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The Pathless Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for The Pathless

Last Updated: by Dennis

The Pathless is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. You play the role of a huntress who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world. With the help of some benevolent deities intimately intertwined with nature, it's up to you to stop The Godslayer, a warrior of unspeakable power, as he corrupts and twists the spirits of the land to his will. To do this, you are equipped with a bow, and shortly after starting the game, an eagle companion. The Pathless is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and iOS. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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How to Find Lightstones

Lightstones are relics found on every area of the map, they are needed to dispel the darkness in the Obelisks and to gain gifts from the spirits. When you use your Spirit Mask various points of interest will glow with a red aura indicating they contain either puzzles or trapped Lightstones which appear bright yellow. It is important that you find the Lightstones as they are neededd to clear the Obelisks. You only need a certain number Lightstones to clear the Obelisks and each area has more than enough.

How to Keep Track of Lightstones

As you progress through the game you will be able to keep track of the Lightstones by using the Spirit Mask. When you don the Spirit Mask the Lightstones you have found will appear bright green. A lantern-shaped icon will hovers over the discovered areas.

How to Run Fast for Boss Fights

Make sure you to take advantage of the auto-amim mechanic to shoot the floating talismans that boost your running speed. Learn how to become proficient at navigating the terrain without breaking your speed. This means while running through fields you dodge obstacles like tree trunks and huge boulders which will stop you in your tracks instantly and avoid stepping on small creeks or any body of water. It is important that you become adept at running fast because all of the area boss fights will involve you chasing them through fields in the first pahase of the battle which is necessary to get close enough to hit the marked targets on both sides of their bodies.

How to Retrieve your Eagle

Make sure you avoid the red storm at all costs as getting caught up in the thick of it will rip your eagle companion away from you. If this happens you will need to retrieve it which will involve sneaking past the area guardian's cone of vision without being seen. If you are caught you will lose any yellow crystals you collected. When you do manage to retrieve your eagle it is essential that you pet it to wipe away any grime, if you do not do this it won't function normally.

Maximise your Spirit Mask

Whenever you start a new area in the Pathless you should immediately head to an Obelisk. These are the tallest structures in every area and as such provide the best vantage points. Simply ride the rope up to the very top and use your Spirit Mask from there. From this positon you will be able to determine where you need to go and also check the direction the storm will be moving in next.

How to get Buffs for the Huntress and Eagle

Once you have collected the required number of Lightstones for an Obelisk and handed them in you will be rewarded with gifts which will come in the form of buffs for the Huntress and her eagle. Listed below are the gifts you can expect to get from each of the spirits and their effect.

Gift of the Bear Spirit:
Ultra Flap lets super flaps soar faster and higher.

Gift of the Lizard Spirit:
Speed Boost grants extra burst of speed when you shoot at the floating talismans.

Gift of the Snake Spirit:
Fast Glide has the eagle glide faster when holding the Hunter.

Gift of the Elf Spirit:
Spirit Restoration makes your Spirit energy regenerate over time.

Use your Spirit Mask to Find a Path

The game does not give you any maps or navigational tools to find your way around the expansive world you have been thrust into. In order to get some idea as to where you should be heading you need to use your Spirit Mask. Donning your Spirit Mask tints your vision with a bluish monotone that allows you to see the different points of interest in the distance which you will have a glowing red aura. Basically, points of interest on the island will show up in a manner similar to sonar pings.

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How to Get Crystals

Yellow crystals in The Pathless is an optional collectible that fills up a meter which once full will grant you an extra Flap ability for your eagle. This will increases how often your eagle can flap it's wings to regain altitude and how far it can carry you across the island. Yellow crystals can often be found embedded in statues or inside treasure chests. Reviving a dead animal will aslso grant you yellow crystals. You can choose not to collect the yellow crystals to fill up the gauge as defeating an area guardian will grant you an extra Flap anyway.


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