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Game Reviews for The Simpsons Road Rage


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xbox360b6th Feb 2009, ID #1048
When the simpsons find themselves in yet another video game, they have to use there sweet powers to find out , who stuck 'em in yet another video game. Heres my review for The Simpsons Game for the ..

Rating: 76%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Added 5 Dec 2004, ID #11896
Simpsons Road Rage is a hilarious game, I give it 5 out a 10 stars so instead of watching the show you can go and raise some heck.
Get my review get my friend Added 9 Dec 2003, ID #5257
Simpson Road Rage is class but its a bit wered how every one sais the same thing over and over agen.

If I had to put a rating It would be 8/10. By Chris Weller

Simpsons Road Rage was bought 4 me last Xmas and it was really cool!

I am quite good - I've done all missions and got 10/16 vechiles and 3/6 neighborhoods.

I'm rubbish at all other driving games and to find an easy one was great - ok the marks storyline - 2/10 (they really racked over this one!) gameplay - 10/10 (awesome!) action - 5/10 (pretty good) so overall 17/30 (Over average)
ID #2883

If u like Crazy Taxi, you will definintley like this game. Includes destroying things and you can hit people. You can even drive through the school!

ID #2882

Go to Evergreen Terrace and go to the elementary school and look to the right of the front door and you will see a windoow open in a room and it's the same room that Bart Simpson writes on in detention then look at the black board and it will say "Is this a clue or is it"

PS:if you find it out tell me

ID #2881

If you don't want to get in trouble by you're Aunt that has two kids that go to Religous school DON'T PLAY THIS GAME INFRONT OF THEM!!!

If you don't have the same story as me you're okay. After I was done playing this game with them thay were swearing the few words they said in the game.

I think you would like this game a lot inless you don't like The Simpsons then SCREW IT!!!

ID #2880

If you are a simpsons fan you'll love it!

PS:You can ride through the school, Duff Brewery,and Brun's Mansion

ID #2879

Simpsons Road Rage

I am writing this short review on how bad the loading times are.

When you are entering a level the loading times are can be up to 1 MINS!!!!!!

I eventually get off to play a better game !

ID #2878

Donít have a cow man I will get you there!

O.K. Fine, I will talk about a game called Simpson road rage now. O.K this game has mainly good points and very few bad points. In the first part of this amazing review I will tell about the Graphics, Gameplay, Storyline and more.

Graphics 6/10

The graphics are great because of drivers are 3d and they are really easy to see From long and short distances. Why I am giving it six is because things can go through walls and other not very good things like that. Not the greatest graphics of all time hey!

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay is the best you can have, which means there is no things wrong with the gameplay. Isnít it just great to have nothing wrong with it?

Storyline 1/10

I am giving 1/10 because it does not have one. Well it does not need one really, it is not that type of game!

Difficulty Level 4/10

This game should defiantly go in the easy category or ranking because all you have to do in Road Rage mode is collect money to get more places to ride in or to get more characters to play with. The hardest part is if you are attempting Mission mode, where you have to do what they say, such as hit all the light posts in 20 seconds!

In part 2 of my review I will be talking about Age Recommend, long loading times, lots of characters and more!

Age Recommend

This game is sutible for all ages, which means any one can play. Even on the front cover on the box says the same thing as me. The only thing for little kids is if you get stuck in a tight spot it is hard to get out of them (I can just barley get out).

Long Loading Times

This game can have very long loading times at some points. Sometimes the time you spend waiting can last up to an amazing 1 Minute. Sometimes it can get boring but I still play!

Lots of characters and places

This game has heaps of characters, which include all simpson family (besides Magie) Aldo (the bus driver) and heaps more.


This is a Great game, if you are a Simpsons lover or you are not one.

To sum up:

Graphics 6/10

Gameplay 9/10

Storyline 1/10

Difficultly Level 4/10

Overall 7/10

I hope you like my review!!!!

PS, Donít have a cow man I will get you there is what Bart sometime says when you are using him!

ID #2877

This just great for almost anyone it is really a better version of crazy taxi some people say but with all new simpson special effects it really has that edge on other driving games but remember you have to be time for donoghts Homer !!

ID #2876

I think this game is a good game it has a few problems like it takes to long to load it is a very fun and funny game the games story is kind of dumb just like homer it is kind of hard for little kids though and some times its hard to get out of places because you get stuck there but other wise it is a really fun game

ID #587
What I think Added 18 Jul 2013, ID #13912
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