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The Incredible Hulk Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for The Incredible Hulk

We have 6 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for The Incredible Hulk please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : Gameboy Advance : PC : PlayStation 3 : Nintendo DS : PlayStation 2

You can also ask your question on our The Incredible Hulk Questions & Answers page.

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Bonus Costumes

Complete the tasks next to the person to unlock him.
The Incredible Hulk: Starts the game.

Classic Hulk: Collect 5 of the comic books.
Gray Hulk: Smash 7500 things.
Maestro: Destroy a building in each neighborhood.
Ironclad: Defeat the you-Foes making one of them kill it's teammate. Then kill Abomination.
Abomination: Kill Abomination.
The Professor: Complete all the Jump Challenges.

Hope this helped!

Defeating the Abomination

In order to defeat the Abomination you need to unlock the upgrade Fury Attack then once you start to fight the Abomination make sure you get some of your fury bar up. Then. The better way for the Abomination lose alot of life is to hit him with your ground slam buyt hold the button.Once you held the button you will hear a sound like this:KSHHH.Once he is stunned repeat the following prosess until the cutscene.Then he will start grabbing weapons to try to hit you so dodge and maybe block him then his weapon should break leaving him stunned then repeat this prosess.And last for not least grab him follow the controls it shows you and BOOM he's defeated and you unlocked the Abomination character

Jump Challenge Locations

Search the following locations to find the corresponding Jump Challenge.
Jump Challenge #1:
World Financial Center
Jump Challenge #2:
Behind the Woolworth Building
Jump Challenge #3:
20 Exchange Place
Jump Challenge #4:
Third building south of The Flat Iron Building
Jump Challenge #5:
Beside the Empire State Building (fall into it)
Jump Challenge #6:
Madison Square Garden
Jump Challenge #7:
You.S. Trust Building
Jump Challenge #8:
The building north of the Reuters Building. It has a star-shaped top. The jump ring is horizontal; you must look up to find it.
Jump Challenge #9:
South of Time Square, near Jump Challenge #8, slightly further south between a skyscraper and a smaller building, down low.
Jump Challenge #10:
Swiss Bank Tower
Jump Challenge #11:
Citigroup Center
Jump Challenge #12:
Carnegie Hall
Jump Challenge #13:
Time Warner Center
Jump Challenge #14:
Southeast of the Empire State University Subway
Jump Challenge #15:
North central area of Central Park

Unlock Bonus Characters

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding bonus character will become available.
Unlock Abomination:
Defeat Abomination.
Unlock Bi-Beast:
Defeat Bi-Beast.
Unlock Grey Hulk:
Smash 10,000 objects.
Unlock Professor Hulk:
Complete ALL jump challenges.
Unlock Savage Hulk:
Collect 5 comic book covers.
Unlock Maestro:
Destroy a building in each neighborhood.
Unlock Ironclad:
Defeat the Abomination and also beat the U-Foes using a deceptive ploy so that a U-Foe defeats his own teammate.

A Glitch in the game

After you destroy a building pick up a wooden block, then use the gauntlet move and it will be metal gauntlets, But you picked up a wooden block!

Character unlock

To unlock the characters listed below, complete the requirement listed.
Abomination - Defeat Abombination
Classic Hulk - Find any give comic covers
Gray Hulk - Smash 7,500 things
Ironclad - Defeat all of the U-Foes, tricking one of them to take down another one of them. Then, kill Abomination.
Maestro - Destroy a building in each neighborhood
The Professor - Successfully complete all fifteen Jump Challenges

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