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Punch Out!!! Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Punch Out!!!

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking invincibility headgear, unlocking circuits, unlocking Championship mode and unlocking Boxer intros in Gallery mode.

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We have 14 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Punch Out!!! please send them in here.

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Unlock Character Audio

When you complete the 3 challenges using any character in Exhibition mode their audio gallery will become available.

Regain Energy Between Rounds

If you're running out of energy press the - (minus) button during the dialogue between rounds. When you do this Doc will chomp on a Remedy Bar which will cause Mac to regain some energy. Use this cheat wisely as you can only do it once per opponent.

Unlock Donkey Kong

This character becomes an available option for Exhibition mode if you face Donkey Kong in 'Last Stand' mode.

Headgear and Health Recovery Between Rounnds

Check out the video below for some tips on headgear and recovering health between rounds.
Watch the video

Unlock Invincibility Headgear

When you lose a total of 100 times in Single-Player mode this feature will become available for you to use.

Energy Boost

When you have knocked an opponent down quickly press 1 and 2 repeatedly (or swing the Wii-mote in motion mode). Mac will pump himself up and regain some energy until the opponent gets up.

Unlock Champions Mode

This feature becomes available when you win 10 bouts in 'Mac's Last Stand'.

Unlock Circuits and Modes

Unlock Last Stand Mode:
Defeat Mr. Sandman in Title Defense mode.
Unlock Major Circuit:
Win the Minor Circuit Championship title.
Unlock Title Defense Mode:
Win the World Circuit Championship title.
Unlock World Circuit:
Win the Major Circuit Championship title.
Unlock Last Stand Mode:
Defeat Mr. Sandman in Title Defense mode.

Unlock Contender Career Credits Mini-Game

Complete Contender Career mode or view it under the 'Options' menu and use the pointer to correct the misspelled names of the developers and remove the names of your opponents on the score display. To edit the names click on the name so it turns green and to remove opponents names select them as they scroll.

Unlock Title Defense Mode

This feature becomes available when you complete the Minor, Major and World Circuits. In Title Defense mode you are challenged by ALL of the fighters you've already fought but with new patterns and strategies.

Unlock Boxer Intros in Gallery Mode

View each Boxer's intro as you progress through the game to unlock them in Gallery mode.

Weak Spot

Glass Joe-Punch after he says vive la france (minor circuit & title defense)
Von Kaiser-Dodge punch left once then star punch right (minor circuit)
Soda Popinski-Punch four times and then star punch (title defense)
Disco Kid-Star punch when he taunts you (title defense)
Help find more!!!

1 hit K.O

When Glass joe steps back get ready when he steps back in give him a right jab to the gut if timing is good hes out

How to Defeat Mr.Sandman

Use the following trick to defeat Sandman (title defense) in Round 1. This is quite challenging. Remember that he winks twice to show his "Tyson" punches. Punch him to stop him. If the punch is on the same side as the winking eye, you will get a star. It will most likely be his left (your right) that will wink first. Alternate, and once you have your two stars, let him have it, then immediately punch him with the left hand in the face after the uppercut. This is when the fight gets difficult. He will do two quick downward punches, the "Night-Night" punch, the "Stand Still" punch, and the side punch (in that order). The "named" punches will take awhile for him to wind up in order to confuse you. There are two ways to get through this. You can do it the easy way by simply dodging and count..

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