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Taonga: The Island Farm Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad, PC
Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats
Taonga: The Island Farm Cheats and Tips

Taonga: The Island Farm Cheats and Tips

We have a collection of Taonga: The Island Farm cheats and tips that will help you in this free-to-play virtual farm simulator that is available on Facebook and can be played on PC, Android, and iOS.

Taonga: The Island Farm Cheats and Tips

Taonga is hidden somewhere in the ocean, an exotic tropical island with breathtaking landscapes and mysterious ruins. Your role is to build your farm there and harvest resources to fulfill orders so that you can accumulate funds to develop the island.

You must keep an eye on the farm economy and stock up on supplies for the adventures and quests you embark on. Invite your friends to play so you can explore the island together, learn the secrets of ancient temples, and discover hidden chests full of precious treasures.

  • How to Collect More Energy

    There are several ways in Taonga: The Island Farm in which you can collect more Energy. These are listed below:

    • Get it as a reward for completing quests
    • Complete Daily Tasks

    • Win Energy in the Butterfly-catching mini-game
    • Visit Resorts on your Neighbors' islands (Hammock, Sunbeds, Picnic, etc.)

    • Collect Seastars, Clams, and Crabs on the beach
    • Place the Friendship Totem on your island
    • Open Treasure Chests that appear on your Home Island after you fully remove a Tree, Rock, or Clay mound
    • Win Energy in the Wheel of Fortune
    • Speed up Crops, Animals, and Trees on your Neighbors' islands
    • Buy Energy in the Bank or take advantage of limited-time offers
    • Collect it from the Radiant Lotus - the reward for completing the Island of the Radiant Lotus (available from Level 15)
    • Buy Energy for Florins in the Shop (Level 16)
    • Claim from Captain Escudo's Wondrous Chest - the reward for completing the Island of Treacherous Reefs (Level 18)
    • Buy for Scarabs from Suleiman on the Island of the Marvelous Oasis (Level 19)

  • How to Catch Butterflies

    When you reach Level 12 you will be able to join Dr. Yorick Jansson and start to research and catch Butterflies on the Island of the Flower Nectar. On this island you will find a Tropical Pond and once you complete the related quest you will receive a similar Pond as a reward that you can then place on your Home Island and continue your research without the need to travel.

    To catch the Butterflies you need to place 8 Plumeria Flowers by the Pond so that their sweet aroma lures them to you. Plumeria saplings can be purchased in the shop. Your goal then is to find and flip open chips with identical Butterflies.

    You can only catch one Butterfly in one game and aside from chips with Butterflies there is always the possibility of getting bonuses such as Diamonds, Energy, Florins, Precise Butterly Nets, and Galleon contracts. Bonus items however can only be claimed after the game with a Butterfly.

  • How to find Raphael's Tools

    In order to help Raphael remember his past on the Island of the Olive Grove questline you need to find his tools in the ship wreckage. You will need 15 Strength points to begin playing this minigame which is very similar to the Butterfly catching one (see above). There are 8 chips in the playing area, this consists of 2 per each of the possible rewards. One game consists of two rounds and each round of 2 chip Flips.

    Your objective is to find a reward by flipping open two chips with identical images in one round, that is at Flips #1 and #2, or Flips #3 and #4. Only one reward can be won in one game (a tool or a jewel box). After you complete the story you will still be able to continue playing for jewel boxes.

  • How to Build the Friendship Totem

    You can build the Friendship Totem by accessing the Facebook version of the game via this link: and clicking on the '+Energy' icon on the left side of the game screen.

    You then need to complete the tasks in the window that appears. Once you have completed the tasks click 'Build the Totem!' and choose a place for it on your Home Island.

  • What is The Mysterious Temple for

    The Mysterious Temple holds many secrets of the whole Taonga Archipelago. You can uncover some of them while restoring this building, after which it will serve as a decoration for your Home Island.

  • How to get Florins

    In Taonga: The Farm Island Florins are a rare and valuable resource you can collect. You will not be able to buy Florins (except the Shop of Home Island), get them as a gift, or exchange them between Friends and Neighbours. Listed below are how you will be able to obtain Florins.

    • Reward for completing missions in Taonga: The Island Farm
    • From Jackpot Chests at the Wheel of Fortune
    • On Wandering Islands of Florins, the Island of the Pirate Cove, and the Island of Oracles
    • Washed-up Chests (only Emerald ones)
    • Get as a prize for 1-3rd places in Fishing and Hospitality Competitions
    • From Captain Escudo's Wondrous Chest (one of the Chest's possible rewards). The Chest in its turn can be acquired on the Island of Treacherous Reefs
    • Win them in the Butterfly catching minigame (Emerald and Sapphire florins)
    • Purchased in the Shop of Home Island (Chest of Florins and Deluxe Chest of Florins)
    • You can load Yacht (all 8 boxes) after the 16th level and send it away manually, to receive random Florin as a reward

  • How to get Free Diamonds

    Regularly check the Facebook page for Taonga: The Island Farm as the developers reglularly place links there that give free Diamonds.

    Click the following link to be taken to the Taonga: The Island Farm Facebook page.

We hope these tips help you out in the game, but for further help try our FAQs for Taonga: The Island Farm, you can also submit your own questions there for other players to answer.


Taonga: The Island Farm FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

Where is there bamboo trees at besides your farm
They are almost in every island.
How do I send a neighbour a gift not on their wishlist?
Go to your storage find the gift you want to send click on the present. A list of your neighbors shows to the right. Click on the neighbor you want to send to and choose how many and send
The island of lush meadows is complete how do I move to the next island?
Did you ever get an answer for this? I'm stuck too! Finished all missions and I can't move on!
Hazel nuts where do you find them
Take your little boat to the Island of Toru Kai Tangata Village and speak to the villagers who will each give you a gift for completing a simple quest.
Maarta for Hazelnuts - collect all the chickens which have escaped and hidden around the village.
Watau for collecting the seashells on the shore
Tama for gathering dragonfruit from bushes outside the little village
Patu for collecting the flowers from the garden in front of him.
On the first visit to the village you have a quest which rewards you with a little squirrel friend.
How do I send gifts to neighbours
First you add a friend then you press the 🎁 button then select the neighbour and press send gift

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