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Wanted: Dead Cheats and Tips

PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Last Updated: by Richard

In 2023 it's nice to come across a game that still has a cheat code, with this Wanted: Dead cheat you'll be able to unlock an easier mode plus all mini games in the Wanted: Dead.

Our beginners guide to Wanted: Dead brings you the cheats, how to get an even harder difficulty mode and some of the best tips that you should know while playing the game.

Wanted: Dead cheat

If things are a tad difficult in this game you want to take it down a notch then enter this cheat code, not only will get an easier mode but you'll also unlock all of the mini games too. Here's how to do it.

At the title screen press any button them enter the following sequence on your d-pad.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, and Right on the d-pad.

If you have entered the cheat code correctly, you should hear a sound and now have the Neko-chan Mode unlocked.

With this Neko-chan mode which is basically easy mode, plus all of the fun mini games.

The mini games are a lot of fun, especially the retro-inspired, Space Runaway.

Other mini games that are unlocked are Target Practice, Crane Game, Karaoke and Ramen.

Unlock Japanese Hard Mode

However if you want things even harder in the game, then after you have completed Wanted: Dead once, you will automatically unlock the Japanese Hard Mode

Special Ending

There is a special ending waiting for you if you manage to complete all difficulty levels in the game, do that and watch the ending for the Emma Lauthner achievement.

Fighting Tips and Takedowns

Wanted: Dead is not an easy game at all and you'll generally need to keep on the move in order to stay alive. Practice in the game and getting better at combos is essential if you want to make it through to the end. Apart from mastering the game mechanics, don't forget to regularly check your skill tree and keep upgrading yourself in whatever area you feel you are currently lacking.

The takedowns in Wanted: Dead are diverse and include fun ways to kill enemies, such as using the environment and enemy-specific takedowns. These takedowns not only look cool, but also replenish health. However, players must use them strategically to progress through the game.

Hannah's ultimate attack is available early in the game and can be used to take down multiple enemies at once. Finisher moves can be triggered by depleting an enemy's stamina or by using a last-moment parry. The game uses a smart system to create diverse and visually impressive finishing animations, such as environmental kills and situational kills.

Wanted: Dead has a clever way of creating finishing animations. It first searches for opportunities to use the environment or situational kills, such as taking an enemy's weapon. Then, it keeps the gameplay visually interesting by moving and rotating around enemies to create exciting takedowns. These finishing moves not only look cool but also serve a combat purpose, making the gameplay more action-packed.

Get Your Weapons Right

As in all games of this nature, make sure that you have the correct weapon equipped for the job you want it to do. For example shotguns and snipers are two very different weapons, and shotguns are really only good close range, and snipers are at their best for long range shots where you have some time to make an aim.

Learn the Mechanics and Combos

You'll get the most out of this game if you learn a variety of mechanics and combos in the game. This way you'll have the right attack for the occasion and also visually you'll see a lot more in the game as opposed to the same attacks. The developers have put a ton of work in things like takedowns and mechanics so you may as well use them.


Upgrading is super important in Wanted: Dead, keep an eye on what you can upgrade in your skill tree regularly and spend your skill points accordingly.


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