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The Persistence Cheats and Tips

PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Dennis

The Persistence is a sci-fi stealth, horror and roguelike game where you have to survive aboard a doomed colony ship that has been overrun with mutants. Explore, evade and fight to bring the ship back to Earth. In order to to this you will need to gather resources, upgrade abilities and fabricate an arsenal of weapons to deal with the murderous aberrations. The Persistence is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

The Persistence Trailer

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The Persistence Tips

Take it Slow
Although there are a few areas where you have no option but to be quick you will find that for the most part a slower, deliberate approach works about 90% of the time.

Pick Up Stem Cells and Credits
Make sure you pick up every single stem cell and credit you come across. Once you fully upgrade your character you will be stronger than the enemies.

Locate the Med Bay
Use the map to locate the med bay and use that as your safe room. In The Persistence enemies cannot follow you into a med bay and you will find weapons and supplies there.

Kiosk Upgrades
Pressing the right bumper on your controller when you are at the weapon/gadget kiosks will take you to an upgrade screen. You will be able to upgrade each item several times if you have the credits. Updates do not reset when you die.

How to get Access Cards
The first supply crate that you open on each level will have an access card that allows you to directly access that level from the deck porter in the starting area.

Upgrade Rage Serum
Upgrade the Rage Serum early, it makes you go berserk and can't die. Save them for areas where there there are many or stronger enemies. They come in handy around supply crates.

Loot Everything
Make sure you loot everything you come across. There is plenty of money and stem cells to find and you will need all of it.

The Persistence tips

How to get Crafting Materials and Schematics
Challenge rooms can be a great way to get crafting materials and schematics. Make sure they have what you want before entering. The big rooms have you fight waves of enemies, while the long hallway is a race to the other side before you die.

Crafting Weapons
Use deck 1 to craft all your weapons and items. It is the easiest one with the weakest enemies and you will often have all machines you need on the same deck. All you need to do is bounce around from machine to machine once you are ready to stock up.

Don't Waste Ammo
Try to save your ammo, you will usually find that a swift stem cell bash to the face is often enough to take down basic..

Pay Attention to Door Button Colors

Whenever you open a door in The Persistence, the door button changes from green to yellow, indicating it has been used. If you pay attention to the color of the button on the doors as you move around the ship, you will be able to easily tell which way you have already been and not end up going around in circles.

Pay Attention to Door Button Colors

How to Unlock Weapons

In order to unlock weapons in the Persistence you will need to find Erebus Tokens. Once you have found an Erebus token you can use it in one of the 5 weapon shops (fabricators). Erebus Tokens look like a small yellow triangle and there are usually between 5-10 scattered around each of the stages. You should look for the Erebus which unlock weapns which best suit how you want to play. Below is a list of all the fabricators and their respective weapons.

Grenade Fabricator (yellow):
- Siren
- Gravity Bomb
- Swarm Droids

Firearm Fabricator (light blue):
- The Needle
- The Sentinel
- Valkyrie
- Stormfury

Melee Fabricator (red):
- Lance
- Peacekeeper
- Ivy Serum
- Riot Baton

Experimental Fabricator (purple):
- Grav Hook
- Rage Serum
- Reaper
- Escape Artists
- Time Warp
- Invisibility

How to Unlock Weapons

When you reach the later levels in The Persistence you will find that some of the early game firearms will no longer be effective and you will need to transition into the more powerful experimental and melee weapons to ge the job done.

Upgrading is Essential

At the start of the game your first priority should always be to upgrade your health, the enemies in The Persistence deal plenty of damage, so it is crucial that your HP and Melee strength is as full as possible at all times. This means you need to grab as many Stem Cells as possible and visit the DNA Sequencer which you will find in Recovery each time you print a new clone. Once you have upgraded your health once or twice you can begin focussing on upgrading your Dark Matter reserves to allow for additional teleporting as this is an effective way to evade, or stealth attack enemies.

Use the Map

Always check your map, it gives you plenty of useful information that will help you, such as the location of the DDS generators (Debris Defense Shield) which successfully powering them all up will impact the ending you get when finishing the game. There is one DDS generator on each level. You can also use the map to drop markers that will appear in the game world to help guide you.

Experiment with Weapons

At the start of The Persistence, head to a Firearms Fabricator as soon as you are on deck and unlock the Needle. This weapon will help you on the earlier decks to get used to the head-controlled aiming, which is crucial as all the firearms in the game grant double damage for headshots. Once you feel competent with the Needle you can start unlocking and experimenting with other weapons until you find the ones that best suit your playstyle. Later in the game you will find that the earlier weapons are no longer serviceable, and you will have to transition into the more powerful experimental and melee weapons to get the job done.


The Persistence FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

What is a bloodhound and how badly do I want to stay away from it?
If you use time stop then jab them with an ivy serum, one will have a veritable tank at one's disposal. They can take out around 10-15 enemies before dying. However, weepers seem to kill them quickly, and bloodhounds won't follow you into rooms containing mission objectives.
How do you activate the DDS generators?
Each of the four decks has a DDS generator that requires a keycard to be activated. The keycard can be found on an enemy that spawns and attacks you when you reach the room.
What is the easiest way to kill weepers?
Using the Grav-gun is by far the easiest way to deal with weepers.
How do you teleport straight to deck 2 or other decks?
You need to find a 'chip' that is located in the storage crate on that deck.
How can you easily lose enemies?
Teleporting into a duck right next to you is often enough for the enemy to lose you, or at least buy you time.

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