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Sword of the Necromancer Cheats and Tips

Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC
Last Updated: by Dennis

Sword of the Necromancer is a dungeon-crawler action RPG with rogue-like elements where you can revive your defeated enemies to make them fight alongside you. You play as Tama, a former rogue that is tasked with escorting the priestess Koko in her pilgrimage around the continent. During their travel Koko dies, and Tama carries the corpse to the Necromancer's crypt, where legends say there dwells a power that may resurrect the dead. Filled with despair, Tama will enter the dungeon with the aim of obtaining the forbidden power of necromancy, ignoring the dangers that lurk in the shadows. Sword of the Necromancer is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Sword of the Necromancer Trailer

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to Play Co-op

When you play the dungeon floor after the tutorial you will be able to find the Flask of Homunculus beside the Inventory chest, on the right side of the Altar below the stairs. If you have the flask on an active slot it will automatically be used when you enter the dungeon. If you have a second active controller attached to your console when you enter the dungeon the Flask of Homunculus will create a copy of you which can be used to play co-op. This will also unlock the Dwarf in the Flask achievement/trophy which requires you to use the Flask of Homunculus.

IR Codes Guide

Sword of the Necromancer has exclusive IR Codes that can be redeemed for exclusive content such as bonuses, buffs, and weapons. The designer of the
Game continually makes new codes available so be sure to check out their Twitter IR Code checklist to acquire new ones.

To redeem your IR Codes you simply have to scan it, take a look at the video below to see how you scan an IR code with the Nintendo Switch Right Joycon's IR Camera.

IR Codes Guide

To manually input the IR Code on other consoles press the 'Read Code' option. You then need to select the square in the 8x8 grid and change it's value with the 'Accept' button. Once the grid matches the IR Code from your card, press the 'Validate Code' to validate the code and get the item. The IR codes you input into your game are not permanent, you need to enter a new code every time you want to take one of the items, as they are single-use.

Kill Monsters with New Weapons

There is an achievement/trophy in Sword of the Necromancer which is unlocked by killing enemies with every type of weapon in the game. It is recommended that every time you acquire a new weapon you kill at least a couple of monsters with it in order to not have to do it later in the game. You can keep track of which weapons you have found and how many monsters you have killed with it by the bookshelf in the Alter area. Weapons can be found by opening chests on the dungeon floors. Once you have met the requirement the 'Weapon Master' achievement/trophy will only unlock once you reach a boss room or go back to the altar.

How to get the This Won't Hurt Me Achievement/Trophy

To get the 'This Won't Hurt Me' achievement/trophy you must deflect a magic attack. The easiest way in which to get this is to use a shield that has the Mirror attribute. If you do not have a shield with this you can use the Forge to add the Mirror attribute to a shield using one of it's 4 slots. You will be able to find the Forge by the right side of the Altar area, below the stairs.

The Mirror attribute requires:
- 12 Essence of Defense
- 10 Shard of Heart
- 8 Ore of Ice

You will be able to find the materials you need by breaking vases and crates on the dungeon floors or by disposing of items on the inventory, which is the chest above the Forge. Equip your mirror on an active slot on your shield, to use the shield you simply have to press and hold the assigned button. Now you have the shield all you have to do is to deflect the magic of Scholoaks or Kaogyps, or even later bosses. Don't try this against Pobawas as they use magic on the floor, not as a projectile.

Experience is Extremely Important

Without doubt the most important stat in Sword of the Necromancer is Experience and earning it, so you level up is the easiest way to boost all your stats in the game without wasting slots. As you only have 4 slots on your character and an additional 12 for inventory it is crucial that you choose the right items and don't waste them. Leveling up will increase many things including health, damage, and your ability to dodge. Upon reaching the cap the Experience you gain will further boost the advantage gear gives.

Change the Game Settings

If you are struggling to progress and are continually losing gear in Sword of the Necromancer you may want to consider playing the game on an easier difficulty setting. In order to do so you simply have to die 3 times during a single session to unlock the 'Game Settings' option in 'Settings'. This feature includes settings for 'Difficulty', 'Loss of Items and Experience on Death' and 'Death Notifications for Enemies'. Once this feature is unlocked it remains permanently unlocked and is only accessible while you are in the Altar area.

It is recommended that you turn off the 'Loss of Items and Experience on Death' option as doing so will make runs stress-free and allow you to retain resources for a harder difficulty setting which will help to make things easier.

Extend your Combo

After finishing a combo in Sword of the Necromancer your last hit will have an extended 'cooldown' period during which you will not be able to move or continue attacking. It is possible however to cancel this time by dashing or dodging, and you can even cancel that dash/dodge with an attack, starting a new combo. You will be able to do this providing you still SP left.

Secret Sword of the Necromancer Power

The normal Charged Attack for the Sword of the Necromancer is a Stab which has an increased Critical Hit Chance. However, providing you have 3 SP available you can charge an attack, and without releasing it's slot button, you can summon a monster that will attack at the same time. This secret power can turn monsters into powerhouses and remove some Rouge-lite elements in the game. To get the intended experience of the game it is recommended that you resist the temptation of using this power and get the intended Experience normally. Only use this secret power when you are struggling with the game.

Defeat and Revive Monsters

In order to unlock the 'To Catch Them is My Real Test' achievement/trophy you must defeat and revive every monster in the game. In total there are 20 different types of monsters. Seeing as this is a rogue-lite game which may give you trouble finding a specific monster it is recommended you kill and revive every new type of monster as you find them. Don't worry if you miss a monster as all dungeons can be replayed once you have completed the story. You can keep track of the monsters you have killed by going to the Bestiary inside the library which is located on a bookshelf on the left side of the altar area, below the stairs.

Defeat and Revive Monsters

Listed below are all the monsters in Sword of the Necromancer:

- Buffary
- Champimbomb
- Crawlumbra
- Dollahan
- Slaaim
- Fleye
- Scholoak
- Harvescalp
- Restorebbit
- Skeletant
- Heelion
- Tai'ak
- Trolks
- Mimigate
- Kaogyps
- Pobawa
- Impcher
- Skullcrusher
- Sprinsioner
- Whispike

Pay Attention to Stats

It is important that you pay close attention to stats in Sword of the Necromancer as the game gives you a wide variety of positive and negative attributes for you to deal with. Remember that Experience stacks, so getting two separate 2x items for example will give you 4x Experience. It is with the negative attributes that you need to be aware of as these can hinder you considerably if you are not careful. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of anything that decreases power and just focus entirely on useful accessories or helpful perks.


Sword of the Necromancer FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

Where do you find an Escape Rope?
They can be found in chests and by smashing the boxes and pots you can find in the dungeon.
How do you get an Escape Circle?
They can either be found randomly in the dungeon floors or when you defeat a boss.
How do you leave a Dungeon?
You can leave the Dungeon at any time by going to the Pause Menu and selecting the 'Go to Altar' option. This though counts as dying.
What it the purpose of relics?
Relics are items that grant passive abilities, attack and defense modifiers when equipped.
What are the different classes of weapons?
There are 5 classes of weapons, these swords, spears, axes, bowsand grimoires.

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