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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

Game Reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX


Quick Reviews

An amazing gameAdded 14 Oct 2008, ID #4941
The best starter Pokemon go in this order: Mudkip, Treeko, Torchic.

Mudkip is the best because there is no Grass Gym Leader so Mudkip has a good chance there. Electric doesn't effect Marshtomp or Swampert because they are Ground as well as Water. Mudkip's weaknesses are: Grass.

Treeko is good against most Gym Leaders but it will be hard to win Winona who uses Flying Pokemon, and with Flannery who uses Fire. Grass Pokemon don't seem to learn moves as good Water or Fire Pokemon. Treeko's weaknesses are: Flying, Fire and Ice.

Torchic is the worst to get because it has a lot of weaknesses. Wally's Gardevoir fainted my Blaziken on level 80. Blaziken may look tough, but most of the Pokemon you battle in the game are Water so it has the worst chance of surviving. Blaziken's weaknesses are: Psychic, Water and Ground.

I love Mudkip because it can learn all the Water HM moves.
What do you think of my Swampert?

Quipper/Swampert L.v 100
Muddy Water
Ice Beam
354 HP

Link For Game Boy!Added 11 Aug 2004, ID #2967
At Different Worlds choose your character.

World 1 - Password: 0202
World 2 - Password: 1408
World 3 - Password: 2704
World 4 - Password: 0108

Level Passwords
Level 2 - Password: 1608
Level 3 - Password: 2111
Final Level - Password: 1705

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