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5. The Enemy of My Enemy

The Last of Us: Left Behind Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve
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5. The Enemy of My Enemy

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[ ] Bow (E/N/H/?).[ ] Arrows x3 (E/N/H/?).[ ] Arrow (E/N/H/?).[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/N/H/?).[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?).[ ] Duct Recorder (ALL).[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?).[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Sugar (E/N/H/?).[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?).[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?).[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?).
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?).[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?).[ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?).[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?).

Left Behind - Chapter 5: The Enemy of My Enemy

Continue and hop over the crates, then grab the [BOW] as one of the men is assaulted by a Clicker. Do NOT approach them for now, but wait until they spread out. When they do, immediate move diagonally right (towards the Clicker body) and grab the [ARROWS x3] from it (the other Clicker body also contains [ARROWS]. Follow the guy in blue (on the right side) and wait for him to stand still at the restrooms down the hall, then quickly sneak up on him and knife him to death. One of the other guys will soon check out his body, so back away in the main hall and wait for one of them to arrive, then sneak up on him and knife him too. The third one sometimes arrives rather quickly, so either shoot him or if you can, sneak up on him too.

In any case, the store they were searching contains [PISTOL AMMO x2] and a [HEALTH BAR] if you search the counter (underneath the register). You can also find [(1/2) ALCOHOL] and [(1/4) RAG] in the corner next to the restrooms. Move through the air duct at the end of the hall and collect the [DUCT RECORDER] from the skeleton inside (just follow the blood trail). Exit the duct and you'll find yourself in a new situation; infected are in the same room as regular human enemies. When a wave of humans enters the room far ahead, hurl a brick in their direction so the two clickers and the runner directly below you will assault them. They'll most definitely win - the infected, that is.

Drop down and look for a [(1/4) RAG] in the shelves, as well as [(1/4) BLADES]. You can also find [PISTOL AMMO] and [ARROWS] on the bodies of the deceased men. Your only problem now is that the infected are still 'alive'. Move to the counter on the left side and grab a brick; hurl it to the far right side of the room and if done correctly at least the two clickers will take the bait. You'll now only have to avoid the runner outside.

At the end of the hall, climb up on the right side and collect [(1/4) RAG] and [(1/4) ALCOHOL] from this platform. Drop down and find a [HEALTH BAR] on the nearby counter, as well as a [(1/4) EXPLOSIVE]. There are a bunch of infected waiting in the room to your right, but you don't have to engage them yourself. Grab a bottle and continue down the hall; a couple of scavengers will enter the hall. Back up and hide behind some crates, then hurl the bottle in their direction as they get closer. They'll now battle it out with the infected.

It depends on who wins how to deal with this area, but it's likely the scavengers win since it's a relatively open area. Collect a [(1/4) ALCOHOL] from some shelves in the room the infected were standing in, as well as a [(1/4) RAG] and (1/4) EXPLOSIVES] from a locker in the adjacent room (but stay low).

You can either sneak up on the guys (start with the one in the right corner) or take them out any way you want (or even sneak past them). In any case you can find a [(1/4) ALCOHOL] in the middle of the area, and [(1/4) SUGAR] on the lower left side of the area. There's [PISTOL AMMO x2] and [(1/4) EXPLOSIVE] in the counter's shelves (under the registry) on the far left side. Lastly, a [HEALTH BAR] can be found lying on top of a cabinet near the 'home theater' system. To continue, climb up. Before you go underneath the shutter, first search this room for [(1/4) BLADES], since once you open the shutter there's no turning back.

As you backtrack to Joel, you'll unfortunately come across a large group of scavengers. You'll definitely want to put those rags and alcohol bottles you found to good use now and craft a Molotov cocktail. Carefully aim and hurl it at the two guys who are trying to open the shutter door down below; a well thrown cocktail should take them both out. Now aim for the guy in the room to your right; perhaps an arrow shot or otherwise a few gunshots should do him in. Remember that you can always throw a brick and then quickly move in for a knife melee if you run out of options. This room also contains a [HEALTH BAR], [HEALTH BAR] and [(1/4 RAG].

Since the scavengers have noticed you by now, take out the remaining ones with your bow, pistol, or knife (preferably of course only after stunning them with a brick or bottle). Get behind cover at all times and take the guys on one by one. The area contains several more items should you need them: The upper left walkway contains [(3/4) EXPLOSIVES], the room on the right (below) contains a [(1/4) RAG] and [(1/4) BLADES]. The other (left) side of the lower area contains [(1/4) ALCOHOL], [(1/4) RAG], and you can find a [HEALTH CAN] and a [(1/4) RAG] near the stairs in the corner. You'll come across most of it as you traverse the area anyway, and all in all it should provide you with enough gear to also take out the remaining scavengers, including any who continue to dare fiddle with the holy shutter door.

When you try to open the shutter door, naturally more scavengers show up, and even some infected join the crowd. You'll definitely want to loot all bodies you've dropped so far to get more ammunition, and even a [HUNTING RIFLE]. Use bricks and bottles to set the infected up against the scavengers whenever you can, and wipe them all out, using whatever you need. When you've done so you can finally open the shutter and patch Joel up.

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