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Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition | GameBoy

Hello to you too! Here are your answers!

1. To recieve the HM Cut in Pokemon Yellow you must travel to Vermillion City and go aboard the S.S. Anne. To be able to do this, you must go and see Bill at the Cerulean Cape. Helping Bill get back his actual body is the only way to gain your boarding pass! Once aboard the S.S. Anne, travel around the boat until you reach a flight of stairs. This will trigger an encounter with your rival! Be sure to have a few potions on hand, because being ill prepared for even THIS fairly easy fight can stick you back in Vermillion City! After defeating your rival, head up the flight of stairs, where you will find the sea sick Captain of the SS Anne! Rubbing his back will make him most grateful to you and he will reward you with the Hidden Machine Cut!

2. Facing Brock is indeed tricky without a water type...But never fear! There is an alternative! Two actually. One involves countless hours of grinding, which I doubt is very high on your list to do, so for time's sake, we'll got with option two! Cruise around Viridian Forest and catch a Caterpie. (I know...just bear with me here.) Train this Caterpie. At level 7, you'll get a Metapod. At level 10, you'll get a Butterfree! Grind this Butterfree for two more levels and it will learn Confusion! This move is the gem you have been seeking young trainer! I of course took no risks and did grinding to level 15...but 12 or 13 will do. Use Confusion on Brock's Geodude and Onix...You'll have a Boulder Badge in no time at all!

Cheers! - Lala

No thumbs | 0 Comments Added: 18th Dec 2012 by LovelyLala

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Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition | GameBoy

Hi. I will be known here on out as Lala. I love answering questions!

1. No. But there are very faithful recreations of this creepy pasta on YouTube. The 'White Hand/Buried Alive' rumuor was started just to create an even more creepy and dark aura around Lavendar Town!

2. The pitch of the Lavendar Town BGM was changed from Pocket Monsters Red and Green to what we have now here in America for the RBY 1st Gen games. The pitch was very high and there was a small handful of cases where the exact pitch caused headaches and slight nausea. They took the pitch down a few octaves for the American as well as international release. I myself have a few friends who have a Pokemon green or red cartridge from Japan. I myself investigated the music claim! No headache, but the exact pitch did make me a teeny bit queasy! The rumors about death just aren't true.

3. Well...I haven't tried. I mean if a Pokemon has wings and can't learn fly ( I'm looking at you Scyther...). Then who's to say a Pokemon without wings couldn't do so. It'd be pretty cool to sit on your Gyarados and just zoom through the skies.

Cheers! -Lala

No thumbs | 0 Comments Added: 18th Dec 2012 by LovelyLala


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