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Go Vacation Wii Cheats and Tips

We have 7 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Go Vacation please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Go Vacation Questions & Answers page.

All Go Vacation Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

All sea creatures in scuba diving

Here's a video to all the sea creatures in scuba diving. I recommend playing scuba diving while you have this video playing cause it's easier and you can pause it if you need to.

Watch the video

Where to find the Horses on mountain resort

1.The frist horse is at ponit one turn till you see a car then you sould see a white horse.

2.The next horse is behind a house you follow the train tracks out of ponit one you cross a brige and go up a hill somewere after the hill you sould see a blue airow thats the horse

3.go to big horn ranch then look around there is a horse there.


Dog Person Locations

Here are the locations for the person who gives you a free dog:

Marine Resort: Nearby the dock with the person who lets you go diving.

City Resort: In front of the La Vacanza Shopping Mall Sign

Snow Resort: In the small town near Wild Boar Rush and is connected to Fox Roost

Mountain Resort: Near the Train Station where the Info Center is

Mountain Resort Treasure Chests

Warp to number 6 on the map and then go across the bridge to your left. Keep going until you get to an archway. Jump off of your vehicle, (if you have one), and face backwards so you can just see the sign for Paragliding. Turn left and you should see a wall with a small dent in it. Jump onto that dent and over the wall. Go through the cave you come to and up to the top of the spiral staircase. There will be the first treasure chest. Warp to number 4 on the map and get into an Off Road Car, Horse, or you can walk. Follow the road that goes past the Church and then go straight and follow the road until you come to a bridge that is close to Otti Mcrae Falls. Right before the bridge there will be a turning left, go on that road and follow it around until you come ta a cave at the back of the waterfall, there is the second treasure chest. Stay where you are for this treasure chest, just go back to the bridge. This time, go across it and take the left turning after it. Follow the path up until you get to where there are no railings. There should be some black steps along behind the waterfall. Jump onto the first one, then jump onto the next one, then jump onto a wooden platform. Don't jump down onto the next one, run down the wooden slope and then jump. Jump onto the other wooden platform and run up the slope onto another wooden platform, then jump onto the next rock with the Treasure Chest on it. For the fourth treasure chest, warp to number 1 on the map and choose a Off Road Car or a Horse, whichever you are faster on. Head to the castle which is to the right then follow the road. When you get to the man with the hand and two arrows above his head then turn left and off of your vehicle. Face right and you should see steps. Jump up all of the steps and you should see the treasure chest on top of a tower in the distance. Go around until you jump onto the ledge and then onto the roof. Jump onto the ledge close by the wall of the castle and then jump onto the other ledge with the wooden slope going up to the fourth treasure chest. Jump off of the tower and into the water below. Swim under the bridge that you came over to get the fourth treasure chest. Have a look around and you should see the picture of a treasure chest on top of a hill in the water. Swim over to that hill and in the middle of the hill should be some steps. Jump up those steps and up the grass slope to come onto the other part of the hill. Jump over the gap in the middle to get the fifth treasure chest. For the sixth treasure chest warp to number 8 on the map and choose Walk/Swim. Walk over to the sign that reads SHANGHAR and then turn right and walk along that path until you get to lots of boulders. Pass the boulders and keep walking up the path until you get the sixth treasure chest. For the seventh and final treasure chest warp to number 4 on the map and choose Walk/Swim. Run to the train track and follow it the way the train goes. Turn right soon and you should see a photo stop. Turn left and go up the small hill to come to a bridge. Walk across the bridge and stay to the left side. There will be a hole in the bridge, fall down it to get the last treasure chest. HOPE THIS HELPS![color=red][/color

Machine gum mobe and snow resort wether change.

1, when on target shooting go to actives then on the mode selecton screen.

Press 1 3times to turn on machine gun you will here a click sound when active then select a level to play and you will have the machine gun.

2, snow resort. Just before the loading screen of the snow resort.





More Unlockables

You can also unlock the items below by collecting the stamps indicated:

Mountain Resort:

Collect 12 stamps.

Visit Resorts At Other Times:

Collect 16 stamps.

Your Villa:

Collect 20 stamps.

Unlockable Resorts

To unlock two additional resorts, simply earn the number of stamps indicated below:

City Resort:

Collect 4 stamps.

Snow Resort:

Collect 8 stamps.

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