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Kirby's Return to Dream Land Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Kirby's Return to Dream Land


We have 15 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Kirby's Return to Dream Land please send them in here.

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Metaknight/Waddle Dee/King DeDeDe

To get access to Metaknight, Waddle Dee and King DeDeDe in Arena Mode, complete the mode in first place.

Secret Door in 7-3

On level 7-3, at the end of the stage, do not enter the door that ends the stage, rather continue to go upwards until you see a floating meteor. You will be prompted with the 'press up' symbol when in front of it - do this to enter and retrieve some secret items.


To unlock Arena mode, Extra mode and the Sound Test facility, simply complete the game once.

Extra Mode Bosses

When you complete the following tasks you will be able to fight against the corresponding Boss.
Galacta Knight:
Reach Round 13 of the True Arena.
Defeat Metal General EX in Egg Engines in Extra mode.
Magolor EX with Snow Bowl and Grand Hammer:
Defeat Lor EX in Extra mode.
Magolor Soul:
Defeat Magolor EX in Extra mode.

Other Unlockables

Below are some more unlockables:
Kirby Master video:
Complete both arenas, and achieve 100% in Main and Extra games
Play as any character in Arena:
Beat Arena once
Play as any character in True Arena:
Beat True Arena once

Gain 30 Lives in the Bonus Jump Game

Land in the following order on the 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st floors in the bonus jump game at the end of every level. You will be rewarded with 30 lives, instead of 30 Stars on the jump to the 1st floor at the end.

Unlockable Sub-Games

You can unlock 2 sub-games, which you can access on the Lor Starcutter via the ladder after the main lobby:
Ninja Dojo:
Collect 15 Energy Spheres.
Scope Shot:
Collect 30 Energy Spheres.

Unlock True Arena

To unlock True Arena, you must complete Extra Mode.

Copy Ability Rooms

To unlock various copy ability rooms to give Kirby easy access to his powers, follow the instructions below:
Copy Ability Room 1:
Collect 20 Energy Spheres.
Copy Ability Room 2:
Collect 40 Energy Spheres.
Copy Ability Room 3:
Collect 60 Energy Spheres.
Copy Ability Room 4:
Collect 80 Energy Spheres.

Level 6-5: HAL Room

Go all the way to the end when you enter the third room and and then fly up to the conveyor belts. If you then enter the black area at the top of the conveyor belt you will access a cannon room that will shoot you to the HAL blocks.

Secret Door: 5-5

On 5-5, at the first screen, notice the locked door above the star door that you are actually supposed to go through. Head through the locked door to fight Water Galboros, King Doo and Dubior, Giant Edge and Kimble Blade, and finally Bonkers and Moundo.

Unlock Challenge Stages

Collect the indicated number of Energy Spheres to unlock the corresponding stage. These stages require Kirby to beat them in a fixed amount of time in order to recieve 1 of 4 medals based on score requirements.
Bomb Challenge:
Collect 50 Energy Spheres
Hi-Jump Challenge:
Collect 35 Energy Spheres
Item Challenge:
Collect 120 Energy Spheres
Sword Challenge:
Collect 7 Energy Spheres
Water Challenge:
Collect 70 Energy Spheres
Whip Challenge:
Collect 25 Energy Spheres
Wing Challenge:
Collect 90 Energy Spheres

Secret Rooms

There are secret rooms in 1-2, 1-4, 5-5, 6-5 and 7-3. In 1-2, go to the room with the Needle Ability. To the right of the room, there's a Maxi Tomato. In the place you find the tomato, fly to the top left. There's a hole with a secret inside. 1-4, go to the end of 1st room to the edge of the screen, then backtrack. You'll see a hole that wasn't there before. There's a door, enter it. 5-5, In the 1st room, climb the tower, don't enter the door, fly higher. Enter the barred door. 6-5, Go to the end of 3rd room (Rooms include crushing stages) where Halcandran Waddle Dees fall off the conveyor belt. Climb the conveyor belt until you reach the dead end. Enter the hole in the net-like background. 7-3, Go to the goal room, but don't enter the finishing door. Fly directly up to the meteor in the..

*Hal Rooms*

Hal rooms are rooms hidden within the game by Hal. Labrotory
The first one is much harder to find, as you have to go as far as right as possible on 1-4, then back-track to find a section of ground has lowered.
This HAL Room is amazing for granting access to four superb abilities VERY early into the game.
The other room is found on 6-5 and isn't as well hidden, but still pretty easy to miss if you don't bother to explore that cranny. Where the little magolor like things fall go in that tight area go to the right enter a door which is kind of in the background

Magolor Soul's Secret

When you finish fighting Magolor's 1st form, you have to lose your power to get the Super Ability and Magolor deletes the Ability after. Magolor Soul will throw out enemies as his 1st or 2nd attack. If you chose an ability from the ability room before the battle, the 1st enemy Magolor Soul throws out is the ability you were using before.

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