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Top War: Battle Game Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Dennis

Top War: Battle Game is an free-to-play mobile online real time strategy game where you build out your base, take on enemies, and make friends with your virtual neighbors. Unlike other games in the genre it features merge to upgrade gameplay. Top War Battle Game is available on Android and iPhone/iPad. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Top War: Battle Game walkthrough and guide

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How to get Gift Code Rewards

The primary way in which to get Gift codes is to visit the official Top War: Battle Game Facebook page, which is titled 'TopWar: BattleGame' on Facebook. Simply go to the page and search through the posts that have been made. Other sources you can check to get Gift Codes are the official Twitter and Instagram feeds. Gift Codes are occasionally given out directly through the game's mailbox by the developers and sometimes players will post codes they find on the app review pages on both the App Store and on Google Play. Another way you can get Gift Codes is to go to 'Official Community' feature within the game and find the link to the Discord group and search there. And lastly you can go to Youtube and Twitch and look for streams or videos with codes.

How to Redeem Gift Codes

You can redeem Gift Codes in Top War Battle Game by tapping your avatar picture to bring up the main personal information menu. At this screen tap on the 'Settings' button which is in the bottom left corner to access the 'Settings' menu which will have an option that says 'Gift Codes'. All you then need to do is enter your gift code and click the 'OK' button to claim your rewards. Below is a list of Gift Codes that are currently active (April 2021).

Gives x100 Gems, x2 50 Large VIP Capsules, and others

Gives x5 Premium Recruit Vouchers, x5 CPNT Chests

Gives x100 Gems, x3 50 Large VIP Capsules, x1 Snowman

Gives x200 Gems, x3 50 Large VIP Capsules, x1 Thanksgiving Turkey

Gives x100 Gems, x1 Emoji, x3 50 Large VIP Capsules

Gives x200 Gems

Gives x200 Gems

How to get Free Gems

The premium currency in Top War Battle Game is gems and there are several ways in which you can get them free. The easiest way is to watch the video advertisements by tapping the video icon in the upper left corner of the screen. You can watch as many advert videos as you want, and you will earn 15 gems each time. Once you have seen all the advert videos you can either wait for them to reappear or get them immediately by closing the game out and reopening it.

You can occasionally obtain free gems by opening up the daily free rewards you receive for logging into the game. Gems can be earned as a reward for winning battles and for leveling up and by checking the 'Events' tab to see if there are any events that will give you free gems as a reward. One permanent event is the social media event, which will give you 100 free gems when you follow the game on social media. There is also the possibility of getting free gems from gift codes you redeem.

How to Level Up Quickly

The key to leveling up quickly in Top War Battle Game is to stay active by continually upgrading and battling. You can speed up the process by prioritizing high level enemies. The game will issue a warning if you are targeting an enemy that is too tough for your level. Make sure you use the option that allows you to do five battles at once in order to maximize your return on the time invested. It is recommended until you are a high level that you stay away from attacking other players.

Follow your Task List

To see a list of the latest tasks you should complete you need to tap the exclamation mark that is at the bottom of the main game screen. This list will point you in the right direction in regards as to what to do next in order to pick up some easy rewards. The majority of these tasks will involve merging a higher level unit, creating higher level barracks or gold mine, clearing space on the map, or defeating a new level of dark forces on the map. Keep grinding through these task to get more research materials, shards and coins.

200 Gems

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Top War: Battle Game FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

What is the use of food and oil?
Food and oil is used after you get to level 30 where a training area becomes available to build. You have a series of upgrades and improvements to different aspects of the game features, such as training time reduction and attack increase, along with hp increases for better defence. The time taken to achieve these goals gradually increases as you progress and they all require both oil and food to work. Don't be too concerned if you don't find either the food or oil in your item inventory as it is stored after initial collection for this specific use once it is level-unlocked.
How to transfer server
My server is close to 400 days old my team is moving to a newer server that is still in the conflict zone. If my server hits 400 days will I be stuck until the other server reaches this point?
How do you delete messages on private chat
Swipe the message to the right, hit the trash can.
How to increase CP faster and faster ?
We have a pretty good replay in relation to what CP is in Top War and how to increase it, head over to this page on SuperCheats to read:
Where do I exchange airdrop resource boxes
To exchange your airdrop resources boxes, you go to Regular Event ( on the right hand top corner under Store) then side scroll to Supply Contest. In the Supply Contest, right at the bottom you will see Airdrop Store and that's where you can exchange your airdrop boxes. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE DAY TO EXCHANGE YOUR AIRDROP RESOURCE BOXES BEFORE THE STORE RESETS.

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How do you collect alliance welfare?
I'm on level 68 new areas have opened up but a line of barbed wire and floating barriers are preve..
How to build a level 86 tank when I'm at level 100?
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