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The Survivalists Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for The Survivalists

Last Updated: by Dennis

The Survivalists is an adventure-filled, procedurally generated survival game set in The Escapists universe. You wake up on the beach of a mysterious island where you will need to explore, build, craft and even train monkeys in a desperate bid to survive. The Survivalists is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Recruit Monkeys

The key to success in The Survivalists is to make as many primate friends as possible through your explorations and promptly put them to work doing your bidding. Once you have enough monkeys most tasks can be fully automated. Remember though that in return for their work the monkeys will want to be rewarded with Monkey Meals which can be cooked via the Campfire and requires 1x petals, 1x berries, and 1x makeshift bowl.

Save your Gold for Labyrinth Keys

Labyrinth Keys in the Survivalists open up locations which you are then able to venture into and explore. Delving into the ruins in these locations is essential for completing the campaign. Labyrinth keys can be purchased from the Mysterous Stranger's shop and are expensive costing 5,000 gold. Other than the Mysterious Chest which you should get early in the game to expand the space in yur inventory you should avoid the temptation of buying anything else the travelling salesman has to offer as there ins nothing he sells other than the Labyrinth Keys that you can't gather or craft yourself. Therefore it is recommended that you save up your gold for the Labyrinth Keys.

Increase your Inventory Trick

In The Survivalists it will not take long to fill up your inventory as you explore the map. The following trick will enable you to substantially increase the amount of space you have available. To begin with you need to unlock chests in the crafting tree which you will be able to do by first crafting the bed and then the campfire. Once you have a chest unlocked and built you need to pick it up and drop it on a monkey. Providing the monkey has been ordered to follow you will now have a walking chest that follows you anywhere. There is no need to remove the chest from the monkey as you will be able to interact with it while it is being carried.

Buy the Mysterious Chest Early

In The Survivalists the Mysterious Chest is the most important item in the early game. It costs 30 gold and is able to store 36 items and along with the other chests you can let your monkey companions carry it around which enables you to store any loot while you travel.

The Mysterious Chest itself is obtained from the Mysterious Stranger who works as a travelling salesman and will randomly appear during the game in a hot air balloon. You will get a notification that he has spawned and his location. Once you have found the Mysterious Stranger you will need 3 Ropes to interact with the shop. To interact with the shop you just need to click on the Ropes in your inventory and upon doing so you will get the Spy Glass as a reward and he will open his shop for you. The Spy Glass is a useful item because when it is used near a shoreline or while sailing it will reveal parts of the map, including any islands that are further away. To get the actual Spyglass reward you must inspect the pink box on the left side of the shop. Below is a complete list of what you can get at the Myserious Stranger's shop and how much gold each item will cost.

20x Palm Leaf: 23 gold
Mysterious Chest: 30 gold
Gold Ingot: 45 gold
Flimsy Axe: 50 gold
Sturdy Multitool: 55 gold
Glowing Rock: 70 gold
Gold Spear: 75 gold
Metal Club: 120 gold
Lightweight Axe: 135 gold
Mango Curry: 200 gold
Labyrinth Gem: 245 gold
Labyrinth Keys: 5,000 gold

How to Always have Food

Your character must eat to stay alive in the Survivalists therefore it is essential that you make sure you have a steady supply of food available for them to consume. A simple way to achieve this is to make lots of small animal traps. These traps are automated so they will take away the grind of having to constantly search for food. All you need to do is periodically check the traps to see if they have captured anything and if so loot them.

How to Craft a Raft to Discover More Islands

The island you find yourself on at the start of The Survivalists is not the only island in the game. If you use the Spyglass which you get as your first reward from the Mysterious Stranger you will be able to discover other islands you can reach that have different biomes. In order to get to these islands you will need to craft the raft. The raft is created via Blueprint Mode and requires 6x wooden rod and 3x rope. To place the rafts blueprint you do need to be near the shoreline. You will also need the makeshift sail which will require 3x fur clump, 3x palm leaf, and 3x rope and is created via the Crafting Bench. You will discover that the other islands you discover will contain the resources the island you started off on was in short supply.

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