS) 
  Super Mario Bros.  
  Super Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog 2) 
  Sylux (Metroid Prime Hunters) 
  Takamaru (Nazo no Murasamejo) 
  Tamagon (Devil World) 
  Tameo (Trade & Battle: Card Hero) 
  Tap-Tap (Yoshi Touch & Go) 
  Teddy (Mother) 
  Telly (Chibi-Robo) 
  Tetra (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  The Black Knight (Fire Emblem: PoR) 
  The Boss (MGS3: Snake Eater) 
  The Great Fairy (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  The President (Pikmin 2) 
  Tikal (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) 
  Tingle (Tingle's Rupeeland) 
  Tingle (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Tiny Kong (DK64) 
  Tiny Wario (Virtual Boy Wario Land) 
  Tippi (Super Paper Mario) 
  Toad & Toadette (Mario Party 7) 
  Toad (Mario Party 6) 
  Toad (Mario Party 7) 
  Toadette (Mario Party 6) 
  Toadsworth (Mario & Luigi: PiT) 
  Toadsworth (Super Mario Sunshine) 
  Togepi (Pok�mon series) 
  Tom Nook (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Torchic (Pok�mon series) 
  Tortimer (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Tractor Trailer (Wild Trax) 
  Training Academy Coach (X) 
  Treasure Chest (Kirby: Squeak Squad) 
  Triple Red Shells (Mario Kart: DD!!) 
  Turbo Birdo (Mario Kart: DD!!) 
  Twila (Mario Party 6) 
  Valoo (Zelda: Wind Waker) 
  Vector The Crocodile (Knuckles' Chaotix) 
  Vermin (Game & Watch) 
  Vivian (Paper Mario: TTYD) 
  Volvoice (Electroplankton) 
  Waddle Dee (Kirby 64) 
  Waddle Dee Ball (Kirby Canvas Curse) 
  Waluigi (Mario Superstar Baseball) 
  Waluigi (Super Mario Strikers) 
  Wario & Bike (WarioWare: MMG) 
  Wario (Super Mario 64 DS) 
  Wario (Super Mario Strikers) 
  Wario (WarioWare: Smooth Moves) 
  Wario Car (Mario Kart: DD!!) 
  Wario World Symbol (Wario World) 
  Wario-Man (WarioWare: Touched!) 
  Warrior Ing (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) 
  Warrior Mech Gauss (Chosoju Mecha MG) 
  Water Fairy Elias (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  Wave Rac 
  Wave The Swallow (Sonic Riders) 
  Weavel (Metroid Prime Hunters) 
  Weavile (Pok�mon series) 
  Welsh Corgi (Nintendogs) 
  Wendell (Animal Crossing: WW) 
  Whispy Woods (Kirby Super Star) 
  White Cat (F-Zero GX) 
  White Pikmin (Pikmin 2) 
  Wiggler (Mario Power Tennis) 
  Wild Goose (F-Zero GX) 
  Wild Gunman  
  Wobbuffet (Pok�mon series) 
  Wolf (Excite Truck) 
  Wolf (Star Fox Command) 
  Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Wolfen (Star Fox 64) 
  Wolfen (Star Fox: Assault) 
  Wrinkly Kong (DK: King of Swing) 
  Xananab (DK Jungle Climber) 
  Yadokarita (Densetsu no Stafy) 
  Yakuman Player (Yakuman) 
  Yellow Pellet (Pikmin 2) 
  Yellow Pikmin (Pikmin) 
  Yellow Virus (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) 
  Yoshi (Mario Party 2) 
  Yoshi (Paper Mario: TTYD) 
  Yoshi (Yoshi Touch & Go) 
  Yoshi Ship (Yoshi Topsy-Turvy) 
  Yoshi's Egg (Yoshi Touch & Go) 
  Young Cricket (WarioWare: Smooth Moves) 
  Young Zelda (Zelda: Minish Cap) 
  Young Zelda (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Zant (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 
  Zebes Inhabitant (Metroid Fusion) 
  Zelda (Zelda: Link to the Past) 
  Zelda (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Zero Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission) 
  Zinger (DK: King of Swing) 
  Zora (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) 
  Zora Link (Zelda: Majora's Mask) 

11. Unlocking Checklist

Here is the last section of the guide (Kind of). I'm going to make an 
organized checklist for those playing through the game so you can be 
organized with what you need. Now then, lets begin.

NOTE: I will not list all the randomly found Trophies and 
Sticker because there is already a checklsit of them on the Dojo.


[] Captain Falcon
[] Lucario
[] JigglyPuff
[] Wolf
[] Sonic
[] Snake
[] Game & Watch
[] R.O.B.
[] Luigi
[] Marth
[] Ness
[] Toon Link
[] Falco
[] Ganondorf


[] Green Hill Zone
[] 75m
[] Hanenbow
[] Spear Pillar
[] Mario Bros.
[] Luigi's Mansion
[] Pirate Ship (Great Sea)
[] Flat Zone 2
[] Green Greens
[] Jungle Japes
[] Big Blue
[] Pokemon Stadium


[] Multi-Man Melee 1
[] Menu 2
[] Credits (Super Smash Bros)
[] Opening (Melee)
[] Final Destination (Melee)
[] BattleField (Melee)
[] Giga Bowser (Melee)
[] Menu (Melee)
[] Main Theme (Super Mario 64)
[] Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)
[] Underwater Theme (SMB)
[] Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros)
[] Ricco Harbor
[] Mario Bros.
[] Castle/Boss Fortress (SMW & SMB3)
[] Airship Theme
[] Ground Theme 2
[] Underground Theme (SMB)
[] Luigi's Mansion Theme
[] Super Mario Bros. 3 (Melee)
[] Chill (Dr. Mario)
[] Rainbow Road
[] Hidden Mountain and Forest
[] Tal Tal Heights
[] Song of Storms
[] Great Temple
[] Dragon Roost Island
[] Title (LoZ)
[] The Hidden Village
[] Midna's Lament
[] The Great Sea
[] Gerudo Valley
[] Molgera Battle
[] Village of the Blue Maiden
[] Termina Field
[] Road to Viridian City
[] Poke Floats (Melee)
[] Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
[] Battle Theme (Melee)
[] Team Galactic Battle
[] Route 209
[] Pokemon Center
[] The Legendary Air Ride Machine
[] King Dedede's Theme
[] 02 Battle
[] Frozen Hillside
[] Fountain of Dreams (Melee)
[] Green Greens (Melee)
[] Squeak Squad Theme
[] Vs. Mark
[] Ending (Metroid)
[] Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2)
[] Vs. Parasite Queen
[] Brinstar Depths (Melee)
[] Star Wolf (SF:A)
[] Venom (Melee)
[] Corneria
[] Area 6 Ver.2
[] Break Through the Ice
[] Power-Hungry Fool
[] Ike's Theme
[] Winning Road: Roy's Hope
[] Shadow Dragon Medley
[] Victory is Near
[] Fire Field
[] Dream Chaser
[] Mach Rider (Melee)
[] Car Select
[] Big Blue (Melee)
[] Mute City (Melee)
[] Planet Colors
[] Bramble Blast
[] Kong Jungle (Melee)
[] Jungle Japes (Melee)
[] Donkey Kong
[] Opening (DK)
[] 25m BGM
[] Snowman
[] You Call This a Utopia?!
[] Mother 3 Love Theme
[] Mother 2 (Melee)
[] Mike's Song
[] Mike's Song(JP)
[] Ai No Uta (French)
[] Tane No Uta
[] Flower Field
[] Title (KI)
[] Icicle Mountain (Melee)
[] Flat Zone 2
[] Flat Zone (Melee)
[] Gyromite
[] 2:00 a.m.
[] Tetris: Type A
[] Tetris: Type B
[] Golden Forest
[] Clu Clu Land
[] Power-Up Music
[] Final Boss/Battle Scene
[] Tunnel Scene
[] Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon)
[] Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi
[] Douchuumen (Nazo no Murasmejo)
[] Excite Truck
[] Title (3D Hot Rally)
[] Mii Channel
[] Wii Shop Channel
[] Famicom Medley
[] Charge!
[] Opening Theme (Wii Sports)
[] Snake Eater (Instrumental)
[] Theme of Solid Snake
[] Calling to the Night
[] HIS WORLD (Instrumental)
[] Green Hill Zone
[] Scrap Brain Zone
[] Angel Island Zone
[] Emerald Hill Zone
[] Sonic Boom
[] Super Sonic Racing
[] Open Your Heart
[] Live & Learn
[] Sonic Heroes
[] Right There, Ride On
[] Seven Rings In Hand


[] Donkey Kong
[] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[] F-Zero
[] Super Mario Bros. 2
[] Super Mario World

Assist Trophies

[] Barbara Bat
[] Shadow the Hedgehog
[] Ray MK III
[] Tanks and Infantry
[] Isaac
[] Grey Fox

Target Smash

[] Level 2
[] Level 3
[] Level 4
[] Level 5

Stage Builder

[] Parts A
[] Parts B
[] Parts C


[] 11-20
[] 21-40
[] 41
[] 9-20 (Co-Op)
[] 21 (Co-Op)

1P and VS.

[] More Rules
[] Random Stage Switch
[] Boss Battle
[] All-Star

Subspace Enemy Trophies

[] Primid
[] Sword Primid
[] Boom Primid
[] Scope Primid
[] Big Primid
[] Metal Primid
[] Fire Primid
[] Glire
[] Glice
[] Glunder
[] Poppant
[] Bytan
[] Roader
[] Bombed
[] Greap
[] Bucculus
[] Towtow
[] Floow
[] Auroros
[] Buckot
[] Gamyga
[] Feyesh
[] Trowlon
[] Roturret
[] Spaak
[] Puppit
[] Shaydas
[] Mites
[] Shellpod
[] Shellpod (No Armor)
[] Nagagog
[] Cymul
[] Ticken
[] Armight
[] Borboras
[] Autolance
[] Armank
[] Mizzo
[] R.O.B. Sentry
[] R.O.B. Launcher
[] R.O.B. Blaster
[] Goomba
[] Koopa Troopa (Green)
[] Koopa Troopa (Red)
[] Koopa Paratroopa (Green)
[] Koopa Paratroopa (Red)
[] Bullet Bill
[] Hammer Bro
[] Giant Goomba
[] Ridley
[] Porky
[] Meta Ridley
[] Galleom
[] Duon
[] Tabuu
[] Rayquaza
[] Petey Piranha


[] Galleom (Tank)
[] Paletuna's Bow
[] Striker Mario
[] Cardboard Box
[] Apples
[] Creeping Chrysanthemum
[] Pichu
[] Gekko
[] Subspace Bomb
[] Musketeer Daltania
[] Red Alloy
[] Blue Alloy 
[] Yellow Alloy
[] Green Alloy
[] Smash Coins
[] Dyna Blade
[] Ray MK III
[] Excitebikes
[] Bananna Peel
[] Master Hand
[] Crazy Hand
[] Golden Hammer
[] Ballyhoo & Big Top
[] Paper Mario
[] Outset Link
[] Ouendan
[] Franklin Badge
[] Jyk
[] Red Pikmin
[] Walky
[] Xananab
[] Silver
[] Homerun 
[] Subspace Gunship
[] Baby Peach
[] Johnny
[] Peanut Popgun
[] Pellets
[] Cracker Launcher
[] Kapp'n
[] Sandbag
[] Blastbox
[] Dr. Eggman
[] Superscope
[] Ashnard
[] Stafy
[] Ancient Minister
[] Pitfall
[] Mewtwo
[] Shadow Bugs
[] RocketBarrel Pack
[] Halberd
[] Party Ball
[] K.K. Slider
[] Stickers
[] Dark Cannon
[] Kyle Hyde
[] Combo Cannon
[] Ashley Robbins
[] Wario Bike
[] Paletune
[] Plusle & Minun
[] King K. Rool
[] Bumper
[] Timer
[] Shy Guy
[] Birdo
[] Grey Fox
[] Porky Statue
[] Tails
[] Tom Nook
[] Tabuu (Wings)


[] Phyllis
[] Boo
[] Liquid Snake
[] Running Chibi-Robo
[] Ryuta Ippongi


[] 100% Game & Watch
[] 100% NES
[] 100% Game Boy
[] 100% SNES
[] 100% Virtual Boy
[] 100% Nintendo 64
[] 100% Game boy Advance
[] 100% Gamecube
[] 100% Nintendo DS
[] 100% Wii

11b. Squall's INTENSE(!!!) Challenges

Bored? Cleared Smash quicker than you should have? 
Try my challenges. Of course, not even I have completed them all. 
If you happen to have completed them (or all of the possible ones =P) send me
an E-mail with proof and I can give you the proper credit.

*And remember, dont cheat by using Golden Hammers for some of them!*

[] Complete the Unlocking Checklist (Above)
[] Unlock All Notices
[] Clear Subspace on any difficulty
[] Clear Subspace on Intense
[] Exceed 100 Power Count
[] Clear Boss Battles on Intense
[] Clear Boss Battles on Intense with 5 Characters
[] Clear Boss Battle on Intense without using hearts.
[] Play 1000 Matches
[] Play 100 Online Matches
[] Play time = 300 Hours
[] Spectate 50 Matches
[] Play 500 Stock Matches
[] Clear all Solo and Co-op Events on Hard
[] Play 300 Time Matches
[] Play 50 Coin Matches
[] Total Damage Exceed`s 500,000 (Whew)
[] Exceed 5,000 KOs
[] Have your #1 in KO Rankings exceed 1,500 KOs
[] Have your #2 in KO Rankings exceed 1,000 KOs
[] Have your #3 in KO Rankings exceed 500 KOs
[] Unlock all Chronicles
[] Clear Classic on Intense with all fighters
[] Clear All-Star on Intense with all fighters
[] Collect all Stickers
[] Collect all Trophies
[] Clear Classic on Intense (No Continues)
[] Clear All-Star on Intense (No Continues)
[] Reach a 999 Combo in training with ONE character
[] Clear all Target Smashes with every character
[] Exceed a Combined 75,000 Feet in Home Run Contest
[] Hit 8,000 Feet in a Co-op Homerun Contest
[] Hit 3,000 Feet in Home Run Contest
[] Clear 15-Minute Brawl
[] Score 15 KOs in Cruel Brawl
[] Score 20 KOs in Cruel Brawl
[] Clear 100 Man Brawl with Everyone
[] Clear 10-Man Brawl in under 10 seconds

12. FAQ
Here I'm going to post questions along with answered I've either heard, seen 
somewhere or simply made up ;).

Q: Why can't I use my Golden Hammer on Boss Battle challenges?

A: I have no clue.

Q: What should I use my Golden Hammer on?

A: Honestly, I would say the 100-Man Brawl with every character and 15-minute
Brawl are good choices. Other than that 100 hours of brawl and 2000 KOs are
quite tedious if you are trying to complete the game quickly. All stickers is
also very time-consuming. Ultimatley it is up to you.

Q: Can you Unlock [Insert character here]?

A: If it is not in this guide, then NO.

Q: How do I unlock [Toon Link, Wolf, Jigglypuff] I cleared SSE, and then I
went to the [Forest, Ruins, Swamp].

A: You have to find the correct Red Door they are in. They aren't unlocked by
re-clearing the level.

Q: How do I get Golden Hammers?

A: They are gained from clearing specific challenges. You can see a faint
picture of a Golden Hammer in some of the blue boxes if it contains one.

Q: What's the difference between VS. Matches and Brawls?

A: Although I wrote this above, I'll repeat, there is no difference. They
are the same thing.

Q: If you put a sticker on somebody that gives them +25 flame attack,
do they get +25 if they don't have any flame attacks, 
or did i just waste a sticker.

A:Naturally, if a character has a sword, and a sticker adding power to a 
sword is used it will work. However, using a sword adding sticker on say,
Mario, will not give him any effect. Of course this is the same thing if 
you do a +Fire sticker on, for example, Pit. It has no effect.(Although,
I am not quite sure if you add +Fire it will help a character using a Fire
Flower or Fire-Related Items.

Feel free to submit me questions at [email protected]

13. Credits

Here we are at the end of the guide. I am thankful for you reading my guide,
that is if it is accepted. So, I will begin with you, reader.



Nintendo- For creating Super Smash Bros.

Game Arts- For helping with Smash, and Creating the Grandia series


Rick Guardino- Gave me a tip on how to complete VS hours in
brawls much quicker. 

Galaxy Gazer- Noted something to me about the Ray assist trophy

Christopher M.- Correction on "Eggman" Trophy.

Kevin Vongmany- Fixed some CD information for me

idiotv- A strategy for collecting coins in coin matches.

Canada Champ- Fixed some information for me.

Aaron Kainrath- Fixed a trophy detail

4th Kirby- Strategies involving Target Smash Level 5.

David McGrogan- Great strategies on 15-Minute Brawl

Undead Pangolin- Tip for completing 100-Man Brawl quickly.

"Johnny"- Fixed something regarding masterpieces.

WiiShopChannels- Pointing something out about my INTENSE challenges.

Wilson K.- Noted something on Ganondorf and Boss Battles.


If you would like to submit something to my guide, comment on my guide, 
or fix something I did wrong (Spelling errors, wrong information etc.) 
please feel free to E-Mail me at [email protected]

You can also find me at

Website <------> My Name

Hotmail...                      [email protected]
GameFAQs Message Board...       Squall Leonhart8
GameFAQs...                     Tactics7777
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Wii-Records...                  fox mccloud 
Smash Friend Code...            0473-7446-3536

Note: If you want to add me as a friend on Smash, E-Mail me telling me
your friend code, that way I can add you as well.

14. Outro/Legality

First and Foremost, If you would Like to use this Guide, 
all you must do is E-Mail me, and I may or may not give you permission.

If you see a website using my guide that is not on the following list, feel
free to give me an E-mail to notify me.

As for as Legal Information goes, you may reproduce or print any part of
this guide you wish, whether as a 
part or in its entirety, so long as you do not SELL or CLAIM AS YOUR OWN!
If you want to put this on your website,
E-Mail me for permission. If my guide is placed on any website without 
given permission, you are violating copyright laws, and will most likely get 
into some sort of legal trouble, so please, just ask.