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Follow the dark path or use the light

Weedcraft Inc.

PC Mac

Weedcraft Inc. Cheats & Tips

Weedcraft, Inc is a tycoon-style business management sim that focuses on the business of growing and selling marijuana. The game tells the stories of two characters who have been shaped by the titular drug, each of these stories takes you on a narrative journey that introduces the mechanics and explores both sides of the cannabis business.

During gameplay you will be able to create your own strains of marijuana, branch out into neighbouring territories, and sharpen your skills through an RPG-like skill system. Check out our Weedcraft Inc. cheats and tips page on how to build your weed empire.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include hiring employees and building a research lab.

Switch to Legal Sales

At the start of the game you will only be able to sell weed illegally and you will need to use equipment to conceal your operation and set up front businesses to reduce the police's attention. As soon as you are able to it is advised that you switch to legal sales and although you have the option to continue selling illegally to earn more money it is advised that you just stick to selling the drug legally otherwise you will end up losing a large chunck of your profit in bribing the police to keep the operation undercover which means a lot of work for little return.

First Location

When browsing all the available buildings for your first location to setup your business it is important that you make sure you select a place where the demand for the variety of weed you are going to produce is high otherwise you will lose money.

Target Lower Social Classes

In the initial phases of the game while you have limited resources it is difficult to grow high quality weed so it is advised that you target poor social groups such as the homeless. As they are not able to pay much for their marijuana they do not care about the quality.

Produce High Quality Weed

Only focus on growing one strain of weed at the beginning of the game when you have limited space and ensure you have optimal conditions for it so you produce high-quality marijuana that will be more popular with customers.

Tailor your Product

You will have competition to contend with regardless if you are selling legally or illegally and although you can increase the Star Rating of your product through Advertising, ajusting the price and improving the Cannabis Acceptance of the group you will find that the most important thing is making sure you hit as many of the desired qualities as you can.

Hiring Employees

Employees are able to handle up to 5 jobs. All the time you have only one cultivation site and one distribution point it is advised that you avoid hiring staff. When you reach the point where you do need to hire choose someone that will help you sell the goods. Makes sure they have a developed ability to trade.

Paying Employees

It is advised that you don't try and pay your employees as little as possible because if you do you run the risk of them accepting an offer from a competitor and leaving. Remember also that if a skilled employee leaves you will have to spend time training up someone to replace them which will hamper the smooth running of your business.


Make sure you keep a close eye on the notification tab on the top left of the screen as it continually informs you of any changes that are occuring to your businesses. Most of the messages will be low priority things that can be ingnored but every once in a while a message will appear telling you that the competition has destroyed some equipment at one of your grow houses. When this happens you will need to deal with the problem straight away to get things running effectively again. To repair the damage you need to go to the location.

Upgrade Growers

Make sure you always upgrade your growers as the more skilled they are the higher the quality of weed they will be able to produce. They will also be able to grow the marijuana faster making upgrading them an investment that will easily pay for itself. Salesmen on the other hand you can hold off upgrading until you have built up a decent amount of surplus goods. Keep salesman at skill level 2 until that time.

Build a Research Lab

Invest in building a research lab as soon as you are able to as doing so will provide plenty of research into custom strains. Build it at the cheapest possible location and assign one of your growers to it. If you experiment blending strains to uncover new effects which you can be enjoyed by one customer group or another you will find that the research lab will soon pay for itself.

We hope these tips help you out in the game, we also have a Questions & Answers page for Weedcraft Inc. where you can submit your own questions for other players to answer.

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