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The Gunk Cheats & Tips

PC XOne XboxXS

Cheats, Tips and Questions for The Gunk

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The Gunk is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. You take control of a scavenger called Rani who has arrived at an alien planet with her partner Beck to gather resources and alien plants. The duo quickly discover the planet has been corrupted by a black slime-like parasite named the Gunk which is actively harming the environment and its wildlife. Rani is equipped with a power glove that is affectionately known as 'Pumpkin' which can be used to suck in the gunk, effectively restoring the original environment. When the gunk is removed, wildlife will thrive, and you will be able to use Rani's scanner to scan the environment and learn more about the world. All findings will be documented in a logbook that you can read. While removing the Gunk you will encounter corrupted monsters that you will need to fight. The Gunk is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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The Gunk Cheats, Tips Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include why you need to learn about the different resources and why you should upgrade energy lure.

Scan Everything

In order to unlock new abilities and earn explanations of the ecosystem in The Gunk you need to scan the flora, fauna, and ancient architecture of the alien planet. It is essential that you do this as there are a total of 15 abilities in the game and in order to learn them you need to increase the progression bar to the next unlock by scanning everything you see. Make sure before you suck up resources you learn what they are, as knowing what each item is will help you from a story perspective. Sucking up resources will also enable you to find out about new upgrades which you can perform at the crafting table inside the base.

Learn About the Different Resources

To be able to improve Rani's skills in The Gronk it is essential that you know what things you have and what you will need for upgrading. There are four different categories of resources in the game: Organic, Fiber, Alien and Metal, and knowing everything you can about them will help you to progress in the game. The workbench at your ship does not mention these resources, so you will not be able to get help from it. Not every upgrade needs every kind of resource, and you can check what you're lacking at the workbench.

Don't Always Clean the Gunk

In most situations, you will need to completely wipe out the gunk from an area to progress further. If however you encounter an area that seems impossible to clear up it will be an indication from the game that you need to ignore the gunk and find an alternate pathway in order to proceed.

Search High Places

To traverse the alien planet you will need to combine sucking up the Gunk and utilizing the plants in your environment to solve puzzles. Many of the bulbs you can find which blow up blockages or create pathways from energy pools are situated up high, so you need to make sure you are frequently checking on ceilings and walls to spot them. Simply shoot them down with your energy blaster when you do find them.

Upgrade Energy Lure

Energy Lure is one of the earlier unlocks that you can find in The Gunk and as the game progresses its use will become increasingly more important. Energy lure is a little item that Rani can summon and throw at will, it is particularly useful in combat situations as it essentially attracts the smallest spider-like creatures towards it allowing you to hoover up the Gunk without them getting in the way. Make sure you upgrade energy lure as doing so will give it a larger radius, which will be a necessity in the later-game to help prevent you from being overwhelmed when the battles get more chaotic.

Unlock Fast Travel

Strewn across the alien planet are landmarks that will let you fast travel back to your workbench at the ship. These places though can be far between each other. There are seven fast-travel locations in total and the first is unlocked when you reach the alien ruins in Chapter 3: An Alien Civilization and placed a beacon in the designated area. Make sure you visit the base whenever you have placed a new beacon and unlocked a fast travel location, so you can spend the resources you have gathered to make Rani stronger.

Get Super Speed

Early in the game you will be able to boost the speed of Rani by combining 2-speed boosting abilities. To do so you need to unlock the ability to sprint in the first upgrades you choose and then unlock an ability that will give you a temporary speed boost once you have sucked up some gunk.


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