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Super Mario Odyssey Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough and Tips

We have 21 cheats and tips on Switch. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario Odyssey please send them in here.

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Unlockable Outfits Without Amiibos

When you have collected the specified number of Moons the the corresponding amiibo costume will become available to purchase at the Crazy Cap stores after completing the game.
Bowser's Tuxedo and Top Hat:
Collect 440 Moons.
Bridal Gown and Veil:
Collect 480 Moons.
Classic Suit and Hat:
Reach Mushroom Kingdom.
Diddy Kong Suit and Hat:
Collect 320 Moons.
Dr. Mario Suit and Headgear:
Collect 240 Moons.
Gold Mario Hat:
Collect 520 Moons.
Gold Mario Suit:
Collect 500 Moons.
Luigi Hat:
Collect 180 Moons.
Luigi Suit:
Collect 160 Moons.
Waluigi Hat and Suit:

Gold Odyssey Sail

When you have collected ALL 880 regular gameplay Moons so that ALL the Moon lists are completely filled you will be awarded the Gold Odyssey sail.

Unlock Secret Ending

Go to Peach's Castle when you have collected 999 power moons to view a secret ending.
Watch the video

Unlock Invisible Outfit

When you complete The Darker Side Of The Moon Kingdom the Invisible outfit will become unlocked.

ALL Costumes and Hats

The following video is a montage showcasing ALL 42 costumes and hats in Super Mario Odyssey.
Watch the video

Amiibo Bonuses

The following bonuses are not unlocked through Uncle Amiibo. They are unlocked by scanning the indicated amiibo while playing the game, this is done by holding D-pad Right and placing the amiibo on the Switch. It can be performed at any time, usually with no time limits or restrictions.
Highlight Purple Coins On-Screen (not on your map):
Any Bowser amiibo.
Life-Up Heart:
Any Peach amiibo.
Random Coins or Bonus Hearts:
Any amiibo or amiibo card.
Temporary Invincibility (30 Seconds):
Any Mario amiibo.

Unlock Bonus Costumes

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding costume will become unlocked.
Aviator Costume:
Purchase it for 10 Purple Coins at the Crazy Cap store in the Lost Kingdom.
Black Suit:
Purchase it for 150 Gold Coins at the Crazy Cap store in the Cloud Kingdom.
Black Tuxedo:
Purchase it for 10 Purple Coins at the Crazy Cap store in the Cap Kingdom.
Blue Football Uniform:
Currently unknown.
Bowser Groom Costume:
Successfully complete the game to unlock it for purchase at ALL Crazy Cap stores.
Boxer Shorts:
Purchase it for 1,000 Gold Coins at any Crazy Cap store.
Builder Costume:
Purchase it for 10 Purple Coins at New D..

Rewards for 100% Game

When you get 100% in the game you will get a Star on savefile, a top hat on Peach's Castle and a new cutscene. Getting 100% on Super Mario Odyssey means:
Get 999 Moons (includes ALL Moon lists filled)
Get ALL souvenirs
Get ALL in-game music tracks
Get ALL captures/moves
Get ALL costumes and hats

Amiibo Unlockable Costumes

When you scan the following amiibos you will unlock the corresponding outfit. Note: These costumes can also be unlocked without an amiibo.
Bowser Groom Costume:
Scan the Bowser (Wedding Outfit) amiibo.
Classic Mario Costume:
Scan the 8-Bit Mario, Smash Bros. Mario, or Mario series Mario amiibo.
Diddy Kong Costume:
Scan the Smash Bros. Diddy Kong or Mario series Diddy Kong amiibo.
Dr. Mario Costume:
Scan the Smash Bros. Dr. Mario amiibo.
Gold Mario Costume:
Scan the Gold Mario or Silver Mario amiibo.
Luigi Costume:
Scan the Smash Bros. Luigi or Mario series Luigi amiibo.
Mario Costume:
Scan the Mario (Wedding Outfit) amiibo..

Unlock The Darker Side Of The Moon Kingdom

When you have completed the game collect 500 total power moons to unlock The Darker Side Of The Moon Kingdom on the world map.

Cat Mario and Cat Peach

During gameplay in the main story there is the possibility you will come across a pixel version of Cat Mario and Cat Peach hidden on a wall. These are not easy to spot but if you do find them and throw Cappy at them you will be awarded some coins and an extra heart.

Unlock New portrait of Bowser in Wedding Hall on the Moon

Once you have completed ALL 880 regular gameplay Moons so that ALL the Moon lists are completely filled you will get a new portrait of Bowser in the Wedding Hall on the Moon which will be a tougher Bowser fight.

Secret Painting Locations

The video below will show you the locations to search to find ALL the Secret Paintings.
Watch the video
Cascade Kingdom Painting Location: 0:42
Sand Kingdom Painting Location: 1:28
Lake Kingdom Painting Location: 2:15
Wooded Kingdom Painting Location: 2:54
Metro Kingdom Painting Location: 3:52
Snow Kingdom Painting Location: 4:30
Seaside Kingdom Painting Location: 5:37
Luncheon Kingdom Painting Location: 6:31
Bowsers Kingdom Painting Location: 7:46
Mushroom Kingdom Painting Location: 8:29

Gold Balloons for Luigi

Luigi's balloons will all turn gold when you reach the highest rank in Luigi's Balloon World. The highest rank is 50.

100% Completion

When you have collected 883 moons you will change the Oyssey's sail to gold and unlock a new portrait of Bowser in the Wedding Hall. The Wedding Hall is located in the Moon Kingdom and you will find the new portrait on the right as you enter. The new portrait allows you to fight Bowser again but this time the battle will be much more difficult. If you defeat Bowser to reach 100% completion a postcard will become unlocked. Since Super Mario Sunshine, postcards have been the normal reward for completing everything in the game.

Princess Peach Locations

The video below will show you ALL the locations to search to find Princess Peach and Tiara. Note: You must have completed the game first.
Watch the video
00:13 - Cap Kingdom
01:11 - Cascade Kingdom
01:55 - Sand Kingdom
03:10 - Wooded Kingdom
04:17 - Lake Kingdom
05:34 - Cloud Kingdom

Unlock new Kingdoms (Post-Game)

There are three more Kingdoms that can be unlocked post-game by meeting the specified requirement.
Dark Side:
Beat final boss on the Moon and acquire 250 Moons
Darker Side:
Beat final boss on the Moon and acquire 500 Moons
Mushroom Kingdom:
Beat final boss on the Moon

ALL Bosses (No Damage)

The following video is a compilation showing you ALL the boss fights while taking no damage.
Watch the video
00:00 Topper #1 (Cap Kingdom)
01:15 Madame Broode and Chain Chompikins #1 (Cascade Kingdom)
02:59 Harriet #1 (Sand Kingdom)
05:01 Knucklotec (Sand Kingdom)
07:08 Rango #1 (Lake Kingdom)
08:41 Spewart #1 (Wooded Kingdom)
10:44 Torkdrift (Wooded Kingdom)
13:32 Bowser #1 (Cloud Kingdom)
17:15 Mecha Wiggler (Metro Kingdom)
19:25 Donkey Kong (Metro Kingdom)
20:27 Rango #2 (Snow Kingdom)
21:52 Mollusque-Lanceur (Seaside Kingdom)
24:47 Spew..

Completion Unlockables

When you complete the game the following Bonuses will become unlocked:
ALL Kingdoms are Expanded and have more Moons to Collect

Mushroom Kingdom Unlocked

Can Find and capture Yoshi

Wedding Costumes can be Purchased at Crazy Cap Stores

New NPC Challenges and Collectible Hunts

Reward for 999 Power Moons

Collect 999 Power Moons and spin Cappy on the topmost spire of Peach's castle. Once you have done this and added the 999 Power Moons to the Odysssey the game will congratulate you and there will be a fireworks show and a top hat will appear on Princess Peach's Castle. Note: To get 999 Power Moons you will have to purchase at least 119 of them from Crazy Cap shops since it is only possible to get 880 from objectives.

Sand kingdom Picture frame

Go where the castle is then go to the moon on your right on the big rock then go straight and you see a bench then go behind the rock that’s near it go behind it then you see A picture frame go through it and then you will be at Metro city and then they’ll be a moon right in front of you.

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