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Bully: Scholarship Edition Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for Bully: Scholarship Edition

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Check out our cheats to get 10,000,000 dollars, unlock BMX helmet and unlock double carnival tickets, unlock rubber band ball and unlock black Ninja suit.

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We have 14 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Bully: Scholarship Edition please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PC

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The following features will become unlocked in the game when you have completed the indicated task.
Unlock BMX Helmet:
Complete ALL the bike races.
Unlock Crash Helmet:
Win the first set of Go-Kart races.
Unlock Rubber Band Ball:
Collect ALL the rubber bands.
Unlock Mo-Ped:
Buy from carnival for 75 tickets.
Unlock Black Ninja Suit:
Take a picture of ALL the students of Bullworth.
Unlock Double Carnival Tickets:
Collect ALL G & G cards
Unlock Fire Man's Hat:
Pull the fire alarm 15 times.
Unlock Pumpkin Head:
Either on Halloween or in the basement smash ALL the pumpkins.
Unlock Robber Mask:
Without getting caught break into 15 peoples lockers.

Extra Health in Boxing Match

Kiss a girl before a Boxing match to get extra heath.

lots of health

If you do all of the art classes than you can kiss anygirl you want anytime except for adults and you get a 100 health bonus from them

We all have those time were we just screw around..

We all have those time were we just screw around well if you hate the preps this is sweet... All you need 2 do is get marbels and some eggs follo a prep to his/her house or just look for 1 on the mapput marbels in the driveway so no 1 can get out and stay just outside the marbels and egg there house they will run at you and fal like bugs lol it is SWEET!

a funny thing to do

After you get a lot of bags of marbles,wait untill 11 o' clock pm(in the game).
In the boys dorm,toss all the bags of marbles in front of the door you come in from and pull the fire alarm.Then watch everybody slip and fall.the only downside is that everybody tries to hit you.if you have low health,go in your Room.Go outside after a while and they might not still be mad at you.
P.S. After you beat someone in a fight,hit them in the head with the slingshot and their head will bounce.


Ever want to just do something really bad to the pefects well heres something. Allthough this is kinda risky
Step 1. Get a perfect mad so your trouble meter is in the red.
Step 2. Make them follw you to the nerds spud cannon.
Step 3. Blow the crap out of them.
This can also be done with studens too just pay one and lead them over to it and blow the crap out of them.

help with beating up people

If you want some people to come on you're side and help you all you gotta do is check to see who is like 100% respect rating in you're faction respect chart and whichever group is 100% that group will help you whenever someone is beating you up right in front of them but you can also sometimes press c on 1 and lock on and if you see you're amount of money after pressing it you can hire the person for $1 to help you til he gets knocked out
The bullies are the white shirts found by the school bus
The greasers are the brown jackets found by the auto shop area
The nerds are all the 1's with glasses and wearing green and found by the library
The prepies are the blue wearing dudes found by harrington house
The jocks are the big tough dudes found by the football field

Cool Glitch

Do 'The Canditate'. If you can't protect the nerd, don't worry, you still get the super slingshot!!!!!!!!!!!

To climb a tree

Press z at the back of the nun chuck if you see a tree you want to climb press z again then you use that thing you move with to climb further

Jump over a car without getting in trouble

When you normally try and jump over a car you get in trouble for vandilism. But to not, simply ride your skateboard and ollie over the car. Do not spin, as this will hit the car and get you chased by police.

Jimmy Bike Hump

Bag of Marbles, Bike
1) Throw Bag of Marbles on the floor.
2) Ride over the marbles to cause Jimmy start humping the bike.
2.5) If you want him to hump faster, keep cycling through the weapons, using - or + .


Every time you pass an auto shop class you get a new bike

piart hat

To get the pirat hat go to you're beach house and swim untell you see a pirat ship. Then go to land and a guy will fight u. Beat him up for the pirat hat.

Night Sneak

You can't get caught by the prefix at night you'll just get sent back yo your room but you can go back outside![/b]

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