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Underhero Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Underhero

Last Updated: by Dennis

Underhero is a 2D side-scroller RPG adventure game where the chosen hero has failed, and an underling of the evil king takes his place as the new hero. Defeat enemies as you venture across the land, face off against quirky bosses, and save the kingdom from your own evil boss, Mr Stitches. The game has turn-based combat without the turns and precisely timed actions are your most powerful weapons. Underhero is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Mac, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to get the Complete Jilani'snPepper Collection Achievement/Trophy

To start the side quest in World 3 which will enable you to unlock the Complete Jilani'snPepper Collection achievement/trophy you must go to the Pica Pica Village which is to the left of the world's entrance. Find and enter the house in the middle of the Village and speak to the NPC monkey there called Jilani, who will ask you to find 3 peppers to complete his collection. All the peppers: a red pepper, a green pepper, and a blue pepper can be found within the Jungle Maze.

Red Pepper
The red pepper can be found in Level 4. The easiest path to reach it is to go to the right until you reach Level 5. Climb up the vine in the middle to get to the upper area and from there go down the vine all the way to the right. Then drop into Level 4 and go to the right through the vines to find the pepper which looks like a regular pepper.

Blue Pepper
The blue pepper can be found in Level 2. The easiest path to reach it is to go through Level 1 and most of Level 5. When you are in Level 5 go to the right-hand side and take the underwater exit to Level 2. Once you resurface you will find the tree where the blue pepper is located, it will look like a tear.

Green Pepper
The Green Pepper can be found in Level 6. The easiest path to reach it is to take the underwater exit to Level 3 from the entrance. Then travel to the upper-left area of the map and take the above water exit to Level 6. Here you need to climb the vine, and you will find the green pepper behind a moth enemy. The green pepper looks like lightning.

As you navigate the Jungle Maze searching for the three peppers Jilani asked you to find, you will also come across a yellow pepper, a purple pepper, and a king pepper. The king pepper is required for story progression, but the other two peppers you can disregard as they are not needed for anything. Once you have found the three peppers you just need to return to Jilani who will take them and give you a hammer upgrade. You will also unlock the achievement/trophy for completing the side quest.

How to get the Ready for Round 2 Achievement/Trophy

You will get the Ready for Round 2 achievement/trophy when you buy your first Shield Upgrade. In Underhero all three shield upgrades can be purchased at a cost of 280 coins from the evil store which is located outside the portals to Worlds 1, 2, and 3. The achievement/trophy will become unlocked when you buy your first one.

How to get the Almost Untouchable Achievement/Trophy

In Underhero there are 3 shield upgrades and all three can be purchased at the cost of 280 coins each from the evil store which can be found outside the portals to World 1, 2, and 3. This means to obtain all three upgrades and unlock the achievement/trophy you will need to spend 840 coins. Although you will probably have enough coins to purchase them after completed World 1. You can however perform the following trick to save your coins. Save at the save station directly next to the store, buy all three upgrades, and quit out of the game. If you do this you will get a full refund and keep all three upgrades.

How to get the Almost Untouchable Achievement/Trophy

How to get the Sir Mix-a-Lot Achievement/Trophy

To get the secret Sir Mix-a-Lot achievement/trophy you have to give Blobber his favorite drink. You will be able to unlock this achievement/trophy in Long Woods Manor which is in World 2 when you meet a ghost called Blobber on the 3rd floor of the manor. In order to get past Blobber who is blocking your path you must bring him a drink. You will be able to do this by heading back outside to the balcony, dropping left and entering the window. Then passing through the door on your right which will take you to the kitchen. There you will be able to mix a drink with rum, cola, and lime which you then need to head back to Blobber with the drink who upon receiving it will unlock the acheivement/trophy and allow you to pass him.

How to get the Honorary Bro! Achievement/Trophy

To get the secret Honorary Bro! Achievement/trophy you must complete the Bros Quest which is found in World 2 on the mansion's 2nd floor. To begin this side quest must go up the left stairs at the Manor and keep going left in the foyer. If you look behind the two spiders that are in this hallway you will see a doorway you will meet a ghost called Bono who will give you a quest that that requires tracking down his 5 brothers and bringing them all an item that they need to attend a party.

There are 5 items and 5 ghosts you must talk to twice, the first time in order to get a hint as to where their items are, and the second time for them to go back to their brother. The locations of each brother and their corresponding item is as follows:


- Cups
On the table in the room with Brono.

- Where to find Breis
You will find Breis in the Dining Room, which is directly to the left of the Kitchen. The party hat is also in the kitchen.

- Balloons
Found in Storage Room where the quest begins (B-2). You can access the Storage Room by going through the first door you come across and then going left until you find them.

- Where to find Brodos
You will find Brodos in the room right next to the room with Brono.

- Perfume
In the First Floor Rooms. These are the rooms in which you met Handy and Bella. The perfume can be found in the middle room.

- Where to find Brinco
You will find Binco in the lavatory, which is found in the top-left doorway of the mansion foyer. It is the first doorway in this hallway.

- Camera
In the Library, which is on the third floor. To get there, go outside through the broken window, climb up to the highest entrance outside, then enter the left doorway in this hallway.

- Where to find Bres
You will find Bres in Storage Room B-3, which is directly to the right of B-2, where the balloons are.

- Party Hat
The party hat can be found on the second floor in the Kitchen. To get there you need to go outside through the broken window and enter the entrance that is to the left of where you came out.

- Where to find Brato
You will find Brato in the Ballroom, which is the top-right entrance in the foyer. You will need to climb to the top of the room to find him.

Once you have found all the items and gave them to the ghosts, talk to the first ghost to get the Achievement/Trophy as well as the Key to the Dark Maze.

How do you get the Employee of the Month! Achievement/Trophy

Although it states to get the Employee of the Month! Achievement/trophy you must unlock all the other achievements/trophies in Underhero, you will not actually get it until you have also collected a certain amount of the non-story collectables as well. It has been reported that this will occur providing you have all the achievements/tophies for health, keys, and weapons when you pick up the 31st cassette which can be found in room 3-3 of Heroes Road. In Underhero there are 44 cassettes in total, out of these 44, 2 are unlocked by default, 31 are obtained from chests and NPCs/enemies, and 11 are unlocked automatically through story progression.


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