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Game Reviews for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


Quick Reviews

Awsome Added 24 Sep 2003, ID #4273
Lord of the Rings is one of the best game that ps2 will ever have ive beat it twice and i still play it everyday for all the lord of the ring fans out there this is the game for you its awsome.

I give it a 5 out of 5
the two towers Added 16 Aug 2003, ID #3927
i think that the game was excellent but i believe that it could have been so much bad thing about the game was that all that it was,and i quote ian mckellan,\\\"the game is basically an agressive bit of fighting.\\\"not saying that there is anything wrong with killin orcs, goblins, urak hais, and etc, but that is all you,you kill things.unlike the fellowship of the ring, this game was made by EA games.i think that prima games did a better jod with the 1 game except i believe that as well as EA, they should have followed the movie.i just believe that this game would be better if you got to do other things with the characters,simple things, such as serching for firewood with gimli,or bieng able to explore realms without need of haste like in the fellowship, when you could explore the shire and rivendell and lothlorien.i think that it would be an unbeatable game if you took EAs graphics,sound, and etc,with things like primas gameplay and combined both companies missions.
sincerly,lord gary the great

ID #1862

I watched the film and luved it, i was well excited when i heard that a game was coming out. After playing it i think it is brilliant!The graphics are superb.

The one fault is that it won't last long and will be completed in under a week.

If you like lord of the rings or action games i highly recommend it.Can't wait for film no. 2 and 3 'The return of the king'

ID #1861

This game dosen't have the best graphics in the world, but hey you got to admit the gameplay is pretty good. The game is pretty hard the first time through, but once you get your character up to level 10, the game is a piece of cake. The hard part is is getting all perfects on every level .Of course I only have the first six levels with perfects. I just hope you get somehting or something happens once you get all levels perfected.Gimli has the best attack and defense, but if you like to throw/shoot stuff, the you got to go with Legolas.Thank you for looking over my review, I hope you found the game as exciting as I did.

ID #1860

Buy this game it is excellent. Iv'e completed it 3 times on easy, normal and hard.

ID #1859

This game is what you like,kill an orc,and again the problem is the game is too short.

ID #1858

This game is great but its too short.the hidden level is great.


ID #1857
Get this game cos' its better than games like crash bandicoot and fifa.

It is scored 8.5/10

Awesome Thriller Added 9 Aug 2004, ID #2337

In the part where you type in cheats,in the icons do the cheat rubber ball and maximum batting and half the time you will hit homeruns.

ID #181

If you use the level 40 cheat (R2-L1-left arrow-triangle-start in extreme mode with new character), then the all magic super character cheat (Same except R3 instead of start), you can develop a super player.

I have a Dwarf that carries 1055lbs. Do the first cheat, then the second and go back to level 20 then battle the golem over and over untill you get back to level 40 and do the level 20 super character cheat again.

It brings you back down to level 20 but you keep your experience.

I did this 5 times and have my Dwarf to 1055 lbs and my sorceress to 905 lbs.

If you do this with the human you lose hail of arrows when you do the supper character cheat.

ID #180

Cheat mode:

During the game, hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle then press Start. A cheat menu with "Invincibility", "Level Warp" options will be unlocked.

Super character:

During the game hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle then press R3. Your character will now be at level 20 and have access to all feats. Your character will also have level 1 feats on all class-dependent feats and 75,000 more gold pieces. Your character will not advance to a higher level or gain additional feats.

Play as Drizzt:

At the main menu hold L1 + R1 then press X + Triangle. Or, complete the game on the extreme difficulty setting.

Brilliant game Added 17 Jan 2004, ID #1164

This game rules!!!

It has got to be one of the best games on Ps2.You can go on a rampage,gunning down Hapless civilians,beat up cops with baseball bats or just cruise Liberty city listening to one of the radio stations.Rockstar have even made websites for the advetisements on the radio EG: or thats pure Genius! Overall i would give this 10/10 because of the lush graphics, selection of guns and cars and generally because its Grand Theft Auto. BUY!!!!!

Review for: LOTR the Two Towers Added 8 Dec 2004, ID #217

Various Codes:

Level Select

Enter ONTHELEVEL as your name or password

Enemy Freeze

Enter DONTFARTONOSCAR as your name or password

Fill Bloodlust

Enter ANGRYXXXINSANEHOOKER as your name or password

God Mode

Enter TRIASSASSINDONTDIE as your name or password

Restore Health

Enter LAMEYANKEEDONTFEED as your name or password

Show Weapons

Enter SHOWMEMYWEAPONS as your name or password

Time Factor

Enter NAKEDNASTYDISHWASHERDANCE as your name or password

The two towers Added 16 Feb 2004, ID #135

me AGAIN one more cheat to go hopefully this will be the last cheat i`ve got well here it is

super soldiers-hold R2 and press square(x2),x,triangle,x,square

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers- Part 2. Added 10 Jan 2004, ID #129

The last two levels in Armored Core 2(Infiltrate STAI Battleship,Phobos) are not as hard as they may seem.

You just need good weapons like the KARASAWA-MK2 and the pulse cannon for Infiltrate STAI Battleship and double mounted vertical missile launchers with the BEX-BRM-04 or 2 and the laser rifle and blade (ZLS-400/SL or the LS-MOONLIGHT).

This is a guarantee if you are as good as I am.

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