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PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond Cheats

Cheats and Tips for PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond


We have 5 cheats and tips on Wii.If you have any cheats or tips for PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First

How to get 30 everflames for Manibuzz:

Do you know that room where the Geodude are? If you do, then remember the 5 everflames near the 5 ledges. Once in a while, the everflames come back. Just keep chalanging Swoobat to chase, and you will have 30 everflames in no time.

How to find the Emolga.

Go to the Cove Area. There should be a small cave with Watchog in it. However, Watchog will shoot nuts at you. So try to tresspass carefully. Jump over the ledge using Snivy, and look somewhere near the tree. If you search hard enough, you can find Emolga. In order to befriend him, you have to beat him in Hide and Seek.

How To Get Items (In Collection) fast

Talk to Delibird at the Colloseum in the Crag Area. He will tell you to recieve his gift, then you will befriend him. When he holds a gift, you need to stand in front of him. He will give you a gift/item if you are standing in front of him, he will keep giving gifts to anyone near him.
Enjoy the Items.

Kecleon's Awards

Find and befriend Kecleon by jumping over the southeastern buildings in the town square at Cove Town with Snivy and then examining the jagged red stripe. Once you have accomplished this you will be given access to the awards system of the game where you complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding awards.
Ace Strikers:
Score 100 or more goals.
Attraction Elite:
Score first place in the four Attractions at Wish Park.
Battle Experts:
Win all battles, including the Battle Tournament.
Battle Tournament Champs:
Win the Battle Tournament after finishing the pre-credits storyline.
Berry Rich:
Get 50,000 or more Berries.
Camera Czars:
Take 100 or more Photos.
Chase Champions:
Beat every Pokemon that plays Chase.
Collect one of each basic Collection item.
Epic Explorers:
Explore the Lighthouse, Stump, Cave, and Lab a lot.
Friendly Folk:
Greet Pokemon 100 or more times.
Friends with Everyone:
Befriend ALL 194 Pokemon.
Scatter 100 or more plants.
Max Power:
Max out ALL four Pals' HP, dashing speed, and move power (for all three moves).
Mighty Smashers:
Hit Pokemon 500 or more times with your dashing tackle.
Portal Pros (Arbor):
Get 50,000 or more Friendship Power points when opening the Arbor Area Wish Park portal.
Portal Pros (Cove):
Get 50,000 or more Friendship Power points when opening the Cove Area Wish Park portal.
Portal Pros (Crag):
Get 50,000 or more Friendship Power points when opening the Crag Area Wish Park portal.
Portal Pros (Tech):
Get 50,000 or more Friendship Power points when opening the Tech Area Wish Park portal.
Find and obtain ALL 40 Vast White Quills.
Sure Shots:
Hit Pokemon 100 or more times with objects.
Wrecking Crew:
Destroy 100 or more objects.

Get Reshiram and Zekrom

I did this I while ago, so plz post a better version if I am off a bit.
Reshiram-when you beat the game, talk to the Area Keepers. One will mention getting 20 White Quills and headed to the Arcane Area. The bridge is broken now, so look for some. After you get about 20 the bridge is open(there is a quill with Scolipede and Burmy there too.) Head to the area, and go to the back. Switch to Snivy and jump near a ledge in the back. A Reshiram Dais is there, and if you have 20 quills, the shrine will take you in. Reshiram will then battle you.
Zekrom-Talk to Emboar after you beat Darkrai and save Wish Park. He'll give you the Deep Black Orb, which is how you get Zekrom. Head to the Warehouse, and Reuniclus will help by making a machine. However, the machine needs immense power from Land, Thunder, and Wind(Any ideas?). Head to the Beach, and go up to the Shrine there. Chant for Tornadus, and he'll play Chase. Then, he'll go to Reuniclus' Lab, but reminds you to get Thundurus. Head to the Iceberg Area, and find Mandibuzz. If you haven't already, give her some Everflames. She will then lift your party to Thundurus' Shrine. Repeat what you did at the beach, and Thundurus will go the the Lab, but tell you to find Landorus. Go to the Arcane Area(to get there, get 20 Quills.)and surf to the island. Chant for Landorus, and he will battle you. Beat him, and head to the Warehouse. Reunciclus and the trio will charge the machine and open the Orb. Finally, head to Wish Park, and go to Wish Palace. Above the throne is Zekrom's Dais. Use it to battle Zekrom.
BONUS-Befriend both of these dargons to free and befriend Darkrai, and be able to befriend Gothita, Gothorita, and Gothitelle.

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