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Splatoon 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 21 cheats and tips on Switch. If you have any cheats or tips for Splatoon 2 please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Splatoon 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Unless you you are creating a route to swim up in squid form don't bother inking walls as they do not count.

Unlimited Crusty Seanwich Tickets

The video below shows you an exploit that allows you to get unlimited Crusty Seanwich tickets in the game. These tickets can be used to purchase a Crusty Seanwich, which boosts your experience earned in online battles by 50%. The maximum amount of these tickets you can hold at any one time is 99,

Watch the video

Unlock Hero Weapons in Story Mode

When you complete the following lairs in Story mode the corresponding Hero Weapon will become unlocked in Story mode.

Hero Shot:

Complete Lair 1 in Story mode.

Hero Roller:

Complete Lair 4 in Story mode.

Hero Dualies:

Complete Lair 5 in Story mode.

Hero Charge:

Complete Lair 6 in Story mode.

Hero Slosher:

Complete Lair 10 in Story mode.

Hero Splatling:

Complete Lair 13 in Story mode.

Hero Blaster:

Complete Lair 19 in Story mode.

Hero Brella:

Complete Lair 20 in Story mode.

Hero Brush:

Complete Lair 22 in Story mode.

Unlock Hero Weapons in Multiplayer

When you complete every Single-Player level with a character their Hero Weapons will become unlocked in Multiplayer. These weapons are merely cometic and will have the same stats as their counterpairts.

Hero Blaster:

Complete every Singleplayer level with the Hero Blaster

Hero Brella:

Once the normal Brella is available in Multiplayer, complete every Single-Player level with the Hero Brella

Hero Charger:

Complete every Single-Player level with the Hero Charger

Hero Dualies:

Complete every Single-Player level with the Hero Dualies

Hero Roller:

Complete every Single-Player level with the Hero Roller

Hero Shot:

Complete every Single-Player level wit..

Credits TV

Once you have defeated the final boss you will be able to return to Octo Canyon and view the credits anytime on the TV that Marie puts up.

Unlockable Gear in Octo Expansion DLC

If you have the Octo Expansion DLC you will be able to unlock the following gear by completing the corresponding task.

Conductor Cap:

Get ALL the Mem Cakes in the game.

Golden Toothpick:

Beat the secret boss 'Inner Agent 3'.

Neo Octoling Armour:

Get ALL the Mem Cakes in 2 Lines.

Neo Octoling Boots:

Get ALL the Mem Cakes in 3 Lines.

Null Armour Replica:

Get ALL the Mem Cakes in 5 Lines.

Null Boots Replica:

Get ALL the Mem Cakes in 6 Lines.

Null Visor Replica:

Get ALL the Mem Cakes in 4 Lines.

Octo Shot Replica:

Beat the Octo Expansion.

Octoling Shades:

Get ALL the Mem Cakes in..

Inner Agent 3 Bonus Boss in Octo Expansion DLC

Once you have collected ALL 80/80 Mem Cakes and escaped to the surface, return to Central Station and go to the locker area. Locker #8 will be open, with a yellow light shining out of it. Investigate the light to fight a souped-up version of Agent 3.

Rotate Gear

You will be able to visit the many outfitters that populate the game and buy weapons and clothing from them that bestow special buffs that can make a difference in battle once you have reached rank 4 (attained via victories in online battles). Make sure you rotate your gear to ensure you max out all the items.

Weapon's Special Ability

Once you have covered a certain amount of turf with ink you will be able to trigger your weapon's special ability. This powerful offensive or defensive special ablility will depend on the weapon you have chosen. You will only get the chance to use it a couple of times in a match so you need to resist the temptation of using it as soon as it is charged and instead wait for a situation where you will get the most benefit from it.


Keep an eye out for shortcuts and concealed routes on some of the maps which allow you to advance into your opponents side of the map without taking the most obvious path and make sure you exploit them whenever possible.

Unlock Bonus Weapons

When you reach the indicated level in Multiplayer mode the corresponding weapon will become available for purchase.

.52 Gal:

Reach Level 14.

.96 Gal:

Reach Level 21.

Aerospray MG:

Reach Level 6.

Aerospray RG:

Reach Level 28.


Reach Level 5.

Carbon Roller:

Reach Level 7.

Clash Blaster:

Reach Level 30.

Custom Blaster:

Reach Level 27.

Dapple Dualies:

Reach Level 26.

Dynamo Roller:

Reach Level 20.

E-Liter 4K:

Reach Level 20.

E-Liter 4K Scope:

Reach Level 30.

Enperry Splat Dualies:


Help out allies whenever you see them trying to advance through enemy territory by aiming at their feet and firing as much ink as possible as doing so will release your beleaguered ally and also gain more territory for your team.


Remember when you are inking that covering the enemy ink with your own is always preferable to covering bare, unclaimed ground as every inch of enemy turf you claim adds to your team score and takes away from that of your rivals.

Farming Power Eggs

Check out the video below to see the fastest way that you can farm power eggs.

Watch the video

Splat Dualies

The weapon that makes the most impact in Splatoon 2 are the Splat Dualies. These dual-weilded pistols fire a rapid stream of ink which enable you to overwhelm opponents at close range. Each gun can be aimed independently via their own targeting reticle and there is a roll mechanic that is triggered when pressing Jump (B) while firing that causes the player to quickly roll in the indicated direction, with a small ink cone of ink left behind. The Splat Dualies come in a set with Burst Bombs and Tenta Missiles.

Sunken Scrolls and Sardinium Locations

The video below will show you where to find ALL the Sunken Scrolls and Sardinium that are in the game.

Watch the video

Tentakeel Outpost (Sector 1)

Overworld: Sunken Scroll - 3:21; Sardinium - 2:37

Level 1: Sunken Scroll - 4:19; Sardinium - 4:04

Level 2: Sunken Scroll - 4:49; Sardinium - 5:16

Level 3: Sunken Scroll - 5:48; Sardinium - 5:35

Boss Sardinium 6:28

Suction Cup Lookout (Sector 2)

Overworld: Sunken Scroll - 6:46; Sardinium - 6:34

Level 4: Sunken Scroll - 7:33; Sardinium - 7:16

Level 5: Sunken Scroll - 8:09; Sardinium - 7:47

Level 6..

New Weapons in Octo Canyon

As you progress through the Octo Canyon in Single-Player mode new Hero Weapons which you can use will become unlocked.

Hero Blaster:

Unlocked in Lair 19

Hero Brella:

Unlocked in Lair 20

Hero Brush:

Unlocked in Lair 22

Hero Charger:

Unlocked in Lair 06

Hero Dualies:

Unlocked in Lair 05

Hero Roller:

Unlocked in Lair 04

Hero Shot:

Unlocked in Lair 01

Hero Slosher:

Unlocked in Lair 10

Hero Splatling:

Unlocked in Lair 13

Callie and Marie Amiibo Unlocks

If you scan the Callie and Marie Amiibo you will be able to unlock the Hero Replica Outfit and Armour Replica Outfit. You must first though complete Single Player mode to unlock their respective equipment sets.

Armour Boot Replica:

Complete the Single Player campaign, then scan the Marie amiibo.

Armour Helmet Replica:

Complete the Single Player campaign, then scan the Marie amiibo.

Armour Jacket Replica:

Complete the Single Player campaign, then scan the Marie amiibo.

Hero Headset Replica:

Complete the Single Player campaign, then scan the Callie amiibo.

Hero Jacket Replica:

Complete the Single Player campaign, then scan the Callie amiibo.

Hero Runner Repl..

Easy Experience/Coin Tickets

When you fully upgrade ALL the hero weapons in Single-Player mode (including the Ink Tank and Bombs) you will be able to purchase coin tickets for 1,500 Power Eggs each.

Enemy Territory

Remember that when you move through enemy territory that has been inked your healing timer will be reset, your movement will slow down dramatically, and you will not have the ability to transform into a squid. When this happens it also means it increases your risk of being splatted as you will not be able to escape easily.

Unlimited Cash

To buy all the weapons that are out now. I would like to get all the weapons so that I can test them and be good with them so when I go into battle I won't die with the weapon.

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