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Radiation Island Cheats for Switch

Cheats and Tips for Radiation Island

Last Updated: by Dennis

Radiation Island is an action-adventure and survival game where you craft your own destiny in a huge open world environment. As part of the Philadelphia Experiment you have become stranded in a parallel, alternate reality. Discover all its surprises Use everything you find to survive it and solve its puzzle to get back to the real world. Radiation Island is available on Switch, PC, and iPad/iPhone. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Build a Base

Before venturing off into the heart of the island it is essential that you build a base, so you can stash your items. Your items can be placed in storage boxes which you can craft from Wood and Wool.
You also need to find a bed, there are two types of Beds you can find and while you sleep in them, you will not be attacked by monsters and enemies. Time in the game will also speed up while you are sleeping. Beds also act as a respawn location and respawning near your supplies if you die during the game is useful. Make sure you head back to your base every couple of days to deposit your supplies.

How to Craft Basic Weapons

There are various types of basic weapons you can craft early in Radiation Island, and it is important you have a few in your inventory for when you are attacked by enemies and for hunting. Although the melee weapons you can craft such as axes and clubs are effective in close range it is far safer to use ranged weapons to take down the adversary before they get close. Listed below are the ranged weapons you can craft early in the game along with the materials you need to do so.
1 piece of Flint + 1 piece of Fiber + 2 pieces of Wood
5 pieces of Wood + 2 pieces of Fiber
4 pieces of Wood + 1 piece of Flint
4 pieces of String + 4 pieces of Wood
Arrow Heads:
2 pieces of Flint + 1 piece of Iron
1 piece of Fang + 1 piece of Wood or 1 Arrow Head + 1 Twig

Before Leaving the Beach Area

Before you venture away from the beach area near the start of the game there are certain things it is recommended you should do first to increase your chances of surviving the next part of your journey. These are to level up your inventory space to Level 5, making sure you have a good supply of food, craft some leather clothing to build up your defense, and craft a few different types of weapons which you can use for protection against enemies and for hunting.

Craft a Fishing Rod

Make it a priority early in the game to craft a Fishing Rod. This will help prevent yourself from dying of hunger by giving you a food source. To craft a Fishing Rod requires 3 pieces of Wood and 2 pieces of String. Once you have made your Fishing Rod you will be able to use it near the starting portion of the game to fish.

Pick Up Basic Essentials Early

As you begin exploring the island it is important that you always pick up certain basic essentials in order to increase your chances of staying alive during the early portion of the game.
Keep an eye out for, and get in the habit of gathering: Leaves, Twigs, Stones, Flint, Fish, Fiber, Leather, Medical Plans, Iron Ore, Titanium Ore and Sulfur Ore. These are all items that will come in useful to either stop you from dying due to hunger or to build yourself custom melee weapons which you can use for protection and hunting.

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