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Urban Chaos

Game Reviews for Urban Chaos


Quick Reviews

ID #9004

Urban Chaos is set in Union City wher you pley as :DARACY STERN (a local cop)

:ROPER (sterns friend)

:MAKO(a wild cat)

Through out the game you have sertan missions to compleat, you dont have to do the missions you can just wander about the diffrent cities for as long as you like (there are 3levels where there is a timer)with your little helper Roper that is anly on set missions though or go round killing people with shotguns,machine guns,hand guns,bats,c4 and knifes you can even steel cars and arrest people for no reason at all. ! HAPPY PLAYING !

ID #3064

The easiest possible way to beat emerald and ruby is just to have the w-item ,w-summon,life2 with all materia,KOR,and 3 mastered mimes.

(To get more of the same materia you have to master it).

Have KOR with 2 stars and to master mime materias and KOR very fast, have a ton of elixers with the w-item trick,go to the northern cave where the pots are, and keep battling there,because the pots each have 1000AP and 2 have 2000AP.

If you find the red ball things you get 2400AP.Aside of that I've estimated how much HP ruby and emerald have and its 1,000,000HP.

Since KOR takes up about 100,000 each time its used,you have to use it about ten times.

First just beat emerald by using KOR ten times no matter what(make sure you have 9999HP and 999MP along with a ton of megalixers.

If you do,go to calm village to get the master summon,master command,and master magic material which gives you all the summons,magic and most of the commands.

When you fight ruby now she'll be a breeze, literally,because I beat both of them.(one more thing,have ribbon attached to one of your characters when fighting ruby,because the claws put deadly status effects on you if they hit).

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