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Game Reviews for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


Quick Reviews

Added 13 Aug 2003, ID #3321
ID #2583
Review for The Lord Of The Rings 1 Added 27 Oct 2004, ID #199

Course Hints Mode

At the Options screen, hold down L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. Then enter the following code: Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X. You can just repeat this to disable this function.

Master Code

At the options menu hold down L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE. A beeping sound will confirm correct code entry.

Redo the code to disable it.

B-B-B-BB-BR-BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! Added 26 Feb 2004, ID #138

Enter the following codes during gameplay to get the corresponding effect...

2,000 electricity - Hold R2 and press Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, X.

5,000 plastic - Hold R2 and press Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square.

Paratroopers - Hold R2 and press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle(x2).

Super soldiers - Hold R2 and press Square(x2), X, Triangle, X, Square.

Super enemy soldiers - Hold R2 and press Triangle(x2), X, Square, Triangle(x2).

The Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring- Part 1. Added 10 Jan 2004, ID #128

I want to tell you all "If you want a type of game with Mech Combat, AC2 is your game!"

From Assault in the 31st century, to Zapping Leos Klein's rear off mars and out of gravity range(in other words A to Z), This game is the best mech combat game in the Solar System.

Having already dominated this game, I greatly enjoy beating the living daylights out of wusses ,like Light Seeker, in the areana, although I'm sure they are not happy about spitting out pavement and scrap metal.

Overall, I'm trying to tell you to get this game.....SOON!!!

Amazing Added 22 Oct 2003, ID #106

When you have finished all the missions, you will should have 8 new opponents, Chris Miura, Co-op, Lost Lamb, Scarlet, The veteran, Falcon VIII, Riot, & Matthias, they are all pretty simple to beat, but you migght have a problem against Matthias, he is alot stronger than Ares, he beats you by constantly shooting a powerful laser at you which will kill you in a few shots, i beat him by hyper boosting to the edge of that arena with a old ship, & then he might go out of the arena, a easy way to win, but you might have to do it a few times before he actully falls for it. Hope i helped Smile

ID #75
I've had this game for over a month and I am impressed. This game has awesome gameplay which includes charging the mound real life commentary, diving catches, and hot and cold zones for batters and better pitching. Anyone who gets this game will be happy that they bought it.

ID #74

unlike the other cod which is not real this one unlock everything enter "enchilada!" as your name and don't forget to add the ! in your name!

review Added 23 Jul 2004, ID #2939

Please enter in the form of: code - effect

(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF21853E59E


Idiot AI DEB63496BCA99B83

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