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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility

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Find out how to get quick money and the wood fish for Alans recipe. We'll also tell you how to get more hammer easily and how to get the completion bonus.

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We have 17 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility please send them in here.

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Raise Shelly's Heart Level

If you request a Rucksack Upgrade from Shelley without the needed materials Shelley will still gain Heart points. This can be done indefinitely and will make money making easier in the Tailor Shop.

Completion Bonus

Create the 5 rainbows and reawaken the Harvest Goddess to complete the game and then save the cleared file. When you start a new session with the cleared saved game file you can play as your child retaining ALL your previously earned money, items and livestock.

quick money (G)

During spring,buy alot of happy fertilizer and strawberry seeds.plant as many seeds as you can.then use the fertilizer on the plants.the fertilizer makes healthy plants and makes them grow can make over 50,000 G a season!even better!the strawberries can also grow through summer!when fall comes,you will have a very,very,VERY large amount!

Increase Villagers' Affection

If you give villagers lots of undesirable gifts you will get unlimited chances to give them better ones. Their affection will stop at zero, so do not worry about negative numbers. Although this is tedious, giving away hundreds of undesirable gifts is an easy way to raise Heart levels.

Dont overwork yourself too much when your married!

When your married, please do NOT overwork yourself. If you do, your spouse will lose hearts. It happened to me and then I had a glitch that I did not get married and that Toby was not in my house. IF you do that alot, you will lose hearts + you need to do the challenge again. If you do it frequently, just stop, and try to bring food with you (like when your married, your spouse will make you lunch) and eat it when you need energy.

the rare saury

The saury is found at the waffle island sea but in a certain place.Walk foward down from on the hook.There is a shorter walkway and a longer walkway.Take the shorter walkway.there are 2 chain right there and you might find a saury.

more hammer,less hassel

Hit a rock with any strenth hit a nd then a level 3 hit

Sheep Shining Wool!

Points, that is the tip, you need to get up to ten hearts and make sure that your sheep is happy or covered in sparkles before you sheer it. Because when the sheep is covered in sparklers that shows that the sheep is full time happy and if you leave the wool on for a whole day and let the sheep stay the night outside and then shear it you will certainly get shining wool . I know this will help. I have the game that is how certain I am.


1.) You break rocks w/ hammer in praline woods(by carpenter shop), break rocks in your farming plot or other plots as well, and rarely in mine when breaking rocks.
2.) You get your 1st animal when you buy it at brownie ranch(I suggest getting a cow 1st, oh & you need to buy an animal barn at the carpenter shop.
3.)All seasons are 28 days.(There are 4 seasons) If you want go to general store & by a cheap calander for 180G.
4.)No the story doesn't change but there are advanteges to certain plots. (town=quicker to get to town, seaside=quicker to fish, hilltop=quicker to mine(after complete quest to get rid of the big root)
5.)Like I said earlier brownie ranch which can be obtained after hammer reaches lv.3 or until 1st season 28th, animal festival, by scuffle farm.

wood fish for Alans recipe(suary)

The wood fish is one of the most elusive and difficult fish to catch.You really need a Gold fishing rod and level 3 fishing experience if you want a good chance of catching one.It lives in the Harvets Goddess Spring and can't be found there during the day.
NOTE:this is the only way to get it because no animal will give it to you when it reaches 4 hearts!
(But you can get a suary from all 3 cats at 4 hearts)

saury is too hyped up

Ok guys, I've seen a lot of people making the saury sound like a big deal. Don't get worked up, and actually, don't follow their advice. It's misleading and will make you take more time than necessary. I go fishing at cream beach for most of my day, and I catch at least 4 saurys a day. So just go to the beach, fish casually for a good profit, and you're bound to get one.


To catch saury, go down and left and face souhtwest from the seaside plot, do not charge, it's not far from the edge, and keep fishin at the same angle

I need awnsers!

I have a few questions.
1. Where do you get the mineral for building buildings?
2.When do you get your first animal?
3.How many days are in a season?
4.Does the story change on where you put your 1st house?
5.Where do I get animals?

Please answer fast!!! XD


1 pralain woods or farming plots.
2 Buy at brownie ranch 1st need to get animal barn at carpenter house.
3 28days all seasons
4 No it does not change the story but are certain advanteges for the plots.
5 Like before brownie ranch when hammer reaches lv 3 & you go near it(by scuffle farm) or you reach spring 28(animal festival)
Hope I could help.

Easy Heart Points

When you are couting your future spouce, really you only need to get them to 3 hearts. At four there is the date, where the'll ask you a ?. Ansewr right to get another heart. At 5 there is the request, do this for 6. At 6 there is the love confession, accept them for 7. Now you only need 1 more for 8!
* * *
Work part time to get heart points. Each hour is 1 heart point.

Tree grow.

Lol lo so how long does it take for a tree to grow in harvest moon for the wii?

Levitating Hamilton !?

When you are almost done finding the quilt, except having the key for the clock, go to the inn in the night wait till Hamilton enters, talk to him, a movie will begin telling you to go to his house and your conversation... And done, see Hamilton yourself he is over his chair levitating.

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