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The Wild At Heart Cheats & Tips

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Cheats, Tips and Questions for The Wild At Heart

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The Wild At Heart Cheats and Tips

The Wild At Heart is a seek-and-fight adventure with puzzle elements and incremental map discovery. Wake and Kirby, come up with a plan to escape the hardships in their homes and build a treehouse somewhere in the wilderness. You begin the game as Wake on a rainy autumn day around 15:00. It's time to enact 'The Plan' and meet Kirby in the forest. But soon, Wake finds himself completely lost, unsure of where to go next or how to find Kirby. Disheartened, Wake spots a tiny, mysterious creature who invites him deeper into the woods, the deeper you venture into the woods, the more artifacts you find and the more creatures you meet on your way. The Wild At Heart is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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The Wild At Heart Cheats, Tips Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include a list of crafting recipes and how to survive the night.

Collect Spriteling

There are five types of Spriteling in The Wild At Heart and each has specific powers and attributes. It is essential that you collect the Spriteling in order to reach new areas. Throwing spritelings at enemies you encounter in the Deep Woods is the only way you can defeat them. Listed below are the five spritelings types.

Twigling - Nature
Emberling - Fire
Shiverling - Ice
Barbling - Thorns
Lunaling - Corruption

How to get More Spriteling

As you progress through the game it is inevitable that you will lose spriteling along the way, this may be because you lost them, abandoned them in the dark, or they were killed by the enemy. In order to replace them you must throw a spriteling at the blue or purple heart-shaped plants that grow around every map. When you throw a spriteling at these plants they will break and drop spriteling eggs which you can hatch at a Spirit Well for more spritelings. The type of spriteling you recieve is determined by the spriteling you threw at the plant.

How to Use Spriteling

To make spriteling work you have to throw them. When you get close to an object that needs spritelings to carry or build it will highlight how many spriteling you need to throw at it to complete the task. The color of the highlighted number represents the type of spritelings you need to use.

Where to Find Spirit Wells

Spirit Wells in the Wild At Heart are used to hatch spriteling eggs and can typically be found at campsites and at The Grove. Spirit Wells look like tree stumps and when you peer inside they will have a blue glow. It is at these Spirit Wells that you can also recruit or withdraw spritelings, and dismiss any that you couldn't find in the wild. The maximum number of spriteling you can bring with you at any one time is 60.

How to Get the Soul Shell

In order to get the Soul Shell to turn it into a shop at The Grove you need to have at least 15 Twiglings on you. Exit The Grove into the Central Deep Woods, walk left until you find large toads. There you will notice a green plant at the edge of the river above them that needs five Twiglings to activate. Once activated, the plant creates a lilypad bridge. If you go up the bridge and directly to your left will be a stone wall that 15 Spritelings can push. Pushing the wall will reveal the Soul Shell on the other side. Further to the left is a hidden area where you will find a chest and another item. Note: Twiglings will only be able to activate lilypad bridges after you speak to Grey Coat in the Catafalque.

How to Upgrade the Gustbuster

Wake's only weapon in The Wild At Heart is his Gustbuster and you can buy the upgrade for it early in the game by giving Scrap Heap 5 Loose Parts, a plan, and 200 scrap. The Enhanced Gustbuster's high power vacuum can be used to break down scrap piles and pull back spritelings that you can't otherwise reach, which can be an efficient technique in battle because you can instantly suck up the Spritelings. Once you get every shop object The Grove needs, you will be able to continue upgrading the Gustbuster.

Use the Shiny Rock for Help

Early in the game, Grey Coat will give you the Shiny Rock, which you will enable you to instantly communicate with him and Scrap Heap at any time. Later on in the adventure, you will also be able to use the Shiny Rock to call the Twins. Take advantage of the Shiny Rock whenever you are unsure about something to ask these NPC characters for hints and tips about your current location or side quest.

The Grove

The Grove is the main hub in The Wild At Heart and acts as your home base. It is here you will be able to access side quests and upgrades, as well as strengthen Wake and the Spritelings you have picked up. Listed below are all the things you will be able to do at The Grove once you have unlocked all the NPCs and the shops:

- Upgrade health
- Upgrade Spritelings
- Hand in side quests
- Sell items for money
- Buy items for crafting

How to Fast Travel

At the Grove you will find a blue circle of rocks on the ground similar to others you may have already found while in the Deep Woods. This circle of blue rocks at The Grove will enable you to fast travel to those other areas you found. To activate fast travel, you simply have to press the interact button while on it. This will bring up a map where you have to hold down 'Interact' button at the location you want to be immediately taken to.

How to Craft

In The Wild At Heart there are no recipes, you must experiment putting items togehter in order to create something worthwhile and make a recipe for it. When you do manage to create an item for the first time its recipe is saved, and you will be able to access the recipes for quick crafting when you access the workbench, below is a list of recipes:

Useful Recipes

- Oople Tonic - Two oople hearts, empty bottle
- Night Light - Loose part, empty bottle, bloom stone
- Kettle Bomb - Loose part, mesmerite, fever shard
- Recall Tonic - Bitter heart, empty bottle, bloom stone


- Hyper Tonic
1 Beastie Bits, 1 Empty Bottle, 1 Mesmerite
Increases Spriteling working speed for a time

- Power Tonic
1 Beastie Bits, 1 Empty Bottle, 1 Fever Shard
Boosts Spriteling attack power for a time

- Recall Tonic
1 Beastie Bits, 1 Empty Bottle, 1 Bloom Stone
Instantly summons all Spritelings to the splash site

- Smelly Tonic
1 Beastie Bits, 1 Empty Bottle, 1 Food (Oople, Poop Fruit, etc.)
Attracts nearby creatures

- Sturdy Tonic
1 Beastie Bits, 1 Empty Bottle, 1 Burly Burr
Makes Spritelings invulnerable for a time

Food items include Oople, Poop Fruit, Honeycomb, and Elden Pear.

- Simple Meal
3 Oople, 3 Elden Pear, or combination of 3 Food items
Heals 4 hearts

- Speedy Meal
2 Food Items, 1 Mesmerite
Heals 4 Hearts and gives temporary speed increase

- Hearty Meal
2 Food Items, 1 Burly Burr
Heals 4 hearts, adds 2

- Kickin' Meal
2 Food Items, 1 Fever Shard
Heals 4 Hearts, and grants stronger kicks

- Oople Juice
2 Oople, 1 Empty Bottle
Heals 3 Hearts

- Craft Bumble Honey
3 Honeycomb
Heals 5 Hearts. (Is also sticky)

- Mushroom Sammy
3 Poop Fruit
Heals 1 heart and adds 1 heart


- Makeshift Flare
2 Loose Parts, 1 Junk
Small sources of light that can be easily crafted and used to make a trail.

- Night Light
1 Loose Parts, 1 Empty Bottle, 1 Bloom Stone
Larger AOE light than the flare.

- Kettle Bomb
1 Loose Parts, 1 Mesmerite, 1 Fever Shard
Used to break open cracked rocks. Place it down and kick it with either Kirby, Wake, or a placed

- Piggy Bank
2 Loose Parts, 1 Burly Burr
Prevents loss of scrap when hit or fainted. Will break after some damage.

How to Survive the Night

The antagonists in The Wild At Heart are called The Never, and they are dark shadows that will chase and injure both you and your spritelings until you find a light source to hide in. Scattered throughout the maps are lanterns, and it is these you need to run to for safety. You will not be able to hurt The Never. If you establish campsites during the game you will be able to skip the night completely with a sleeping tent.


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