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TIER 1: Harlem

Unkilled Walkthrough and Guide by Private
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TIER 1: Harlem

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Mission 1

- Complete Mission
- Kill 5 zombies
- Do not lose any health

As this is the first mission of the game, this will be where you will be oriented about the various gameplay buttons and maneuvers in the game. This mission will orient the player by asking you to follow someone in the game. At the same time, you will learn about how to move around and of course, kill a few zombies. At the end, you will be asked to clear the area by killing off some zombies—this task will give you an idea of how to properly shoot the zombies.

Note: At this point, your shooting mode is probably set to Automatic fire. You may change the shooting and navigation Controls by tapping on the gear icon at the home page and then selecting the Controls tab.
Note: Your star rating shall depend on the number of Mission Requirements you were able to fulfill. You will also gain bonus experience points whenever you are able to perform special actions (multikills, headshots, etc.)

Mission 2

- Complete mission
- Kill with explosives
- Use only short-range weapon

Just like the first mission, you will also be following someone here. Head straight up to the stairs and help kill the zombie. Once you’ve reached the top of the stairs, turn right and kill more zombies. Proceed to the open area (guided by a glowing circle marker on the floor) and kill off all the zombies heading your way.
One of the mission’s requirements would be to use some explosives, so use the multi-rockets you have available. Afterward, your ride will be ready but then the Sheriff zombie would drag your helicopter down to flames. With this, your partner, suggests that you take another route underground through a man hole.

Note: You will receive a special Multi-rocket award after this mission.

Mission 3

- Complete mission
- Kill 15 zombies
- Finish in 1min and 50s

In this you will be following your comrade Clark within the sewers. While under the sewers, you will have to meet the mission kill requirement of 15 zombies. Follow Clark down the sewer and turn right at the end of the corner. The game will urge you to make use of a gadget called Adrenaline, which slows down time while increasing your kill efficiency.

After killing all the zombies head straight past the fence door and kill more zombies. At the end of the hall, enter the red door on the left after killing the rest of the zombies. Enter the door and turn left to climb the ladder which will lead you back to the surface.

Note: After this mission, you will successfully be promoted to Rank 2 and you will also receive a special weapon (an M240) which will be needed for the next mission.

Mission 4

- Complete mission
- Kill 10 zombies with a heavy weapon
- Kill 20 zombies

This will be your first support mission, wherein you will be protecting someone (either a comrade or a survivor). In a support mission, you will usually be riding atop a vehicle while shooting away at zombies attacking your subject. As it is your first support mission, you will be given proper guidance on the way to maneuver your way through the mission.

For this mission, you will just be panning the screen left to right awhile killing zombies. Be sure to try to eliminate the fast moving zombies first and try your best to aim for a headshot.

Once you are done with the kills, the Sheriff will be seen dragging your comrade Clark away.

Mission 5

- Complete mission
- Kill 15 zombies
- Kill 3 zombies with explosives

For mission 5, you will need a stronger weapon, so be sure to upgrade your current weapon. You will be guided on how to perform your first weapon upgrade.

Once the mission begins, you will be asked to look around for more survivors. Head straight and clear the street of zombies. Proceed to the glowing circle and then turn left to enter a warehouse. Kill off zombies as you head to the side entrance. Turn right to kill off more zombies by shooting an explosive barrel. Head on straight and turn right to kill more zombies (be sure to claim your pick-ups).

Mission 6

- Complete mission
- Kill 22 zombies
- Kill 3 zombies with explosives

Head straight while killing off zombies on your way. At the end of the hall, turn right to kill more zombies on the subway platform. Turn left and then right to enter the subway control terminal. Once inside, hack the Controls and head back to the platform.

While waiting for the train to arrive, you will have to kill off all the zombies crawling out.
Note: A special reward of Gold is waiting for you after this mission.

Mission 7

- Complete mission
- Finish in 1 minute and 25 seconds
- Kill 15 zombies

Once the train stops, you will find someone else shooting at the zombies. Your mission is to find out who that person is and head to the subway exit. After getting down the train, walk straight towards the fences and then turn right while killing off all the zombies. Then turn left to a hallway where you will meet She’n, the person you found shooting at the zombies earlier.

Go to the end of the hall and then turn left to kill more zombies. Head to the glowing circle and kill off zombies while you wait for your partner to unlock the door.

Mission 8

- Complete mission
- Finish with survivor’s full health
- Kill 30 zombies

After the subway, you are now back at the surface. Walk straight and then turn left at the corner while killing zombies along the way. Turn right after walking past a van and head straight to a warehouse to pick up Clark. Once you are with Clark go back to the main street and join Clark kill more zombies. Afterward, turn left to kill more zombies with Clark.

Mission 9

- Complete mission
- Finish with survivor’s full health
- Kill 4 zombies with explosives
For this mission, you will be up against more zombies with the help of your support weapon. All you have to do is to kill off all the zombies while Clark is done with his job to get you out safely.
Tip: Be sure to reload before the swarm of zombies arrive so as not to waste time.

Mission 10

- Complete mission
- Finish in 55seconds
- Finish with 100 health or more

For this mission, you will be facing the big, bad Sheriff alone after Clark leaves with a van. Try to avoid the fire attack the Sheriff delivers every time he bangs on the floor. Be sure to attack the Sheriff as often as you can. You may also use multi-rockets for a faster kill.

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