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Wario Ware: Get it Together Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Wario Ware: Get it Together

Last Updated: by Dennis

Wario Ware Get it Together is a minigame party game which tasks players with completing sets of 'microgames', each of which require you to clear an objective in just a few seconds. This is the tenth installment in the WarioWare series, in this game Wario and his friends have been sucked inside his latest gaming device, meaning they must participate in the microgames themselves. Wario Ware Get it Together is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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How to Unlock Characters

How to Unlock Characters

Completing the Story mode is only one way in Wario Ware: Get it Together that you can unlock all the characters. This means, in order to unlock all the characters in the game, you will need to complete 17 stages in total. You start the game with 3 default characters and end it with 18. You do not have to meet a specific requirement, you simply have to beat the stage to unlock the Character at the end.

Note: Dribble and Spitz and Kat and Ana count as one character each.

How to get Coins

How to get Coins

There are several ways in which you can earn coins in Wario Ware: Get it Together, these are listed below in no particular order:

Complete Story Mode
Simply completing all the stages which you have to complete anyway will earn you 1,000 Coins per stage. Try to hang onto your Coins and not waste them on 'continues'.

Complete Wario Cup
New options will become available once you have completed the Story mode, one of these is the challenge mode Wario Cup, which features a selection of difficult challenges that are only available for a limited time. Tackling those challenges can earn you up to 6000 Coins in one go. These challenges can be attempted as many times as you want during the period they are available. Use the challenges as a way to practice and earn all the rewards.

Complete Missions
Missions in Wario Ware: Get it Together are basically Achievements and there are four types: General, Score, Game, and Crew Member. The two that will enable you to get a lot of Coins are Score and Game. Score Missions involve reaching a certain score within a mini-game set in the story and can earn you 1000-2000 Coins for completing them and Game Missions involve completing a mini-game in the Play-o-Pedia in a unique or challenging way, these only pay out 800 coins each, but they can be completed quickly.

Grind Challenge Levels
When you reach the end of Story mode, three Challenge sets become unlocked: All Mixed Up, Super Hard, and Thrill Ride. Each of these Challenges has a set of missions that can net you thousands of Coins.

How to Unlock All the Microgames

How to Unlock All the Microgames

Complete the Story mode of the game to unlock all the microgames in Wario Ware: Get it Together. To make each of the micogrames randomly appear, you will need to continually replay each stage. All the stages aside from two have 23 microgames for a total of 222. You can always refer to the Play-O-Pedia which can be accessed at the main menu if you need to check your progress.

How to Unlock Variety Pack Multiplayer Games

In Wario Ware: Get it Together, there is a Variety Pack that consists of an extra collection of 10 minigames. These multiplayer games which can be played by 1-4 players have a bit more content than the regular Wario Ware microgames. The first 9 are unlocked by completing the 12th stage,'Wario: Anything Goes', in Story mode and the final, single-player game,'Friendless Battle', is unlocked by completing the 17th stage called 'Showdown' in Story mode.

How to Customize your Character

In Wario Ware: Get it Together, you can customize your characters by changing the color of their clothes or equipping special costumes. To access this feature, you must first complete the Story mode. Then from the main menu, select the 'Crew' option followed by 'Break Room', now simply choose a character who you want to customize. In order to unlock more colors, costumes, and more, you must gift the character 'Prezzys', which you will be able to find in the Emporium and in the Crew menu when you have beaten Story mode.

How to Unlock Wario Cup

The Wario Cup is basically Wario Ware's ranked mode and becomes unlocked when you complete the Story mode. Providing you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you will be able complete the weekly challenge, earn a score, and see where you rank against other Wario Ware players.

Bonus bit

I really donĂ¢Â?Â?t know how I did it, but I was playing the Wario bug level (after the game) and I came across the boss stage. I had two health packs and I failed the stage, But it still made me block the nose. After I blocked it I cameto this bonus stage where I collected the currency found in the game. After it finished the Wario bug turned blue and I continued the stage.


Wario Ware: Get it Together Questions & Answers
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