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3. So Close

The Last of Us: Left Behind Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve
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3. So Close

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[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/4) Sugar (E/N/H/?)[ ] Atrium Note (ALL)[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)[ ] Pistol Ammo x4 (E/N/H/?)[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)[ ] Pistol Ammo x6 (E/N/H/?)[ ] Generator Note (ALL)[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)[ ] Atrium Recorder (ALL)

Left Behind - Chapter 3: So Close

Check out the right side of the area and jump over the 'Noodle Bowl' counter to find [(1/2) ALCOHOL]. The counter to the right of it contains [(1/4) SUGAR]. You can find an [ATRIUM NOTE] in a small pool of blood in the nearby corner as well. [(1/4) RAG] and [(1/4) BLADES] can be found by checking out the boxes close to this corner, just slightly to the right. This is near the Weapon Notice board. You can also find a [HEALTH BAR] on the tables. The shelves across the counter of the Bob's Burger Club (to the right of the Noodle Bowl) hold [(1/4) RAG] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Besides all this you can also find another [HEALTH BAR] in the far left corner of the area (from where you dropped off the railing, it's left).

Before moving through the door with 'Maintenance' above it, collect the [PISTOL AMMO x4] here. Move through the hall and wade through the water to reach a large abandoned, flooded hall. Before you inspect the generator in front of you it's a good idea to scout ahead for items.

The white truck up ahead contains a [HEALTH BAR], and you can also find [PISTOL AMMO x6] right before attempting to open the (locked) doors at the far end of the hall. Finding ammo is usually a bad sign in games where ammo is meant to be relatively scarce.. right?

Head back to the first part of this hall and climb the platform to try to activate the generator... Turns out there's no juice. Also grab the [GENERATOR NOTE] lying next to the generator. Turn around and grab the gas can behind you, next to the fence. It's empty, so you'll have to look for it first.

At this point, two Stalkers enter the hall. I'll outline two ways to deal with them, the first strategy mainly involving your gun, the second using melee attacks.

The first way to deal with them is to, for example, sneak towards the white truck by moving via the left path of the hall. Do not drop down in the water, and do not run in it, as this will make too much noise. You can find a health bar inside the white truck if you hadn't already, but in any case you can throw a brick at one of the stalkers as it passes by; then shoot it. This will spawn two more stalkers (so now there are three left). But this is a relatively decent spot to kill them; be sure to aim for their heads as they enter the truck. Should they grab you, melee knife them to death, and if you get low on health, use a health kit. In any case, be sure to collect any ammo from their bodies as you'll most definitely need it, if only to waste the remaining stalkers.

Another way to deal with the Stalkers is to collect a brick from near the generator, drop down into the water, make some noise to lure the (two) Stalkers towards you, climb back on the platform and have your brick ready to throw. Ellie will auto-aim the brick at the first incoming Stalker, so hit it with the brick and immediately move in for the finisher with your knife. The second stalker is probably very close by now, so rush away to the dry walkway on the left side of the area, adjacent to the trucks, and collect a brick from here. Move to the corner (with the shutter) and wait for the Stalker to arrive, then perform the same trick by throwing the brick and knifing it to death. The last two Stalkers can be dealt with in the same fashion; look for another brick here and prepare yourself as the next enemy comes at you. This greatly saves you ammunition.

This white truck also contains the gas you're looking for. Inspect its right side to siphon it out and return to activate the generator. Head through the fenced door and climb the ladder, then move over the left ventilation shaft. When you're over the red truck, drop down onto it and check out the front to find [(1/4) RAG] and [(1/2) ALCOHOL]. Drop down on the other side and check out the shutter switch in the corner. There's a cart inside, so drag it out. Before doing anything with it, check out the second shutter switch nearby to find [3/4) EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/4) RAG].

Now move the cart with the two boxes underneath the second shutter. This allows you to climb the low box nearby and move over the second shutter (it would otherwise drop back down as Ellie tried moving over it). This grants you access to the last set of ventilation shafts leading to the now unlocked door.

But there's no reason to party just yet; the area behind this door is infested with runners and even two clickers. The runners are standing still, but the clickers are roaming, so watch them. When the first clicker is further away from you, slowly sneak up behind the runner to your immediate left and knife him. You can find [(1/4) ALCOHOL] in the shelves where he was standing.

Wait until the coast is clear and jump over the counter, hugging the left side of the area. (If you're quick you can find [(1/4) BLADES], [(1/4) EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/4) RAG] in this room, before continuing.) When the clickers are moving away from you, sneak upon the second runner (from his back, mind you) and knife him as well. Around this time, the second clicker will probably be on his way back to you, so carefully sneak towards the other side of the room. While you're here, you'll probably want to grab the [(1/2) ALCOHOL] and [(3/4) EXPLOSIVES]. Wait until the coast is clear and approach the final, third runner, near the shutter, and knife him as well. This should make things a little easier for you. Hop over the nearby counter (where you killed the last, third runner) to find [(1/4) BLADES] behind it. When the clickers are far away enough, open the shutter to reach the main hall again.

You'll want to act quick: Clickers (and depending on how much noise you make, also Runners) will be roaming the area. Run (but not dash) towards the escalator door and click it, which will cause a horribly loud sound. Immediately open the door and run up, look to your left for an [ATRIUM RECORDER], and proceed to the helicopter. Climb the fragile glass and quickly move over the bar to leap over towards the chopper.

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