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Madden NFL 2007 Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for Madden NFL 2007


We have 10 cheats and tips on Wii.If you have any cheats or tips for Madden NFL 2007 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : GameCube : PC : PSP : Xbox : Nintendo DS : Gameboy Advance : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our Madden NFL 2007 Questions & Answers page.

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Gold Card Codes
Enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding Gold Card.
Card #220 - Super Bowl XLI: RLA9R7
Card #221 - Super Bowl XLII: WRLUF8
Card #222 - Super Bowl XLIII: NIEV4A
Card #223 - Super Bowl XLIV: M5AB7L
Card #224 - Aloha Stadium: YI8P8U
Card #225 - '58 Baltimore Colts: B57QLU
Card #226 - '66 Green Bay Packers: 1PL1FL
Card #227 - '68 New York Jets: MIE6WO
Card #228 - '70 Cleveland Browns: CL2TOE
Card #229 - '72 Miami Dolphins: NOEB7U
Card #230 - '74 Pittsburgh Steelers: YO0FLA
Card #231 - '76 Oakland Raiders: MOA11I
Card #232 - '77 Denver Broncos: C8UM7U
Card #233 - '78 Miami Dolphins: VIU0O7
Card #234 - '80 Oakland Raiders: NLAPH3
Card #235 - '81 San Diego Chargers: COAGI4
Card #236 - '82 Washington Redskins: WL8BRI
Card #237 - '83 Los Angeles Raiders: H0EW7I
Card #238 - '84 Miami Dolphins: M1AM1E
Card #239 - '85 Chicago Bears: QOETO8
Card #240 - '86 New York Giants: ZI8S2L
Card #241 - '88 San Francisco 49ers: SP2A8H
Card #242 - '90 Philadelphia Eagles: 2L4TRO
Card #243 - '91 Detroit Lions: J1ETRI
Card #244 - '92 Dallas Cowboys: W9UVI9
Card #245 - '93 Buffalo Bills: DLA3I7
Card #246 - '94 San Francisco 49ers: DR7EST
Card #247 - '96 Green Bay Packers: F8LUST
Card #248 - '98 Denver Broncos: FIES95
Card #249 - '99 St. Louis Rams: S9OUSW

Enter these names in the password section to get the Madden cards.
Get your Quarterback on Target - WROA0R
Use this Madden card and your Quarterback will have 100% accuracy for all of the current half.
Get your Quarterback to make no mistakes - XL7SP1
Use this Madden card and your Quarterback will not throw an interception or fumble the ball for all of the current half.
Screw up your opponents passes - 5LAWO0
Use this Madden card and your opposition will just be able to throw high in the air passes, you should find it more easy to intercept those passes.

easy fumbles

If you go to practice mode and are defence, you can go around the defence without touching anyone, go in front of the quarterback and wait for the hike. The offence will fumble it every time you do it.


To enter the following codes, go to "Madden Cards" then "Madden Code." Note: the codes are case sensitive.
Code -------- Effect
5LAWO0 ------ Lame Duck card
XL7SP1 ------ Mistake Free card
WROA0R ------ QB On Target card
YI8P8U ------ Aloha Stadium (Gold)
B57QLU ------ 1958 Colts (Gold)
1PL1FL ------ 1966 Packers (Gold)
MIE6WO ------ 1968 Jets (Gold)
CL2TOE ------ 1970 Browns (Gold)
NOEB7U ------ 1972 Dolphins (Gold)
YO0FLA ------ 1974 Steelers (Gold)
MOA11I ------ 1976 Raiders (Gold)
C8UM7U ------ 1977 Broncos (Gold)
VIU0O7 ----- 1978 Dolphins (Gold)
NLAPH3 ------ 1980 Raiders (Gold)
COAGI4 ------ 1981 Chargers (Gold)
WL8BRI ------ 1982 Redskins (Gold)
H0EW71 ------ 1983 Raiders (Gold)
M1AM1E ------ 1984 Dolphins (Gold)
QOETO8 ------ 1985 Bears (Gold)
ZI8S2L ------ 1986 Giants (Gold)
SP2A8H ------ 1988 49ers (Gold)
2L4TRO ------ 1990 Eagles (Gold)
J1ETRI ------ 1991 Lions (Gold)
W9UVI9 ------ 1992 Cowboys (Gold)
DLA3I7 ------ 1993 Bills (Gold)
DR7EST ------ 1994 49ers (Gold)
F8LUST ------ 1996 Packers (Gold)
FIES95 ------ 1998 Broncos (Gold)
S9OUSW ------ 1999 Rams (Gold)
RLA9R7 ------ Super Bowl XLI (Gold)
WRLUF8 ------ Super Bowl XLII (Gold)
NIEV4A ------ Super Bowl XLIII (Gold)
M5AB7L ------ Super Bowl XLIV (Gold)

chang the cpu level

Chang the cpu level in the middel of playing pause the game and go to the page were at the top of it you see the level do not push anything it well be grayed out push over on the nunchuks controlstik and wala


Some times if your on defense(on 2 player) and the opposing team is going for a field goal if you get between the person who hikes and the person who holds the ball...the ball will bounce off of your guyss butt..and the ball will just lay there next to you and the kicker will still try to kick and the ball will magically go in

Quarterback help

When holding Z and trying to throw your quaterback will intentionally throw it out of bounds, so your best bet is either to commit to the run or stay in the pocket and make the pass play.

Easy game win (sorta practice)

Play the admirals with a really good team and you will most definately win
If you don't then you're just bad no offense

Superstar strategy

In superstar mode, when picking your parents, your best hope is to have your mother be a college or U.S. Sprinter, because speed is very helpful and you can pick a good position to fit your abilities. Your father should (no doubt about it) be a hall of famer as whatever position you want your superstar to be. It takes a while to get a set of parents like that but in the end it's worth it. Currently, my superstar's parents are a hall of fame quarterback (father), and U.S. Sprinter (mother). I have already become the rookie of the year and am in my second season. Good luck to you.

throw unlimited touchdown passes

Complete 10 games in a row and at the main menu, press, zcba cbbazbazc

To do really well in francise mode create a team..

To do really well in francise mode create a team and when you pick, pick the players who want a lower salary, for instance your HB could be Larry Johnson for about eight million dollars.

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