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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Game Reviews for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


Quick Reviews

Added 3 Jun 2007, ID #7637
this has to be the very very very very very very best game ever i mean how can you not see that this game is good. when i first got this game the second summer it was out i stayed up 3 days straight playing even though i beat it the first hour i got it.i loved the movie i loved the book but they do not come close to the game. i give the handleing 8 out of 10, the graphics 7.5 out of 10, th levels 10 out 10 over all score i give i 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10 thats how great this game was man i loved this game if you can tell

V.GoodAdded 7 Mar 2005, ID #3441
The action is great.

But don't you think this is a little too high on the difficulty level?

I mean there should be more check points. 80%.

I Love it...Added 30 Dec 2003, ID #1217
It's really good.i think its exactly like the films and books.

It's a bit on the tough side even on easy which is good but in the paths of the dead and places.

It's so dark I can't see where I am a lot but 94% by me is really good don't you think.

Like midevil action?Added 17 Aug 2006, ID #22831

Added 22 Jul 2005, ID #16292

Review for LOTR Two TowersAdded 30 Nov 2004, ID #11823

Nahhh......Added 24 May 2004, ID #8760
Ok to kill salasar use a mine dart oon the monster then use a rocket on him and he's dead

What a great gameAdded 19 Mar 2004, ID #7520
Ok go to the ranch and buy an egg. If you put the egg in the incubator in the chicken coup in two weeks you should get yourself a lil chick

An amazing gameAdded 17 Feb 2004, ID #6957
To get all your skaters on infinite stats, either.

1) Complete the game with a noob skater and get full stats

2) copy a full stat skater from a friend's memory card on to yours
After you do either of those, go to create skater, and choose to edit the full stat skater you have, change the name gender or what ever else you want to, then edit the skater look if you want, then save the skater in a new slot, and Bob's your uncle.

You have another maxed out skater, you can do this as many times as you like, you can also use the skater in story mode to beat the game easily! (you won't see this hint any other place, I came up with it my self ages ago, and have finally decided to submit it, so if you go giving this hint to other sites, please mention my name and the super cheats website, thanks)

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King!Added 24 Jan 2004, ID #6485
If a Chaos Chao can't die then it cant transform so it will be stuck at level 99 forever and wont be able to get better.

Another great action-warfare game from the Lord of the RingsAdded 10 Jan 2004, ID #6146
First... Goto the butlers room/janitors room then find a bucket in one of the corners it will be behind something then boom a red jewel or maybe a blue one I forgot.
Second... Water the plant outside everytime you beat a boss ( and before you go against the graveyard shadow monster ) Then it will grow bigger and bigger then it will explode and money will fly everywhere.
Third... Take a picture of the mouse hole in the butlers room / janitors room you will see wind and crap walk up to it and it will suck you into a secret room full of chests. ( Money Money Money! )
Fourth... Suck in every boo ( all 50 ) and when you suck the last boo into your vacuum you will see a jewel.
The last hint I can give you is. Befor you fight King Boo use the vacuum and suck at the lamp a blue jewel will fall out. Then hit the two lamp/fireholders they hold one gold bar and money. I know this game came out in 2001 but if you havent played it 1000 times it will still be fun

From Outlaw*nau

Wicked gameAdded 5 Jan 2004, ID #6042
All Cup Tour
Special Cup - 150cc - Gold

Mirror Mode
All Cup Tour Cup - 150cc - Gold

Green Fire - Luigi's Kart
Mushroom Cup - 50cc - Gold

Bloom Coach - Daisy's Kart
Flower Cup - 50cc - Gold

Para Wing - Paratroopa's Kart
Star Cup - 50cc - Gold

Bullet Blaster - Bowser Jr's Kart
Special Cup - 50cc - Gold

Battle Buggy - Baby Luigi's Kart
Mushroom Cup - 100cc - Gold

Waluigi Racer - Waluigi's Kart
Flower Cup - 100cc - Gold

Toad and Toadette
Unlock one of their karts

Toad's Kart - Toad's Kart
Special Cup - 100cc - Gold

Luigi's Mansion Battle Stage - 2p Only
Mushroom Cup - 150cc - Gold

Turbo Birdo - Birdo's Kart
Flower Cup - 150cc - Gold

Barrel Train - Diddy Kong's Kart
Star Cup - 150cc - Gold

Petey Pirahna and King Boo
Unlock one of their karts

Toadette's Kart - Toadette's Kart
Mushroom Cup - Mirror Mode - Gold

Tilt-A-Kart Battle Stage - 2p Only
Flower Cup - Mirror Mode - Gold

Pirahna Pipes - Petey Pirahna's Kart
Star Cup - Mirror Mode - Gold

Pipes Kart - King Boo's Kart
Special Cup - Mirror Mode - Gold

Toadsworth's Kart - Toadsworth's Kart
All Cup Tour Cup - Mirror Mode - Gold

Parade Kart - No-one's Kart
All Cup Tour Cup - Mirror Mode - Gold

Better than I expected!Added 2 Jan 2004, ID #5956
Create two profiles and get 500 koins on them both then go onto versus mode and load both profiles up and click R and it will come up with wager then put 500 koins as your wager unload both profiles and do the same thing until you are desired.

About the gameAdded 31 Dec 2003, ID #5776

Added 23 Nov 2003, ID #4947

Not so stupid!Added 2 Jan 2004, ID #1062

To unlock a team of extra players, you need to complete the master league...

Stupid GameAdded 27 Dec 2003, ID #1020
To get plenty of extra tickets to go spend on all theese nice space ships and amzing new parts to go and build your own ship.

simply :

Select a car you are comfortable with and can handle corners fairly well.

Do novice difficulty setting over and over again until you have enough tickets for whatever your racing needs.
happy racing!!

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