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Follow the dark path or use the light
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Pack Shot

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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How To Get Pass The First Level hint for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

How To Get Pass The First Level

Ok here is my very long hint for Metriod Prime 3:Curruption
We will go through the first level and how to defeat the first boss.

1:well will go through the Gunship and how to get to your destination

2:Were to go through the first level

3:How to defeat the first boss

1: At first you are in Samus's gunship able to control the ship yourself. First off you will spot a red screen between samus's feet. Click on it with (a)
From there you must place in your identity code into the panel up top. Afterwards will allow you to land on the GFS Olympus. Then click on the thrusters on your left to fly and land on GFS Olympus.
Now your done with step 1 of my 3 steps.

Now for step 2

2: Now that you land your Gunship on the GFS Olympus, a Federation Marine will ask you to shoot theres four blue targets. When your done a Federation Marine will lets you into the GFS Olympus. From Docking Bay 5 goto Docking bay Access, next a guy that needs you to unjam the gears by
By firing at the targets and destroying them. Walk to Docking Bay 4, you will reach a panel, from there place this code (13576) this will unlock the door and allow you to contuine. You will reach the Security Station, there you will be scanned in order to contuine. You must interact with the biohazared/DNA scanner.
Interact with the panel after your finished to exit the scanner room. Go through the Sucurity Access Corridor and goto the Command Lift A to reach the Flag Brige. Walk untill you find the Marine guarding the Corridor leading into the Briefing room. You must find the near by save station before you can go into the Briefing Room.
Go through the opposite Corridor to reach the Save Station, save and go into the Briefing Room. Admiral Dane and the other alsome Bounty Hunters will be in this room. He will talk about how the Space Pirates have currupted the Aurora Unit, he will give you all the task to save this Aurora Unit by vaccinating it.
Go back to the lower level of the Flag Bridge you will see a couple of Space Pirates firing at you, kill them and contuine to your right. Go to the Observation Deck, there should be and explosion as a Space Pirate Pod crashes into GFS and two Space Pirates will come out, take care of them fast and make sure the two Marines live. You will get a Blue Credit for it.
Now go into the Xenoresearch Lab and save the Marine getting attacked by the two Space Pirate Tank things, if you do you will get another Blue Credit. Once you reach the Lab Access Room, a Cutscene will come in, after it is over quickly shot the red Emergency button, if you do it right you will save the Marine and you will recive a Freind Voucher.
Next back track back into the Xenoresearch Lab, there three Space Pirates will be standing there one holding a Energy Tank. This Space Pirates however are Armoured more heavily than others, they will take longer to kill but are easy to get rid of.
Retrieve the Energy Tank and place it in the Pillar in the center of the room. Next a load of the Space Pirates Tanks and Space Pirates Crawlers, clear a path and turn to MorphBall form. There should be a hole in the floor, into the hole and roll through the tunnel before you reach the exit out of the Lab.
You will then recover a Energy Tank and then use a Bomb to ascend the vertical portion of the shaft. You will find yourself in a Disposal Shaft, from there scan a panel and it will open it emptying you into space. Afterwhich a CutScene will come in showing you, after which you will be at Repair Bay A.
The only way out is into Docking Bay 5 but it's blocked by Space Pirates, kill them and inter the Munitions Room. There you will find the Missle Launcher upgrade. Next go back the Repair Bay A and scan the Panel to open the door.
Now extend the bridge by shooting the four red switches above the Repair Bay Shaft. Now the bridge will be extended but these Blue things will block the door, turn into MorphBall form and roll past them. Before you enter Docking Bay 5 go to the Save Station just off the Repair Bay Shaft.

Now that was a long session but it's over.....NOT, now it's the boss time

3:BOSS BATTLE BERSERKER LORD Now first just simply shoot the red glowing orbs on it's body, Berserker's attacks are easy and simple to avoid. When Berserker takes a good amount of damage it will be throwen into it's next battle phase. Berserker will now shoot orbs at you, shoot these orbs.
Now when he gets done with his anger problems finish him off with some missle shots to those Orbs and now your done. Now your one step closer to the end of the game.

Added by: soul.lord.izo
Mar 2nd 2009, ID#2531


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