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Mario Super Sluggers Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario Super Sluggers

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A large collection of cheats which includes unlocking bonus characters, secret shop items, unlocking badges, unlocking bonus fields and unlocking the final movie.

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We have 18 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario Super Sluggers please send them in here.

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Unlock Badges

Collect the following badges by completing their corresponding task.
Unlock Buddy Badge:
Get every character on your team.
Unlock Star Badge:
Make ALL playable characters star characters.
Unlock Stadium Badge:
Open ALL the playable ballparks.
Unlock Error Item Badge:
Unlock ALL the Error Items

Unlock Bonus Fields

If you want a change of scenery then complete the indicated task in Challenge mode to unlock the corresponding hidden field.
Unlock Bowser's Castle:
Defeat Bowser in Challenge mode.
Unlock Bowser Jr. Playroom:
Defeat Bowser Jr. At this stadium in Challenge mode.
Unlock Daisy Cruiser:
At Peach Ice Garden buy the Cruiser pass at the shop.
Unlock Luigi's Mansion:
At Mario Stadium buy Luigi's flashlight at the shop.

Unlock Final Movie

The last movie in this crazy game becomes unlocked when you defeat Bowser twice.

Unlock Minigame Madness

This feature is unlocked when you beat Star level on every minigame. In Minigame madness you play 5 random minigames and win points agganst your friends or computers. You get 10 points for coming first, 8 points for coming 2nd, 6 points for coming 3rd and 3 points for coming 4th. Minigame Madness cannot be played in Challenge mode.

Error Items

To find the following Error items unlock Wario and use his treasure opening ability at the indicated location in Challenge mode.
Fire Ball:
Wario City
Mini Boos:
Mario Stadium
POW Ball:
Peach's Ice Garden

Unlock Secret Minigames

When you complete the indicated task the corresponding hidden minigame will become an available option.
Unlock Blooper Baserun (Day) Minigame:
Unlock Daisy’s Cruiser
Unlock Castle Pinball (Night) Minigame:
Unlock Bowser’s Castle
Unlock Graffiti Runner (Day) Minigame:
Unlock Bowser Jr.’s Castle
Unlock Wall Ball (Night) Minigame:
Defeat Bowser Jr. In Challenge mode
Unlock Bomb-omb Derby (Night) Minigame:
Defeat Bowser Jr. In Challenge mode
Unlock Ghost K (Night) Minigame:
Unlock Luigi’s Mansion

Minigame Difficulty

Whenever you beat a minigame a new setting with increased difficulty will become unlocked. This will continue happening in each minigame until the maximum difficulty setting has been reached.

Secret Shop Items

When you have found the Secret Shop you will be able to buy the following 3 items.
Star Candy:
Find and purchase in the Secret Shop
Star Candy (x2):
First purchase a lone Star Candy
Super Star:
First purchase three sets of Star Candy (x2)

Unlock Night Mode

To be able to play during the night at the different stadiums you must first beat Bowser Jr.'s Playroom in Challenge mode. Night mode is not available for Bowser's Stadium or Luigi's Mansion.

My Heavy Hitter Team

1.Petey Piranha
5.Funky Kong
6.Dark Bones
7.Red Kritter
8.King K. Rool

Unlock Bonus Characters

Complete the following tasks to unlock the indicated character. There are multiple ways to unlock characters.
Unlock Birdo:
At Yoshi Park defeat Bowser Jr.
Unlock Daisy:
Complete Peach's Stadium.
Unlock Baby Mario:
Unlock Baby Luigi then at the field where you battle Bowser Jr.'s team save Baby Mario.
Unlock Baby Luigi:
At Mario's Stadium pull the levers to connect the bridge.
Unlock Baby Daisy:
At Peach Garden use Wario’s magnet to pull Daisy’s baby rattle from the fountain. Then have Yoshi go through the manhole cover on the left side of the garden to give the rattle to a crying Baby Daisy.
Unlock Baby DK:
At DK Jungle use Yoshi's power to free Baby DK from the palm tree that he's stuck..

Chemistry team

If you want the best team for buddy jumps or items or some other third thing here is the team

1.Donkey Kong
2.Funky Kong
3.Tiny Kong
4.Baby Donkey Kong
5.Tiny Kong
7.Diddy Kong
6.Brown Mii
8.Para Goomba
9.Montey Mole

Super Star Team

Okay, here's an awesome team for the game,trust me it it an awesome team!
Fire Bro
Petey Pirahna
Diddy Kong
Bowser Jr.
It is an awesome team!Have Fun Winning!

Best team

The best team is:[my personal team] yellow yoshi[3b] light blue yoshi[2b] blue yoshi [rf] yoshi[lf] red yoshi [ss] mario [p] luigi [c] wiggler [1b] baby mario [cf]

Best pitching team

Bowser jr P
Diddy kong 1b
Luigi 2b
Yoshi ss
Mario 3b
Toads OF
Donkey kong c
Can replace toads with shy guy or magickoopa

fast way for all star players

Ok get every person mission in challenge mode and face bowser with a team then do this again and again each time adding players you need star. After a few games you will have all star players!and the second time you beat bowser his team will all be star longlivemario10

Best Team in the Game

Here is the best team in the game's lineup and positions.
1)Mario- SS
2)Luigi- 2nd
3)Dark Bones- 1st
4)Petey Piranha- C
5)Hammer Bro- CF
6)Boomerang Bro- RF
7)Fire Bro- LF
8)Peach- 3rd
9)Tiny Kong- P
The 3 hammer bros are interchangeable in the outfield and in the batting order, and if T.K. is getting hit a lot, you can move Luigi to 3rd and put T.K. at 2nd and Peach to P. This is my all star team and i have never lost a game with them. Good luck!

best team ever!

This team is awsome dk.1b mario.2b peach3b babydk.c pinata(any color).lf bowser j.r.p bowser.rf blooper


1.mario 2.pinata 3.bowserj.r. 4.bowser 5.wario 6.funky kong dk 8.peach 9.blooper hope this helps!

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